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Aisha Muhammed

Reply directly to my private email: dr.aishamuhammed@hotmail.com

Hello Dear,

I will need your help in this situation I find myself.  Am really afraid and don’t know who to confide in. I am a medical doctor working with NATO currently in SYRIA. I have some money I made in Basher al-Assad’s compound. I have kept it as secret for a little
while and I need someone I can trust to work and transfer this money out of SYRIA as a medical documents. Please I will need your help on this for I can forfeit 25 percent of this money to make sure is safely used for me until I will be living the army next year. Please I will need to work with you in getting this money out of SYRIA. I will also like you to buy property for me in your country.

Get back to me on this email (dr.aishamuhammed@hotmail.com) and I will make the arrangement on how to get this done. I have no one to confide in I joined the army as an orphan and don’t have someone to confide in I believe you will be of helpful to me. I will be reviling the said amount immediately you give me your word of confidence to go ahead for this is a very huge amount of money,

Expecting your reply soonest for time is not on my side and please kindly mail me via my personal at: dr.aishamuhammed@hotmail.com

Regards to your family,
Dr. Aisha Muhammed

Ododo Bla

Dearest Friend,
l am the principal treasury officer with bank of africa in Cote d’Ivoire. I contacted you based on a business proposal, which will be of mutual benefit to both of us. I assure you that this is real.
One of our late client, a national of your country, who used to work with an oil servicing company here in Cote d’Ivoire, Made a (fixed) deposited valued at (Eighteen Million Two Hundred Thousand European Euros) €18,200,000.00 in my branch. as his personal account manager Upon maturity, we sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.
After a month, we discovered from his contract employers, PETRO-CI Corporation that my client died from an automobile accident. all attempts to trace his next of kin were fruitless. and he did not declare any next of kin in all his official documents,including his bank deposit paperwork.
According to the law of Cote d’Ivoire, at the expiration of 5{five}years, the money will l revert to the ownership of the Cote d’Ivoire government if nobody claims the funds.Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand in as the next of kin to deceased person for the fact that you have same last name with him so that this money will not be reverted by the government. If this request matches with your inward intention for success and greatness, then you are urged to make a quick response indicating your interest and readiness to participate and work with me to make this successful.
I wait for your urgent reply at  bla_ododo1966(at)yahoo.com
Best Regards,
Mr. Ododo Bla

Yayi Boni

Office President Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni

Complements. By the power of my office as the President of Federal Republic of Benin having taken over from the late President mohammed kereku on Thursday being 6th April 2006, I have to inform you that while going through files of unpaid funds by this government, I came across your file on payment of fund valued at $1.5Million USD, and have picked interest and verified the cause of delays which are well noted. I have resolved for two options to pay you:

1. through a fully loaded International Visa ATM card. In this arrangement The Visa card will be loaded with your outstanding fund value immediately by accredited bank Intercontinental bank PLC and will be dispatched and all relevant access information to enable you withdraw cash from any ATM machine of your choice and transfer to any account of your choice will be made available to you. If this is acceptable by you kindly provide me with your physical home address immediately. If this arrangement is not pleased to you kindly let me know. I am handling this directly call me upon receipt. Be reminded that your part here is only the courier cost to get it to your country.

2. Alternatively you will receive your fund in cash through diplomat cash consignment delivery. In This arrangement an assigned diplomat will fly to your address and make a cash consignment delivery to you this consignment will be sealed and marked diplomat consignment with immunity and will not be scanned or checked by any security agency until it gets to your given address. Also the assigned diplomat will not be made to know the content of the consignment.

If this is acceptable by you kindly provide me the international airport and local airport nearest to your address and your physical home address immediately with your cell phone number.

Be informed that all the fees are paid the only money required of you is $155 only been for cost of delivery charge to enable the courier service Agent to deliver it to your door step.

Therefore, go as soon as you read this e-mail and send the $155 by money gram once bank opens in your country today to the name below;

Receiver’s Name; Michael Onuorah
Country: benin republic
City: Cotonou
Question; Best color?
Answer; white;
Amount to send; $155 Only;
Sender’s name.?

