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Mr. Cameron Clark

Dear Email Owner,

We have just accomplished a computerized assortment of email addresses over the internet; your email materialized as one of our special winners to receive 4,576,890.00 Malaysian Ringgit attached to the following details:


to our Winnings Manager via contact information below:

Mr. Cameron Clark,
Winnings Manager,
Email: cameron_clark@88drawslott.com



Mrs. Joy Benson

My beloved Friend,

Please don’t disregard this proposal for your assistance is needed to help
the needy.I am Mrs. Joy Benson, I am 61 years old suffering from a long
time cancer of the Lungs which, also affected my brain. From all indication
my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that,
according to my doctors they have advised me that I may not live for the
next two months, this is because the cancer stage has gotten to  a very bad

I was brought up from a motherless baby’s home, married to my late husband
for twenty years without a child. My husband died during the Tsunami
Disaster on his vacation to Thailand . Before his death we were true
Christians helping the charity with our resources and, after his death I
decided not to re-marry, knowing full well that I will not leave long. I
decided to sell all my inherited belongings and deposit the sum of
$11.5million dollars which I realized with a security company in America.

Presently, this money is still with the bank and the management wrote me
last week as the true owner to forward an application for fund claim with
the name of any of my relative to claim the money have discussed the issue
with my lawyer but, I need your assistance as a foreigner to claim this
money on behalf as my relative and beneficiary second next of kin and
donate it to charity organization,  Huriccane victims and  motherless
babies ‘home.

Presently, I’m with my laptop in a hospital where I have been undergoing
treatment for cancer of the lungs. I have since lost my ability to talk and
my doctors have told me that I have only a few months to live. It is my
last wish to see that this money is invested to any charity organization or
to the motherless babies’ home where I come from. I want you God fearing,
to also use this money to fund churches, orphanages and widows.

I took this decision, before I rest in peace because my time will soon be
up. As soon as I receive your reply I will introduce you to my lawyer here
to finalize the venture with you. For your honest assistance, you will be
entitled of 30% of the money and 5% to offset any incurred expenses and the
remaining 65% to charity organization. Through my lawyer you will get the
certificate of deposit and letter of authority that will prove you as the
new beneficiary of my fund.

I wait for kind reply and God bless.

Yours truly

Mrs. Joy Benson.

Mrs. Deborah Calvert Herman

 Name: Deborah Calvert Herman
Country of birth: Australia.

Attn: Beloved,
Good morning,

Greetings in the name of humanity, I am Mrs. Deborah Calvert Herman a citizen of Australia but presently in the Malaysia working for the federal government, I am 50 years old, I am now a new Christian but from all indication, my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite convert, suffering from long time cancer of the heart, from obvious that I wont live more than 1 year, according to my doctors, this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage.

My late husband died last five years ago, and during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth.

The doctors has advised me that I may not live for more than 1 year, so I now decided to divide the part of this wealth to contribute to the development of the church in Africa, America Asia, and Europe.

I selected you after visiting the website and I prayed over it. I am willing to donate the sum of $25,000.000.00u.usd (twenty five million United States dollars) to the less privileged.

Please I want you to note that this fund is lying in a security company in Malaysia. Once i hear from you, I will forward to you all the information you will use to get fund released from the security company and to be transferred to your account.

I honestly pray that this money when transferred to your account will be used for the said purpose, because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without humility, all is vanity.

Please provide me with the following information so I can forward it to a church attorney who used to work at times for my late husband’s lawyer.

He is diligent and a Christian so I am confident he is going to handle the transaction with you and lead, advice you on how to secure the funds in your favor.

Information needed:
Full name……………………..………
Full address…………………..……………
Company and address:………………….…..
Marital status:…………………..……..
Fax no……………………….………………
Phone no:……………………………………..

May the grace of our lord Jesus the love of god and the fellowship of god be with you and your family.

