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Transportation Coordinator Employment Scam


We would like to offer you a vacancy of a Transportation Coordinator in our new personalized logistics program.

This is a Freelance home-based post with payment up to $2.350 per month plus bonus system.

Candidate must have:
- Permanent address;
- PC/laptop with constant Internet access;
- Mobile phone;
- Printer.

basic duties of this employment are to send and receive client's correspondence worldwide through the different delivery services to specified address; stamping or labeling, and shipping merchandise or material; opening, confirming and recording incoming and outgoing packages; correspond with manager via email, phone, and instant messenger; deliver purchases to proper transportation companies, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS etc.

If you feel that you are a good fit for our organization, please answer to us ONLY at this email: ToniCastleen@aol.com .Your resume will be a plus. 
Me or another manager will help you to proceed through the application procedure.

Have a bless day!

Forouz Badri

Pleasant day,

We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and your wage is
350 US dollars per assignment.The job Entails Evaluation process,visiting
Walgreen store,e.t.c. Send below information to get started:

Full Names:
Address (PO box):
Zip Code:
Phone Number Home and Mobile:

Best Regards,
Forouz Badri

Manager Director

We are company that conducts surveys and evaluates other organizations. We are hired to go to other companies and act like customers in order to rate their service in relation to their customers. Once we have the contract, you will be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given funds to either purchase items or services, after which you would write comments on the staff’s activities and give a detailed record of your experience.

Examples of comments:

1. How long did it take to get your service
2. Knowledgability of product or service
3. Professionalism
4. Sometimes you might be required to aggravate the attendant and
record their responses.

We in turn give the information to the company executives so they improve their customer service. Most organizations employ us when they experience a high volume of customer dissatisfaction.
Your identity will be kept confidential. You will be paid $150 for every survey you complete and receive a bonus that can be used for transportation costs. No commitment is required or this job, your hours will be flexible.

If you are interested please send the below information to edj7746@gmail.com

Full name:
Address No P O Box:
Zip Code:
Telephone Number:
Cellular Number:

Manager Director

Globis Management Consulting



I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about some new positions that have become available.


If you are not the right match for the below position please accept my apologies & if you know someone who’s looking for this kind of work and that would be a good fit and interested in this position please forward my contact information to them OR guide them to me.



Mystery Shopper

Contract duration: Minimum 12 months




The successful applicant should have a growth mindset, organizational skills for efficient time and stress management and the ability to communicate professionally in both written and verbal mediums with people at all levels of the organization. Excellent opportunity to work enjoy a tremendous support network and be part of one of the best financial teams worldwide.


About us:


Globis is a management consulting company focusing on the market-side of business: customers, markets, sales and marketing. We give advice on

– Strategy development

– Organizational development

– Digital strategies

– Sales optimization

– Marketing planning and implementation

– Customer and brand loyalty

– Service optimization.


We have a broad experience across industries, for example

– Fast moving consumer goods

– Durable, investment goods

– TIMES (Telco, IT, Multimedia, entertainment, …)

– Engineering

– Automotive.


We advise clients from outside Germany on market entry strategies into Germany. We also support or fully take over entry implementation.



Thanks & Regards,

Globis Management Consulting


© Copyright 2014 Globis Management Consulting. All rights reserved.



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If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer I contact you at some later date, please indicate your date of availability so that I may honor your request. In any event, I respectfully recommend you continue to avail yourself to the employment options and job market information we provide with our e-mail notices.


If you are interested in this position, please email me back with the word Interested in the subject of the email and I will send you a complete description of the position we have open.

If you would like to unsubscribe, please email me back with the word Unsubscribe in the subject of the email.