President And Commander in Chief Of The Armed Forces Of The Federal Republic Of benin Dr.YAYI BONI.

Peter Moore

Attention Beneficiary $1.5 Million USA Dollars,

We will be transferring your total $1.5 Million USA Dollars Compensation from USA Government daily $10,000 through Money Gram. The compensation is from Benin Government. They are giving you the money because your email appears as one of scam victim. You can pick your first payment of $10,000 with this information below.

Senders name: Money Gram
Reference Number: 710188!!
Question: Amount?
Answer: $10,000

Note that you will pay $70 with below information for the Clearance of your fund from IMF before you can pick up your $10,000 USA Dollars.

Receivers name: NWIEKU  EDWIN
Country: BENIN
City: Cotonou
Test question: Urgent?
Answer: Urgent
Amount: $70

Email me with this email address as soon as you send the money ( moneygram55@kimo.com ) or call +229 68552466.

Mr Peter Moore,
Director Money Gram.

Claude Le Monnier

Good Afternoon,

Please, my sincere apology if this message doesn’t meet your personal
ethics/quirks but if you know the stress and effort i made to get your
contact you will appreciate the information i am about to share with you
here. The issue is that someone I presumed to be your relative cos he is
from your country and most importantly cos of the similarities in your
last names who was an investor with our bank but died on Tuesday August
16, 2005 in a plane crash in Venezuela has come to the limelight in our
bank cos since 2005 that he died his portfolio worth 9.8 millions Pounds
has not touch cos no name next-of-kin was found in his bio-data form, if
you are familiar with Investment Banking affairs those who patronize our
services usually prefer anonymity with some levels of detachment from
conventional processes as they operates their accounts with numbers, pin
and codes for the avoidance of scrutiny as they follow their investment
with portfolio monitoring tools to track their account’s gains and losses
so when they die their investment die with them as mostly their families
know not about the investment.

Now this investment has generated a huge accrued interest to the amount of
1.9 Million British Pounds because he was operating a domiciliary pounds
account hence the bank management authorized my office as the Associate
Professor of Accounting & Finance of this Bank to locate any living
relative of this investor to claim this money in line with the banking
ethics as stipulated by World Bank Group (WBG). I will simply nominate &
empowered you with relevant information and documentation to enable you
claim the money officially and legitimately for us to share equally. If
for any reason you have concerns and skepticism that this might probably
be a scam please understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with
scam, review my data in my official capacity below to understand that I
can never descend so low to get involve in anything fraudulent lest of all
scam. Please you may wish to call me or send a telephone number where i
can call you for us to discuss more about this project orally. Remain

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Claude Le Monnier
Managing Director & Financial Controller
Private/Investment Banking Division
BGFI Bank Côte d’Ivoire
Immeuble *AMCI* 15ème et 16ème étage
01 BP 11563 Abidjan 01
Plateau, Avenue Joseph Anoman
Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire
Tel:  (+225) 44 91 77 43
Fax: (+225) 20 32 62 92
Bank Email: info@bgfibci.com
Email: claudemonnier2600@gmail.com
Web-site: www.bgfi.com

**************This email and any files transmitted with it are
confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity
to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email in error
please notify the system manager. This message contains confidential
information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not
the named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this
e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have
received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system.
If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing,
copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of
this information