I await your urgent reply. (deborah.herman1@aol.com]
Your sister in Christ.
Mrs. Deborah Calvert Herman

Engr. Baker

Hello Prospective Partner,
I have decided to use this medium to extend a prosperous business hand shake with you and welcome you in the Oil & Gas industry. Having been in this sector of the economy since 1998, I will say without mincing words that know the terrain 100% and can guarantee our smooth operation in this highly legitimate and money spinning venture.
With my network as a staff of the National Oil Company, I have facilitated the issuance of an oil lifting license to a company that is presently out of business. This license gives the owner the mandate to lift and market a total of 60 million barrels of the crude o il for a total period of 5 years thus a sales capacity of 1 million barrels monthly. As the license remains valid for another 3 years, I’m proposing that we work out a business arrangement where we can operate the license together for the remaining period and share the proceeds on a 50:50 bases. This is the fairest I can go.
Going by the commission rates for license holders with the National Oil Company, we will be entitled to a $2.00 commission from the National Oil Company per barrel of the product sold and another $1.00 commission from the buyers. This implies a total commission intake of $3.00 per barrel of the crude oil successfully sold to the buyers.
As license holders, our job is to locate the end buyers of the crude oil and facilitate a buy/sales transaction of the crude oil between the National Oil Company being the seller and the buyers. My job status as a staff of the Company  will not allow me to personal own the license so I will, take up t he responsibility of locating the buyers and being on the ground to facilitate the sales operations. You will play the role of the license owner and the beneficiary to the sales proceeds which will be shared between us 50:50 thereafter.
I will need your comments and queries to explain further and also advise us on the process of reacquiring the license to you as the new operator and the mode of operation of this project. If you’re interested contact me via my private email: engrbakergeorge@yahoo.com.sg
I await your response.
Engr. Baker

Mr. James Laria

Cargo Unit
Orlando International Airport (MCO).
Orange County, Florida
                  Final Notice of Your Package with Reg #: SA335493RDK and code 201
The management of Orlando Airport cargo Unit Florida write to inform you that we are in receipt of your email which you said you did not send this woman Mrs.Maris Cajka from Canada and Mr.Tony Potter from The International Police debt re-conciliation commission to come down to our office to claim your inheritance/investment package valued at us$2.5 million which was redeposited at the Orlando airport cargo unit Florida security vault BY the United Nations security council.
However, for us to start the process of delivering your fund package at your door step in your country we will advise you re-confirm to us your full names,telephone number and mailing address where you will want us to deliver your fund package.Contact John Butler with above requested information on his id statedg.cdu@outlook.com
We await your urgent reply now
Mr.James laria
Cargo Unit
Orlando International Airport (MCO).
Orange County, Florida
Management of Orlando Airport Florida USA

Gillian and Adrian Bayford

My wife and I won the biggest Euro Millions lottery prize of £148 million
GBP and we just commenced our Charity Donation and we will be giving out a
cash donation of £1,500,000.00 GBP to five(5)lucky individuals and
ten(10)charity organisations from any part of the world.
To verify the genuineness of this email and our winnings, please see our
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Your email address was submitted to my wife and I by the Google
Management Team and you received this email because we have listed you as
one of the lucky millionaires, Kindly send us the below details so that
we can direct our Bank can effect a valid Bank Draft in your name to your
operational bank account in your country.

Full Name:

Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance.
Gillian and Adrian Bayford’s
Email: gillian.adrian27@yahoo.com.tw

Mrs. Michelle Obama

Welcome to the first lady Mrs. Michelle Obama Office.

I Am Mrs.Michelle Obama and i am here to inform you that your funds from Porto Nova Benin white house here in Washington DC the sum of($6.8) us dollars,and the funds will be delivered to you as soon as you get back to me with your home address and your cell phone numbers.

bear in mind that i am the only one that has your funds in regard to my husband Mr Barack Obama and you will have to pay the sum of $200.00 in Porto Nova Benin before your funds will be delivered to you today so get back to me with your home address.

