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Mr. Allen Nelson

From: Mr. Allen Nelson

Email: allennelsona@gmail.com

Fax: +27 840 535322

Attention: Sir/Madam,


I write you this mail from my office table in anticipation that you will understand and deem it strictly confidential

for you personally. In this regard also, I consider it necessary to tell you who I am. I am Mr. Allen Nelson, the Chief

Accounting Officer Department of Energy and Mineral Resources in my country, Republic of South Africa.

I therefore write to solicit your sincere co-operation in order to Redeem an investment interest currently being held

under TRUST with the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources in Amalgamated Bank of South (ABSA).The

said investment which is now valued at (US$9.6M) Nine Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars was

originally purchased by MR.REUBEN ROSS and leased in 1984 to REGINALD AND CO.MINING INVESTMENTS


At maturity of the contract in May 1999, several attempts were made without success, to contact Mr. REUBEN ROSS,

from our closed investigation it was noticed that MR REUBEN ROSS HAD DIED, also every effort made to get in

contact any of his relatives in whose favor the cash value for the redeemed investment could be made from ABSA

bank, proved abortive.

As the Head of accounts in the Department, I have, with my Director General (DG) carefully initiated the process of

filing a claim for the money with the hope of having the Fund Transferred abroad for investment on our behalf since

the original benefactor has died, we are hopeful you will agree with our intention to arrange payment of the claim in

your NAME as the next of KIN to MR REUBEN ROSS.

We require that you let us prepare and file the claim for the money from this Department indicating your name as the

appointed beneficiary of the FUND. Upon approval of the payment of this claim, you will be paid (US$9.6M) Nine

Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars. Furthermore, since the money will be paid directly into a bank

account to be nominated by you, you will have the responsibility to ensure that we receive our share of the money

which I and my colleague have decided.


We will have 70% while you will keep 30% as your personal commission. I have to assure you however, that we are to

make the payment of the Fund possible provided you are ready to meet with us and give us a very strong assurance that

my share of the fund will be secured in your Hands and that you would not betray our trust in making the transfer of the

Fund into your Bank account.

This is a very safe and risk-free involvement as it is not prone to any enquiry since we are all active partners and will

not want to lose our positions in Government and the Department. Meanwhile I demand that you keep this transaction

very Private and Confidential in view of our personal involvements. Full details of the processes for the claim will be

provided as soon as we receive your response AND acceptance to be part of this agreement.

I expect the immediate indication of your interest (By Fax or E-mail) kindly adopt and treat it accordingly.

Best regards,

Mr. Allen Nelson.

Dr. Mrs. Hilary Toress

KTT Director.
Email: mail22hilarytoress@gmail.com                                                          Date: 10th March 2014




After waiting to hear from you or your american partners for a long time now, I decided to make this direct approach to you in other not to let it be as if I have anything in mind against you. I do not know if you have asked yourself why each time the release of these fund is approved, all of a sudden, the payment will be stopped or one problem or the other will come up. If you have not asked this question or you do not know, this is an opportunity for me to tell you.

Some time ago, your friend I mean the people that introduced you to the project approached me through my dear husband for me to assist them conclude a money transfer deal they had with you, they requested me to assist them by removing the original contractors name, company’s name and bank particulars from american mountain credit union bank,utah,usa vetting computer and replacing them with your name and your bank details in order to make you appear as the rightful beneficiary of this funds. I agreed on condition that they will pay me $100,000 as soon as your name appears as the beneficiary. I did as agreed and demanded to be paid but your friends started telling me stories. They even told me that you promise to send money to me. Do you know that up till now, I have not received a single cent from them and have not set my eyes on any of them.

Based on their attitude, I decided to stop the funds release movement because I cannot be denied of my right in my own office considering the risk as it might affect my job. Secondly, I know the source of the funds and, although I am the only person privileged to know this information and it is a fact. Why I am making this clear to you is that I can see that you are still making efforts spending money in order to conclude this project. Now I am ready to forget the past, I do not need the $100,000 any longer from you but a share of 25% of the total sum. I need your assurance that those your colleagues will be totally keep out of this transaction, I know that none of them is aware of this transaction after trying their best to conclude it without my consent.

Finally, I need your promise that no official of the credit union bank,utah will be aware of my involvement in this regard. Now re-assure me that you will be willing to offer me the 25% of the fund, that you will assist my husband and personal assistant to establish a foreign account in your country where my share will be lodged. If you are ready to conclude this business with me, you can contact me immediately on my email address on top so that we can have chat over this issue once and for all so that we can move forward. But if the reverse is the case, do not bother yourself to reach me.