Ban Ki-Moon

DC-1, ROOM 730, NEW YORK, NY 10017.
After the meeting held on the 11th of November 2014 by world banks delegates United Nations and US department of treasury, we have received an order from the government of the states to release all beneficiarys inheritance fund that was recovered from corrupt African bank officials due to their inability to remit the fund to the its beneficiary. Base on the record, your nheritance/ contract fund is $US10, 700,000.00 (Ten  Million, seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars) and your fund has been forwarded to the Debt Management office In New York.
to forestall this, security for your funds has been organized and for the safety of your funds we have been specifically advised to release this payment to you in special cash delivery, we have also agreed with the presidency, that we will make this payment to you via the united nations  accredited courier company to avoid the hopeless situation created by the officials of the previous courier companies.
we are happy to inform you that based on our recommendation your outstanding contract inheritance funds of ten million, seven hundred thousand united states dollars ($us10,700,000.00) has been credited in your favor in our treasury office. you are hereby advised to contact Mr. Lambert huddles at the regional audit unit, united nations office in new York united states.
Contact Person:Lambert Huddles
indicate that you have been directed from the office of the secretary general, united nations Mr. Ban ki-Moon,. email him with this code (UNO/BR/705666/012) for identification. you are advised to furnish Mr. Lambert huddles with the below information:
do email Mr. Lambert huddles on his email written above, and ensure that you forward to him the above requirements for processing of your fund and we assure you that he will ensure that your fund is delivered to you.
N.B: Due to the mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this strictly confidentail from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money has been deliver to you. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by unknown entrant.
should you have any question or any kind of information that will enable us monitor this payment effectively, don’t hesitate to be in touch in us.
thanks and be guided accordingly.
oncemore,kindly accept our congratulation .
note: response should be made immediately before it will be too late


Ego Chris

Attention Beneficiary,

I am directed to inform you that your payment verification and
confirmations has been made available. Therefore, we are happy  to
inform you that arrangements has been concluded to effect your
US$5,200.000.00 payment through ATM MASTER CARD as instructed by the
Honourable Minister of Finance (Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala)to be deliver to
you as the beneficiary.

As soon as possible in our bid to Be transparent in line with
programmed of this present administration of President Goodluck
Jonathan, President and Commander – chief Of the Armed Forces of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria in his crusade against corruption in

It is our pleasure to inform you that ATM Card Number; 435 766 865 567
7654 has been approved and upgraded in your favor this morning.  The
ATM Card Value is $5,200,000.00 Only. You are advised that a maximum
withdrawal value of $5,000.00  is  permitted for withdrawal per day
and we are duly inter-switched and you can make withdrawal in any
location of the ATM Center of your choice/nearest to you.

We have also concluded delivery arrangement with our accredited
courier service Company to be fully insured by Nicon  Insurance
Corporation to oversea the delivery of the ATM Card to you without any
further delay. In view of this development,  you are  requested to
immediately offset the $180 COURIER DELIVERY  CHARGE  directly to the
COURIER DELIVERY COMPANY and have  the payment receipt send to us to
enabling us submit your ATM CARD package to courier for onward deliver
to you in your home  address. Contact the courier delivery officer

Officer name : PATRICK ORKAR
Telephone number:234 708 0211 581
E-mail address: drpatrickorkar1@gmail.com

Be informed that your valid ID card must be presented to the
dispatchers before release will be made to avoid wrong delivery.

Lastly, for your ATM process not to be cancelled, I will advise you to
stop any further correspondence you have with anybody  regarding to
your payment because that is where you will have problems.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation and may God bless you and your family.

Best regards.

Dr. Ego Chris.
ATM Section Director.

Kingsley Akpe

From the Desk of Dr.Kingsley Akpe,
Deputy Governor, Financial System Stability
Central Bank of Benin/Contract Verification/Review
Panel and Foreign Debt Payment.
Telephone: +229-21009269

I am Dr. Kingsley Akpe, Deputy Governor, Financial System
Stability,Central Bank of Benin. I decided to contact you because of
the prevailing security report reaching my office and the intense nature
of polity in Benin.

With detailed investigation we wish to inform you that your long over
due awaiting fund/ contract inheritance payment from the Federal
republic of Benin has been approved by the office of the presidency
on Tuesday worth of US$3.5 Million USD. and after approval we have
searched for your contact in your payment file but did not see it but
only your email address appeared there so we decided to contact you
today after getting a letter from MR.JOHN WHEELER claiming he is your
relative from California,

with his banking details below
ACCOUNT #3292957895
ROUTING # 121042882.

informing us that he is your next of kin and you have instructed we
should make the transfer to him without any delay.

