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Alhaji Akim

Assalam alaikum and may the peace of gracious Allah be with you and your family, please I have a problem which I need a help from you and decided to write you for help

Good day, Am Alhaji Ouatta Akim;Do not be surprised! I got your email contact via the World Email On-line Directory” I am exchange manager at One of the biggest bank here in Burkina Faso West African and i have a deal of $8.3M to discuss with you urgently/ handle with you.

Kindly Contact me back (alhajiouttaakim@yahoo.com) for more details if you are interested in the deal

Thank you in advance and may Allah bless you.

Jazzack Allah
Alhaji Akim

Chris Obi

107, Isolo Express Road
Lagos Nigeria
Attn : ATM MasterCard Beneficiary ,

This is POST OFFICE Courier Delivery Company of Nigeria, the
management of this company, wishes to inform you that, we received a
parcel containing an ATM Master Card valued .5million USD with some
vital documents attached on it, for safety delivery to your home
address in your country,within’ the next 48hrs as soon as we hear back
from you.

This is (payment office ) I am directed to inform you that your
payment verification and confirmations is OK.Your ATM CARD Numbers is:
4848 4225 5159 6784,

This parcel was brought to us this morning by the ATM Card payment
office/Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF) as your inheritance approved
fund to be delivered to you,without delay,so kindly reconfirm the
below information, to avoid delivery your ATM Master Card to a wrong

Full names…………..
Parcel owner address………..

Scan Copy of Your International Passport Or Driver’s License.

We will register your package and send you the tracking numbers before
we proceed for safety delivery of your package as soon as you
reconfirm the required information’s for safety delivery,

 POST OFFICE is one of the world’s great success stories, the start-up
that revolutionized the delivery of packages and information. In the
past 30 years, we’ve grown up and grown into a diverse family of
companies as POST OFFICE that’s bigger, stronger, better than ever.

Waiting to read your e-mail on this Email ID Which is :

Yours affectionately.

Mr Chris Obi
Dispatch Manager POST OFFICE Company

Diplomat Wilferd

Attn: Sir

I’m diplomat Wilfred Tawiah; I have been trying to reach you on your telephone about an hour now just to inform you about my successful
arrival in John F.Kennedy International Airport with your two boxes of consignment worth 1.5 Million Dollars which I have been instructed by
ECOWAS COURIER DELIVERY COMPANY to be delivered to you. The Airport authority demanded for all the legal back up papers to prove to them
that the fund is no way related with drug nor fraud money, I have presented the papers I handed to them and they are very much pleased
with the paper’s I presented but the only thing that is still keeping me here is the airport delivery Tag which is not placed on the boxes, one
of the Airport Authority has advise that we get the delivery tag so that I can exit the airport immediately and make my delivery successful .I
try to reason with them and they stated the delivery tag will cost us just $ 55 Dollars only to get the two tag placed on the boxes as that
tag will enable me get to your house succesPlease try and reach me with my international roaming number+2348115851471 as I can not afford to spend more time here due to other delivery I have to takecare of in
Bangkok. Here are the papers backing the funds together with my ID CARD as I can accompany you to your bank were you will deposit the fund
successfully with these papers. I have i more vital paper with me but I can only present you the hard copy when I reach your house as that it’s
the diplomatic rules, such as authorization to deliver.

You can direct the tag fee to our Head Office as they will get it here
for you and they are entitled to receive and make any payment to foreign
countries authority.

GET BACK TO ME IN MY EMAIL NOW; diplomatwilfred31@yahoo.com.ph

Receiver .
Country benin republic .
Amount $ 55 US Dollars
Text Question. What colour?
Answer ….Green.

Diplomat Wilferd

Mark Richard

Dear beneficiary

Your E-mail ID appeared in our payment schedule list of 367 beneficiaries

that will receive their funds in this 1st quarter payment of the year for poverty

alleviation programmed and World Bank Scam Victims compensations, Your E-
mail ID was mentioned by our security intelligent monitoring database as one of

their victims of the operations as was noted down from the Microsoft, you are

hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to anyone or who

so ever, for any reason what so ever, the secret service is already on trace of

the criminals who escort money from you. You will receive your compensations

payments either by ATM VISA CARD. This program was organized to restore the

hope of those who experienced been scam victim by impostors. Your payment

by ATM CARD will be release and dispatch to your location address as soon

as it has been credited into ATM Card with your name as the sole Beneficiary

according to instruction to by United Nation.

We wish to inform you that your e-mail application to this office will enhance

the immediate release/dispatch of your fund via ATM Card, the trustees and

management of WORLD BANK COMPENSATION TEAM has already approved

your payment and the delivery will be accomplish to your destination as soon as

you meet up with our demand.

Kindly be inform that we have received all the necessary documents backing up and proving

you as the sole beneficiary of the $7.5 Million Us Dollars as a compensation payment via ATM

CARD from the custody of United Nation And World Bank Auditor’s.

Right now we are about to release your ATM which is functional in any ATM Machine

worldwide with the use of your pin code. You are instructed to Fill our payment applications

form as outline below correctly to avoid any errors in releasing your payment and bear in

mind that we will commence your payment as soon as we receive the information from you.

Your Payment code remains (ATM-PPCK225) do not respond to any other email at the

moment to enable us complete your payment without any complications from your side.

Do you wish to withdraw more than $5,000 per day YES NO

Do you wish to use your ATM card to do shopping online than

twice a week YES NO

Do you earn more than $1,000 us dollars per month YES NO

Do indicate the kind of ATM CARD you prefer to receive.

1. Visa Card.

2.Master Card.

3.Travelers Card

4.Debit Card.