Regard; mrs.michelleobama.firstlady90@gmail.com
Regard To Mrs. Michelle Obama.


Mr. Christopher Chong

Western Union Foundation Grants 2014:
Website: www.westernunion.com

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Ms. Jenny Siki

Attention: Fund Beneficiary I wish to use this Medium to inform you that your INHERITANCE Part Payment of USD2.3M Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars from CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA have been RELEASED and APPROVED for onward transfer to you via an ATM CARD which you will use to withdraw all the USD2.3M in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world. We have mandated MR.EMMA FEMI of Atm Card Consultant Office to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw all your USD2.3 Million Dollars in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world. You are advice to stop any further communication with anybody and contact the officer in-charge with the below information: Senior Regional Representative. Contact Person: MR.EMMA FEMI, Privet Email:emma.femi1@aol.com Tell MR.EMMA FEMI, that you received a message from the office of the Presidency, instructing him to send you the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER which you will use to withdraw your due fund in any ATM SERVICE MACHINE in any part of the world, also reconfirm back to him your direct phone number and contact address where you want him to send the ATM CARD and PIN NUMBER to you. We are very sorry for the plight you have gone through in the past years. Thanks for adhering to this instruction and once again accept our congratulations. Best Regards. Ms. Jenny Siki Account Reconciliation Officer, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Abdul al-Muntasir

I am once again contacting you after my earlier e-mail returned undelivered probably due to poor internet connection in my country.I am indeed very glad to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication(internet) has been grossly abused by criminally- minded people,thus making it difficult for people with genuine business transaction to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.
I am Abdul al-Muntasir,former financial adviser and investment planner to late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.With all due humility,I advise that you read and review this memo carefully for better understanding before you respond to this proposal which will usher us into great financial fortunes at the completion of the process.
The crisis in Libya after the death of Muammar Gaddafi was a global event which I believe you must have read or heard about it.Needless to recount that many families lost a lot and are still losing more on a daily basis.And I need your help to secure the release of the funds which were stashed away on behalf of late Muammar Gaddafi during the Arab spring that finally consumed him.The funds in question are proceeds of contracts executed by close family members of late Muammar Gaddafi which I facilitated it’s deposits in a financial corporation in Europe before his death.In order to ensure that all the family’s assets are not frozen in the event of dethronement from power as the result of the crisis,the late Leader,instructed that the funds be deposited with the financial corporation in my name,ostensibly to divert attention in view of the huge sums of money involved.The total deposit was US$40.7 Million only.
The death of Muammar Gaddafi provided a unique opportunity for me to claim the funds which were deposited in my name to conceal the true identity of the real owner.All the documents relating to this deposit are with me as the late leader was too preoccupied on how to contain the fast spreading crisis then and by act of commission or omission,failed to ask for the documents before his death.No other person(s) knew about this deposit except two of us and the good thing is that the top officials of the financial corporation know me as their valued client in view of the prized deposits.
I am now intending to move the fund out of the financial corporation in Europe through your kind co-operation for onward deposit in your nominated personal or company’s bank account.I guarantee that the transaction is risk-free as it will be legally done in such a way that there will be no breach of any laws as I have all the documents.
On completion of the transaction,you will receive 40% of the funds for your participation and co-operation while the remaining 60% shall be for me which you will also help me to invest part of it in your country.
But if you are interested in this transaction by accepting to receive the funds on my behalf, kindly revert to me.Otherwise,you should do me a favor by informing me that you are not interested so that I can look for another partner while you should delete the message from your mailbox to avoid unauthorized access for security reason.
Further information regarding the deposit shall be disclosed to you as soon as I receive your return e-mail indicating interest via my secure e-mail address thus ( abdul_almuntasir1@yahoo.co.jp ).
Abdul al-Muntasir ( abdul_almuntasir1@yahoo.co.jp )