We decided it is best we contact you by your email to ask you if truly
you have instructed him being MR.JOHN WHEELER to receive your long over
due waited contract inheritance payment worth US$3.5 Million, if so then
get back to us and let us know so we can go ahead and instruct the HSBC
bank who are in charge of the transfer to go ahead and make the
transfer to him as he has agreed to pay the $100 usd transfer bond
processing fee.

So the reason for sending you this email is to get the instruction from
you directly if the direction is from you truly to have this MR.JOHN
WHEELER help you pay the transfer processing fee of $100 usd and also
help you receive the transfer of $3.5 Million USD with his own account
provided by him.

As i talk to you, the HSBC bank is ready to make transfer to who ever
you instruct to receive your fund, so get back to me and let me know if
we should go ahead to collect the transfer processing fee of $100 usd
and make the transfer of your approved fund of $3.5 Million USD to this
MR.JOHN WHEELER as nothing is delaying after the transfer only your

As soon as you get this email and get the content clearly noted, kindly
get back to me with the below details to enable me start working on your
fund and stop them from transferring the funds to this man who claimed
you ordered him to receive your fund from us:

FULL NAME………………..

Send it through western union money transfer or Money Gram with the
below details.

RECEIVER’S NAME________ Ben james Nwabunwanne
Country:_______________Benin Republic
ANSWER: _____________WE TRUST
AMOUNT:_____________ $100
Sender’s Full Name______
Sender Full Address:_____

Send the payment details to me which are senders name and address,mtcn

Dr. Kingsley Akpe,
Deputy Governor, Financial System Stability

Graham McMillan

128 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11206-2098
Our Ref: CHSX0013-ODCS/015  Your Ref:

Dear beneficiary

Re: Urgent Notice

The recent launched Joint External Debt Hub (JEDH) by the Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS) This joint launch is by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the World Bank and represents efforts to synergize international advances in the area of external debt statistics. Due to this new organization, the World Bank has gratified the international Debt Management to look into the all outstanding contractors/Workers due for payment with US Government. In Regards to this, your name was among the unsettled contractors/Workers who have not received their payments. I wish to inform you that the international Debt Management has been approved and instructed by world debt organization & World Bank to process and release all the outstanding payment which has been due for payment.

Consequently, the World Bank in conjunction with the United States set aside US$3.4Billion to pay in good claims from foreign Inheritance Fund (Next of Kin); In line with this arrangement the United States on Foreign Debt Matters (USFDM) ordered that contractors and Next-of-Kins whose files have shown sufficient proof regarding job execution and debt outstanding be settled without delay. We wish to inform you that your file was forwarded to JP Morgan Chase Bank by various offices and department shows that you have fulfilled all conditions necessary to receive your payment.

One of the reasons your payment had been delayed for so long was because of counter-claim for the payment on your fund. This necessitated the perusal of documents relating to your contract payment, we were convinced that you are the actual beneficiary of the said fund. The attempt to divert your payment to foreign account was done by your local representatives in collaboration with some Officials and most of the officials involved in several official misconducts have been sacked. I hereby to inform you this day that your inheritance sum calculated US$35.1M shall be paid to you via ATM CARD or Wire Transfer due to rules/regulation guiding Bank Secrecy Act(BSA). Be aware that all necessary modalities concerning the release of your fund have regularized so all we require from you is your honest concentration to make this transfer happen within 72hrs. Finally please kindly tick your preferable payment choice below and get back to us with the details;


1)  Your Full______________
2)  Your Full Contact Address____________________
3)  Your direct Cell phone No# ________________
4)  Attache Copy of Your Driver’s License_____________

OPTION 2: Fund through Electronic Wire  Transfer, Re-confirm the below listed info:

1) Your bank name:
2) Bank  address:
3) Account no:
4) Routing no
5) Swift code:
6) Account name:
7) Personal Phone/Mobile no:
8) Residential Address:

In anticipation of your immediate response.