Reconfirm the following information to him for Security



2.) AGE:

3.) SEX:





8.) PHONE:




Anyone you prefer will be the type of payment we are going to send to you.

Contact us here immediately


Mobile Number: +447010038653


DR. Mark Richard

World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

(World Bank) Head Office.

The World Bank 1818 H Street,



The World Liberty Copy Right © 2014 All Right Reserve

77635 476378 255667460f

Birgit Rausing

I,Mrs Birgit authenticate this email, you can read about me on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birgit_Rausing
I have funds for you to manage and disburse to various charities of your choice. If you are sure you can handle this, it will be of help to you and others. Please reply if you are interested  for more details.Email: mrslilia@cablespeed.com

With love,
Mrs Birgit Rausing
Charity Disbursement


Birgit Rausing

I,Mrs Birgit authenticate this email, you can read about me on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birgit_Rausing
I have funds for you to manage and disburse to various charities of your choice. If you are sure you can handle this, it will be of help to you and others. Please reply if you are interested  for more details.Email:birgitrausing200@gmail.com

With love,
Mrs Birgit Rausing
Charity Disbursement


Harrison Nna

Payment Committee

RC. WAMU/6060777MD email:harrisonnna503@yahoo.com




Following an excellent business report on total dedication to duty, we
wish to inform you that we just received payment instructions from
WESTAFRICA MONETARY UNIT to offset a part payment of your funds.

However, arrangement is on top gear regarding the liquidation of your
debts. To proceed with remittance do reconfirm to this office with
immediate effect, the preferable method of payment thus: -


We solicit your co-operation to reconfirm your account coordinates
indicating your name as the beneficiary, banking detail, and attach a copy
of your international passport for proper identification.

Finally, the moment we receive the required information, we shall proceed
immediately as regards final vetting, scrutiny as we assure you for
immediate payment.

Best regards,
Mr. Harrison Nna
(Director, CS&TC)

Norman Chan

From “Norman Chan” normanchan65@qq.com

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for responding to my email and your interest this
transaction. I want you to know that this transaction is very much genuine
and real. You have nothing to worry about for i have put all necessary
modalities that will ensure the success of this transaction. I have even
arranged for the service of a professioner attorney who will make sure this
transaction is legally carried out putting you as the legal beneficial next
of kin to my client Dimitrois H. Gomez. You are not going to send me any
money whatsoever because i will definitely take care of all the expenses
that may required in arranging the paper-works and every other vital
documents that will facilitate the release of this funds including paying
the attorney. All you just need to do is to follow my directives so that
this transaction can be completed soonest.

If you refer to my previous emails, I had told you what you are required to
send before we commence this transaction. Well if I may remind you again,
you are required to send a copy of your Driver’s License or your
International Passport and sign the LOC form and send it back to me, the
most important issue is that I want to be sure I am transacting with the
correct person, my curiosity can be justified considering the money in
question, besides, it is this copy of your Driver’s License or International
Passport that will be be used by the Attorney have all the necessary
documentations perfected.

If you really intend to execute this transaction with me it would be
necessary to have these sent to me immediately via email attachment or to my
fax +85282657456. I earnestly await your response with the required details.



Mehnaz Bost

I am contacting you because I have sent you the first payment of $5,000 today from your winning funds total amount of $1.5Million, Therefore you need to contact the western union agent Mr Benjamin Conner for him to give you the transfer payment information and MTCN to pick up the money at WU Branch over there.
W.U Agent: Mr Benjamin Conner
Email: www.western2014@gmail.com
Phone:  +22996509261
Please try to contact him today and ask him to forward the payment information to you, remember to indicate the funds registration code of EB-2520 to him when e-mailing or calling him, Also he will be sending you $5,000.00 daily as per our board discussion with him.
Please copy this email(www.western2014@gmail.com) and paste before replying to him or simply call him at his number:+22996509261 and also send the following information as listed below.
Your Full Name:
Your Address:
Your Country:
Your City:
Your Phone Number:
Your Occupation:
Do get in touch with me once you have received the transfer.
Mehnaz Bost
IMF Managing Director Benin.

Ban-ki Moon


                                                                                                 Our Ref: U.N/WBO/042SWISS/2014.

Attention: The Approved Beneficiary,

You may Surprise why this mail came to you or feel that it may be the same with all junk mail you might have been receiving from deference scammers.

But We are here to inform about a meeting conducted two weeks ago with UNITED NATIONS secretary and International Monitory fund (IMF) concerning all the people that lost their money during transaction,

This includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract sum, and people that have unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government problems or much demand by initial coordinators etc

The UNITED NATIONS in Affiliation with WORLD BANK has agreed to compensate each person involved with the sum of USD 6,000, 000, 00, and your name and email contact found in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise and that is the reason we contacted you,

Meanwhile, due to the awful official banking process and procedures including much SCAM act and some impostors in Africans with their offshore payment center made us to suspend this payment by wire transfer method as initially doing by some banks in other countries.

Your  payment required to be made via ATM VISA CARD for security purpose and it will be activating by Inter-switch Global Company to get your Global high limit withdrawal pin code.

Therefore, you are deeply advised to contact Mr. John Morris at paying bank center in Africa with  reconfirmation of your data to use open None Resident account (NRC) that have affiliate to the organization’s Escrow account where the fund in your name was lodged .

Full Name:…………………….………



Sex, Age:……………………..……….

Tel/Fax number and your correct mailing address (Post offices not allow).

Contact: Mr. John Morris

Email: mrjohn_morris1955@yahoo.com.hk


Mr. Ban-ki Moon
The Secretary-General