Dr Mrs Hilary Toress

Ahmed Mohammed


my personal E-mail:





I am Mr. Ahmed Mohammed from Libya, (DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS) working in LIBYA CENTRAL BANK. I am one of the officers that served under the Muammar GADAFFI regime. THE CENTRAL BANK where I work has been deserted, almost all the ministers also deserted.


Few years ago we never believe that such revolution will happen, but today it has become real after I observed that the Ghaddafi government does not represent the citizens and interest of Libyans, I joined the revote against him and publicly opposed his govt.


Currently I am in Exile in SOUTH AFRICA, because my life was threatened. I am contacting you because I need you to help me in transferring of the sum of {$28,000,000} Twenty eight million dollars which I deposited in a bank abroad. I also request that you help me to invest this fund in your country because my movement is restricted.


I have also worked out my plans like this, for your assistance, I will give you 25% of the total Amount. Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free and absolutely confidentiality is required for the safety of my fund. What I expect from you in your reply are the following.


(1) your private telephone number for easy communication

(ii) Your Name and Address

(iii) Suggest what investment you would like us to invest on.


I will be waiting for your favorable respond.  God reward you the highest paradise


Yours Faithful,



Please reply to my personal E-mail:


Chidozie Nnaemeka

Attention Beneficiary $1.5 Million USA Dollars ,

We the United Nation Benin have agreed that your compensation $1.5 Million USA Dollars will be transfer to you through money gram daily $10,000 till you get your $1.5M USD Completed.

We have already sent $10000 to you today which the information is below.

Reference Number: 88473309
Country: Benin
Amount sent: $10,000
Test Question: In God?
Answer: We Trust

So contact Mr. CHIDOZIE    NNAEMEKA with this information below to pick up your first payment.

Phone: +229 99610754
E-mail: ( moneygramport@gmail.com )

Note that you will pay them only $55 for COT CODE before they can release your $10,000.  So go to any money gram office near you and send them $55 for the cost of Transfer with this information below.


We would have deducted the money from your fund but due to your fund is under security account we can not be able to deduct the fund from your total fund.

United Nation Benin Republic.

Mr. Richard Konik

MONEY GRAM, has finalize all the necessary arrangement that your fund of
($4.8USD)has been approved by the border directors of Eco Bank, you will be
receiving $5000 USD, per day. Furthermore our attorney will go to the inland
revenue tax office to obtain a letter of administration tax clearance approval
on your behalf from high Court.Fill in the required blanket bellow with your
current information to avoid wrong transfer.

Your name:………….
Your current address:………….
Your Age:………………..
Direct phone number:……..

Please we required it very urgent and correct.
Contact E_mail: { mgramoffic5000@outlook.com }
Tel: +081568890012
Best Regard

Mr. Tom Crist

This is Tom Crist from Canada. I was fortunate to benefit a huge sum from the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. I intend to donate all my winnings to charity and several individuals without keeping any penny for myself or family not only because we do not really need the money but also in honor of my late wife Jan, who died in February of 2012 after a long battle with lung cancer.

If you receive this message, it means YOU have been selected to benefit from the Lottery winnings the sum of $1,000,000.00 (one million.)


More about me:


My recent donations on link below;


I expect you to send a reply to my Barrister on this email below.
Congratulations for being a beneficiary.

Thanks for your time.

Mr. Tom Crist.
Barrister’s Email: barr.donaldsonsantoes@outlook.com

Mr. Mustafa Mohamadi


FROM Mr. mustafa mohamadi.
The Head of File and Auditing Department,
Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso ( West Africa )

message might meet you in utmost surprise, however, it’s just my Urgent
need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this
transaction I am a banker by profession from Burkina Faso in West Africa
and currently holding the post of director Auditing and accounting
of the bank.

I have the opportunity of transferring the left
over Funds ($20.5 million) of one of my bank clients who died Along with
his entire family in a plane crash.

All expenses incurred by
and me in this transaction will be deducted out from the 10% of the
total fund before the sharing of the fund according to the percentages
agreed. I will come over to your country as soon as the transfer is over
to receive my own share of the fund for further investments by your
advice. Please I want you to understand that a stitch in time saves nine
so write back and tell me if you really want to carry out this

From banking experience it will take up to
fourteen (14) working days to conclude this transfer. I sincerely need
your help because this might be my first and last opportunity of hitting
big money. I also would want you to treat this affair as both urgent,
top secret and confidential. I want you to also know that this
transaction will involve some expenses which will be shared among both
of us.