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Trevor Collins

Coyote Logistic LLC Company
2545 W Diversey Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60647,
United States Of America
Dear Applicant,
Thank you for the response and we wish to inform you that, if you have access to a computer, and have up to three hours spare time per-week. you can get paid, would you like to work part or full time online, and get paid  weekly? If yes,then please read carefully.
Coyote’s mission is to offer the best third-party logistics (3PL) experience ever. We use creativity and industry experience to drive value, optimize solutions, and deliver unprecedented customer service. No Excuses. Coyote identifies and leverages the most efficient mode of transportation for every shipment, every time it moves.  Our vision is to position Coyote as the largest, fully scaled, centralized network in North America. Coyote invests in the future—we call this smarter logistics. Every decision that we make today is based on a long-term growth strategy. That includes hiring decisions, training programs, customized technology, strategy services, and intense customer service.
We are currently seeking part or full time employees for our ever-growing accounts receivable department.  Through extensive demographic research, we have discovered a wealth of untapped human resources that, for one reason or another, need the freedom to work from home.  If this sounds like you, please read on, and consider becoming part of our company family. As part of our ongoing Multi-Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for us as our representative. You can easily make $700-$2000 or more in a week by working for us as Sub-contractor in your geographical location, you will be in charge of collecting payment on behalf of our affiliates and Small business organizations that are registered under us. Does it sounds like your dream job? Well, it certainly for 10,000+current members who are making $700- $2,000 weekly online with this system.
 Note that no form of investment of is needed from you and this job will take only 1-3 hours of your time per week.
The position of Accounts Receivable officer entails the following duties:  co-ordinate payments from our clients, receive payments which come in form of certified checks or Cash(wire transfer), process payments at your local bank, and forward 90% of funds received to the proper branch office, as instructed.  The remaining 10% is your wage.  Since this position is need-based, you will have plenty of free time  while enjoying a good income.
Every assignment in form of payment received from clients, you’re entitled to 10% which excludes the cost of processing to any regional office accountant.Also you get a monthly salary of $1,500 which comes at the end of every month, plus other incentives and benefits that accrue, which includes tax holidays.
Interested applicants are required to send the following information’s to the Hr Contact Information stated below
Full Names :
Home Address:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Fax Number :
Present Occupation:
Marital Status:
Email Address :
As soon as these information are received,our Human Resource Department would contact you through email, with an approval letter if the management decides you are a successful candidate.  Please specify the best way to contact you in your reply email.
We appreciate your interest in Coyote Logistic LLC Company.
Mr. Trevor Collins
Human Resources Department,
2545 W Diversey Avenue,
Chicago, IL 60647,
United States Of America


240 – 9700 Jasper Ave  Edmonton
Direction des Ressources Humaines SNC-Lavalin
E-MAIL: directiongenerale.canada@yahoo.com
Accord de publication N° 001/GC/DRH/GOV-CA-SNC-2014-2015.  
        Dans le souci de lutter contre le voyage clandestin, la pauvreté,
de promouvoir l’emploi et à l’intégration Africaine au processus de la mondialisation, le gouvernement CANADIEN en collaboration avec la SOCIÉTÉ CANADIENNE DE CONSULTANTS EN IMMIGRATION(SCCI) lance un projet spécial  par le biais de la  SNC-Lavalin qui a pour but de favoriser l’immigration de toutes personnes désireuses à venir vivre ou travailler au CANADA. Après une longue étude dynamique du phénomène de pauvreté dans les pays en voie de développement notamment les pays d’Afrique,des Caraïbes et du pacifique, en collaboration avec le gouvernement CANADIEN et le plan à long terme du MINISTÈRE CANADIEN  des affaires étrangères.
 A cet effet toutes personnes désirant postuler pour travailler ou pour 
continuer les études au CANADA sont la bienvenue. 
 Nous recherchons avant tout des personnes capables sans distinction de sexe qui pourront s’adapter à notre environnement de travail.Par ailleurs le service SNC a des représentations partout dans le monde qui assurent la liaison entre leur pays et la Direction principalement celle de l’Afrique-Europe et de l’Amérique qui ont été choisis par le conseil d’administration pour se charger de vérifier l’authenticité et l’originalité des dossiers qui nous parviendront de l’Afrique, Amérique ainsi que de l’Europe et d’autres sujets portant sur l’intérêt de notre projet. Ci-après toutes les informations dont vous aurez besoin pour nous faire parvenir votre candidature. 
- Être titulaire au moins du BEPC ou autres Diplômes Professionnels 
- Savoir parler le français ou  l’anglais 
- Avoir de bonnes qualités relationnelles 
- Avoir une bonne moralité
-Une lettre de motivation dans laquelle vous mentionnez le but de votre immigration.
-Un curriculum vitae(CV) bien détaillé
-Un acte de naissance ou toute autre pièce pouvant attestée votre identité
-Diplômes obtenus 
-Une photo d’identité 
-Votre passeport pour vérification de votre disponibilité à voyager.
-Dans le cas où vous ne disposez pas de passeport vous le signalez dans votre lettre de motivation pour que nous puissions vous aider à rentrer en possession de ce dernier en nous envoyant votre carte d’identité.
En outre après étude de dossiers et si votre demande  a été acceptée nous serons en mesure de vous fournir des documents nécessaires qui suivront votre immigration en terre Canadienne.
  Ces documents  vous seront délivrés dans un délai rentrant dans le cadre de votre immigration et ceci par courrier DHL à votre adresse de résidence. 
               LES DOCUMENTS
1-  Votre carte de résidence
2-  Votre permis de travail 
3-  Votre certificat d’hébergement  
4-  Votre assurance  vie et famille 
5-  Votre visa canadien
6-  Votre billet d’avion
Si vous êtes intéressés veuillez envoyer votre dossier à l’adresse de la 
direction par Émail qui est la suivant: directiongenerale.canada@yahoo.com


