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Mr. Chan Gao

Dear Friend,
My name is Mr. Chan Gao, I am a staff of Bank of China, Our late client named Mr.Talib Naji Abboud made a fixed deposit amount of $17,300,000, he did not declare any next of kin in any of his paper work, I want you as a foreigner to stand as the beneficiary to transfer this funds out of my bank into your account, after the successful transfer, we shall share in the ratio of 30% for you and 70% for me.

I want to assure you that all is well planned as we shall do this inline with all legal and banking requirements. All I need from you is your willingness, trust and confidentiality so that we can work together to achieve success. Should you be interested please send me the required information below.

1, Full names,
2, private phone number,
3, current resident
4, Occupation

And I will prefer you reach me on my private email address below: {gliuchan@yahoo.com.hk}

Kind Regards,
Mr. Chan Gao

Peter Anderson


We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and your wage
will be $200 Per Assignment. The Job Entails Evaluation process,visiting
Walmart,Money gram e.t.c Send below information to get started: Full Names: Address
(Pls P.O box is not acceptable): City State: Zip code: Home phone number and cell phone:

Please reply us ASAP.
Best Regards,
Peter Anderson

Secret Shopper®

The information contained in this email and any attachments is confidential and may be subject to copyright or other intellectual property protection. If you are not the intended recipient, you are not authorized to use or disclose this information, and we request that you notify us by reply mail or telephone and delete the original message from your mail system.

Dr. Andrew Saint

IFFD is an International Financial Institution and a Specialized Agency of the United Nations whose mission is to enable poor rural people to overcome poverty. IFFD’s headquarters is in London, United kingdom, and its staff work with poor rural people, their governments, communities and organizations in more than 80 countries to develop and finance programmes and projects aimed at increasing rural productivity and incomes. The Programme Management Department (PMD) is responsible for the overall lending programme of the Fund, and is composed of five regional divisions and a Policy and Technical Advisory Services Division.
Within the Latin America, Caribbean Division and Asia Continent the Senior Rural Development Specialist works with staff to increase the comparative advantage of IFFD in the region by:
Providing timely and authoritative analytical and advisory capacity to staff in appropriate forms to enhance the quality, relevance and effectiveness of LAC’s work and instruments (Country Strategic Opportunities Programmes [COSOPs], projects, grants, policy dialogue, knowledge management, South-South Cooperation, portfolio review and M&E). Developing and implementing strategies, systems and approaches to better integrate the different types of operations, allowing IFFD to enhance its value-addition capacity, its scale of operations, and its impact on poverty reduction in the region. Therefore, the IFFD is welcoming grantee applications from around the globe to funding individuals, organizations, industries and institutional bodies and other related sections to reduce the poverty menace globally for which each application is allowed to receive funds not more than Five Million United State Dollar (5,000,000.00USD).
So all interested organisations as mentioned above should kindly assist us by filling out the below form.
1. Individual /organization full name…………………………………………………..
2. Address…………………City………………….State…………………Country…………………..
3. Marital status if individual……………
4. Occupation……………………………
5. Age………………………………….
6. Contact phone number…………………..
7. Email Address…………………………
Note: Your swift reply will enable us to proceed further with you (SEND YOUR DETAILS TO ( sandra12@qq.com )
Dr Andrew Saint
Event Manager

Mrs. Farida Waziri

Attention: Beneficiary,
Based on our findings in this investigation, we wish to warn you against
some Miscreants, Hoodlums and Touts who go about defrauding innocent
people by claiming to be who they are not and thereby tarnishing the image
of this wonderful country, NIGERIA.
Following the protest from your government, International Community, World
Bank and IMF as well as our President, Dr. Good Luck Jonathan instructing
us to investigate and make payment of all outstanding debts due for
payment which your name has been boldly indicated in our records as
submitted from all parastatals of government, banks and Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN).
In line with our investigation, we find out that you have been dealing
with non officials of the bank, ministry and International Credit
Settlement which had contributed to the delay in your payment, so you are
advised to quickly STOP all contacts with whosoever you have been dealing
with to avoid further delay and payment termination.
Base on the payment policy as instructed by the presidency, your payment
has been approved and you are to contact the accredited payment office and
you should send the following information:
Your payment Satisfactory e-Code: [C404/07]
Your full name:
Home/Office Address:
Marital Status/Age:
A Copy of your Identification:
You are advised to send the information to the contact person below:
Contact Person: Mr. Leslie Sharman Director International Operation
Department (central bank of Nigeria) Email: lesliesharman111@gmail.com
Tel: +234-80 89932868 on receipt of your information, the accredited
office shall commence your approved part payment of US$5,500,000.00
dollars accordingly as instructed by the presidency.
Further notice has been sent to the FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (FBI)
of your country in collaboration to ensure genuine and success
implementation of all payment done by the Central Bank of Nigeria over
funds owed to contractors and inheritance fund. We shall further monitor
your funds until you receive your payment.
Yours sincerely
Mrs Farida Waziri
Chairman (Economic And Financial Crime Commission)