This payment will be effected through Swift Telegraphic Transfer.
Your Urgent response is needed
for immediate transfer of this fund in
to your receiving bank account.

Please reply me to this mail box,(mr.mustafamohamadi55@yahoo.co.nz)


Your name in full…………………….. ……..
Your country………………….. ………………
Your age……………………… ………………..
Your cell phone……………………. ………..
Your occupation……………….. ……………
Your sex……………………… ………………..
Your International passport………………
Your marital status…………………… ……..
Your bank name…………………….. ……….

Best Regards,
Mr. mustafa mohamadi

Mrs. Tanner Williams

Counter-terrorism Division and Cyber Crime Division
Foreign Payment Department
British General Board & Compensation Reserve Team

Attention Dear Beneficiary,

This is in regards of your overdue funds which has been pending on delivery due to the involvement of bad officials both governmental and non governmental. Records show that you are among one of the individuals and organizations who are yet to receive their overdue payment from overseas which includes those of Lottery/Gambling, Contract and Inheritance.

Through our Fraud Monitory Unit we have noticed that you have been transacting with some impostors and fraudsters who have been impersonating the likes of Mrs. Gill Marcus of the Reserve Bank Of South Africa, Mr. Patrick Aziza, Bode Williams, Frank Anderson, Stephen Allen, Emmanuel Nnorom, none officials of Oceanic Bank, Zenith Banks, Kelvin Young of HSBC, Ben of FedEx, Lamido Sanusi of CBN, Ibrahim Sule, Dr. Usman Shamsuddeen, Harry Thompson, Barr. Larry Gold and some impostors claiming to be The Federal Bureau of Investigation who exist in different part of the world e.g Malaysia, Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo, United States, Nigeria, India, China and many others.

The Cyber Crime Division of the FBI, British Interpol and the African Truth and Reconciliation Commission gathered information from the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) on how some people have lost outrageous sums of money to these impostors. As a result of this, we hereby advise you to stop communication with any one not referred to you by us.

We have negotiated with the Federal Ministry of Finance that your payment totaling $3.5,000,000.00(Three Million And Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) will be released to you. Now how would you like to receive your payment? Because we have two method of payment which is by Check or by ATM card?

All documents that will give legal back up to your FUNDS have been made available for your kind perusal, including the International Payment Guarantee Certificate signed by the office of the presidency on your behalf. The only requirement from you is the $260 for the Administrative Endorsement and Government Clearance Order.

To redeem your funds, you are hereby advised to contact the Compensation Center via email for their requirement to proceed and procure your Approval of Payment Warrant and Endorsement of your FUNDS Release Order on your behalf. Everything else has been taken care of by the Federal Government including taxes, custom paper and clearance duty.

Contact Barrister David Scott on the following in-formations below,

Barrister David Scott (Compensation Center Director)
Email: barrdavidscott02@aol.com
Phone Number: +234-810-615-1633

Do contact Barr. David  via his contact details above and furnish him with your in-formations as listed below:

FULL NAMES: __________________________________
SEX: _______________
DATE OF BIRTH: __________________
OCCUPATION: __________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: _____________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________

On contacting him with your details and your file would be updated with the necessary information’s, terms & conditions after which the delivery of your FUNDS will be effected to your designated home address without any further delay. Extra fee asides from the $260 for the Administrative Endorsement and Governmental Clearance Order is exempted, Telling you to pay for any delivery or courier charges is all nothing but lies, I repeat the only money you will have to pay is $260 for the Administrative Endorsement and Governmental Clearance Order as imposed by the Compensation Authorities and the Government on your package.

Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your Compensation Funds and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime.




Please do not disregard this message as spam. I promise to provide
enough evidence in my next email to show this is real.

I am Aisha Gaddafi, daughter of the late Libya leader, Col. Muammar
Gaddafi. I want to send the sum of 25million dollars

for you to manage in any good investment in your country. I am willing
to give you 25% of this amount for your efforts.

If you believe you can handle this, please reply now for details. Send
your reply to this email:


Looking forward to do business with you

Thank you

Mrs. Joy P. Donella

I have registered your ATM CARD of 4.5 million with DHL Express Courier Company with registration code of ( BH5121). Please Contact DHL with your delivery information such as, Your Name,Your Address., ID card copy and Your Telephone Number:

E-mail: dhlcompany824@yahoo.com.hk
Tel : +229 68712085

The only fee you have to pay is their Security fee of 79.00 only.Please
indicate the registration Number and ask Him how send the fee.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Joy P. Donella