                                                             Dr. John COX 
                                                Le chargé de l’information

CRS Recruiting Department

Corporate Resource is seeking a Purchasing Coordinator for a client in the
U.S. This Company is a New York affiliate of a Swiss Trading Company and
they are interested in someone with “star potential” to join their fast
growing team. 

As a Purchasing Coordinator, you will work independently and on a team.
This job ordering and repackaging Electronic Products for our clients in

Main job responsibilities: placing orders, repackaging, making dispatches,
preparing reports and being in touch with your manager. NO investments are
needed from your part. 

Qualified candidate must have the following:
- Proper Identification proving eligibility to work in the US;
- Basic computer and Internet skills;
- Strong ability handle multiple tasks simultaneously when needed;
- You should have a clear Credit History and Background.

Salary: from $50,000.00
Schedule: Monday - Friday 9 A.M. - 4 P.M.

If you are interested in this job opportunity, you could request an
Application here:vacancies@crcso.net

Have a wonderful day,
CRS Recruiting Department

James Wade

Become our Market Survey Analyst. You will earn no less than $200.00 per venture.

You will be paid for shopping and dining out.

Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service, undetected, in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurants and services in your area. Market Survey Analysts are needed throughout America. You’ll be paid to shop and dine out, getting free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment, free travel and more.

Great pay, fun work, flexible schedule and no training required. If you can shop -you are qualified!

Market Survey Analyst reports provide businesses with unbiased reviews from a customer standpoint. This allows business to identify problems which might result in unhappy customers and loss of sales. Market Survey Analyst have a great responsibility and are paid accordingly.

As a Market Survey Analyst, you can earn up to $200 per assignment, have a flexible schedule and hours, and choose the assignments you want. You can even bring your kids with you!

We send you checks for your assignments. You cash each check and use our money to carry out your assignment. You do not use any of your money.

To complete your application, please provide the following information:

Full Name:
Zip Code:
Work Phone #(s):
 Home Phone #(s):
Cell Phone #(s):

We look forward to working with you


James Wade
HR Manager
Tamont Shop LLC.

Constance Kaufman

Hello ! The mail forwarding company is searching shipping/receiving

No enrollment fee. The average monthly salary is $1500.

Job Duties and responsibilities:

– Must be able to work on flexible schedules – the position is
– Receive and mail incoming shipments. Auditing incoming parcels for
– Complete all paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.

– Applicants must be mature – 21 years and older, able to work
independently, prioritize the work in an accurate and efficient manner,
permanent access to Internet.
If interested, please reply to : Lyubovi.Sokoliskaya@gmail.com with
your resume and the phone number where we can reach you.

Please note: If you do not receive a call or email from our manager,
your information will be kept in our record for future consideration.
Thank you.



The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) works in more than 190 countries and territories to save and improve children’s lives, providing health care and immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. UNICEF is hiring workers within the United states to work from home and the pay is $700 weekly. Reply to hr@contactunicef.com for immediate employment.

United States Fund for UNICEF
Employee Relations
Chief Recruit Officer.
125 Maiden Lane, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10038