Graham McMillan
Fund Operational Manager /
Head Foreign Transfer Department
JP Morgan Chase Bank, Brooklyn, New York
The authorized recipient of this information is prohibited from disclosing
it to any other party unless required to do so by law and is required to
delete/destroy the information after its stated need has been fulfilled.
If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying,
distribution or action taken in reliance on the contents of this email
transmission is prohibited.If you have received this information in error,
please notify the sender immediately and delete this information.
We appreciate your efforts to protect your wire/transfer confidential

Janet Yellen

Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Urgent Attn:

OFFICIAL NOTICE: this is to notify you that Series of meetings have been held over the past (1) Month now with the Secretary General of the United Nations Organization United State of America, which ended Today been Monday Dated 29th of December 2014, It is obvious that you have not received your fund which is now in the amount of $11,000,000.00 USD (Eleven Million United States Dollars) as a compensation award to you, due to past corrupt Governmental Officials who almost held your fund to themselves for their selfish reasons and some individuals who have taken advantage of your fund all in an attempt to swindle your fund which has led to unnecessary delay in the receipt and so many losses from your end.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol enhanced by the United Nations and Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI have successfully finalize to boost the exercise of clearing all foreign debts owed to you who have been found not to have received their Compensation Awards.Now, how would you like to receive your payment? Because we have two Method of payment which is by Check or by ATM card. ATM Card: We will be issuing you a custom pin based ATM card which you will use to withdraw up to $5000.00 USD (Five Thousand Dollars) per day from any ATM machine that has the Master Card Logo on it and the card have to be renewed in 3 years time which is 2016. Also with the ATM card you will be able to transfer your funds to your local bank account. Even if you do not have a bank account, the ATM card comes with a handbook or manual to enlighten you about how to use it.

Check: A Cashier Check will be issued in your name and you will deposit it in your Bank for it to be cleared within three Working Days.Your payment would be sent to you via any of your preferred option above and would be mailed to you via UPS, because we have signed a contract with UPS which should expire (20TH) of JAN. 2015, You will only need to pay $250.00 Only instead of $550 USD (Five Hundred and Fifty Dollars). So, if you  pay before JAN. (20TH). 2015, you save 300 USD (Three Hundred Dollars Take note that you will have to stop communication with every other person if you have been in contact with any. Also remember that all you will ever have to spend is $250 Dollars nothing more! Nothing less! And we Guarantee the receipt of your fund to be successfully delivered to you within the next 48hrs after confirmation receipt of UPS fee of $250 Dollars).

Note: Everything has been taken care of, including Tax, Custom Paper and  Clearance Duty. So, all you will ever need to pay is $250 Dollars.Note that you have been advice to urgently proceed to the Western Union or  Money Gram and send the only required fee of $250 Dollars. to our Branch payment Receiver Agent City : Alpena State :Michigan Zip Code :49707 USA. and get back to us with the MTCN.

Receiver’s Name: April Fournier.
Address: City:Alpena….State:Michigan.….Zip Code: 49707.
Amount to send: $250.00 dollar only.

Kindly get back to us as well with the MTCN and also be advice to reconfirm  your full Delivery Address to avoid any Wrong Delivery of package.Apply Your Claims Promptly: For immediate release of your fund valued at $11,000,000.00 USD (Eleven Million United States Dollars) to you, you should contact our correspondent.

Your Full Name:_________________________
Your House Address:_________________________
Home/Cell/Phone Number:___________________
Choose ONE Preferable Payment Method (Visa ATM Card OR Cashier Check):_____________

Your package will be sent to you within 2 working days upon Confirmation receipt of UPS fee of $250.00 Dollars. We are so sure of everything and we are giving you a 100% Money back Guarantee if you do not receive payment / package within the next 48hrs after you have made the payment for shipping. Note That Because Of Impostors, We Hereby Issued You Our Code Of Conduct, Which Is (FRBNYATM-2014) So You Have To Indicate This Code When replying back to us  By Using It As Your Subject.

Thanks for Banking with Federal Reserve Bank New York while we looking forward to serving you better.

Thanks and God bless you

Yours in Service,
Mrs. Janet Yellen
Director Federal Reserve Bank New York,
Leadership Bank Federal Reserve Board helps build strong communities by creating opportunities for people – including customers, shareholders and associates – to fulfill their dreams.