Sir Greg Bilson

Office of the American, European, African and Asian Unit.
United Nations International Funds Payments Approval Board.
Telephone Contact Nigeria Liaison Office – Africa: +2348074134614.
Attn: Funds Beneficiary,
This is to inform you that the United Nations International Funds Payments Approval Board in collaboration with the international Monetary fund (IMF) has issued a statement that victims of various Financial Crime globally should receive a compensation sum of US$1,000,000.00 each starting from January, 2014 and before the end of February 2014.
Based on information for all America, European and Asian payments by this office, and according to the data collated, it has been proved that from the commencement of this program, 80 beneficiaries has been paid worldwide but we still have more left to be compensated which includes you.
Your compensation payment is readily available, You are advise to get back to me as fast as possible by making sure that you reconfirm your full name, your Postal address or your home address and direct telephone number again to avoid any further mistake to avoid lengthy hindering to your payments.
Awaits for your URGENT response and call me on +2348074134614.
Yours faithfully,
Sir Greg Bilson. (Special Duty Controller for European, African and Asian Region).
United Nations International Funds Payments Approval Board Office.

Mrs.Roswitha Morgan

Dear Sir/mada,
On behalf of the Minister of Finance and other private sectors here in
Ghana brings out this Regular Mail Service to deliver the Unfinished
Transfer of Funds and Gratuity that is in the custody of  different firms
and companies to the rightful owner in any countries. I am Mrs.Roswitha Morgan
representing the {GPS} (Global Postal Service).
The Minister of Finance has ordered the FedEx, Dhl, USPS,UPS, zenith bank,Barclays bank,
BANK OF AMERICA and other firms to release the bank draft and Atm cards to the
GPS (Regular Mail Service), So that they can be mailed out to the rightful
owners, because there are too many complains coming to our desk from
different customers and the (FG) Federal Government of Ghana that
people are not getting their Instrument to cash their funds and gratuity,
e.g people are not getting their Bank Draft and Atm Cards due to the fact
that people are not meeting up with the required demands and amount
imposed by some of this delivery companies, firms and other sectors and
constant require of fees that are too much for people to handle or handle.
We have series of Bank Drafts and Atm Cards here in our custody and they
are sealed and we don’t know who and where they belong to we are getting
intouch with you to know if you have ever received an email regarding any
Bank Draft and Atm Cards please contact us back as we are ready to Mail
them to you this was the order given to me and the company by the Minister
of Finance here in Ghana.
Here is my contact Number and email address
Full Names: – Mr.lniesta Walker
Valid Contact: – iniesta.walker@outlook.com
Tel  +233-243-684-368
Our terms and condition for this service is for us to get the bank draft
and Atm cards to the rightful owner as we are not allowed to open them as
they are sealed and we need honest people that knows they have not yet
received their funds either in Bank Draft or Atm Cards, So we are
expecting to hear from you, As we know no Information about you.
Mrs.Roswitha Morgan
Osprey House
Richmond Road
Llanion Park
Pembroke Dock
SA72 6TS UK.
We are pleased to inform you of the release of the long awaited results of the BMW CAR INTERNATIONAL PROMOTION PROGRAM held on the 5th of January 2014. You were entered as dependent clients with: Ticket number:42845 and Promotional code:76456321/BMW.You have been approved for a payment of (Four hundred and fifty thousand Great British Pounds) and a brand new BMW 5 Series Car. You are to contact our-accredited agent for your claim now.
Mr.James Howard Email: bmwgroup56799@yahoo.com.hk or bmwmotors@56799.com
You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information:
1.Name in full.
2.Address in full.
3.Nationality & Present Country.
5.Phone /Fax /Sex.
6.Email address.
Once again congratulations.
Program Co-ordinator

United States Finance Department

How are you today,this is to inform you that we have assigned unity national
bank Nigeria to transfer your compensation payment of $3Million to you,so
kindly contact Unity National Bank manager with his email address below.
Name Kenneth Holland
Email georgemoore764@yahoo.es
Phone +2348175186802
Please,you are advised to stop what ever transaction you are doing with
other banks in Nigeria and UK,because Unity National Bank Nigeria is the
bank we United States finance department assigned to transfer your
United States Finance Department.

Frank Ekeh

From The Desk Of:Frank Ekeh

Attention: Distinguished Beneficiary,

This is to officially inform you that (ATM Card/ DEBIT Card Number of;5061050258799644527) has been credited in your favor, Your Personal Identification Number is 385. The Card Value is ($7.5M USD) and your ATM CARD will be send to you through DHL delivering company.

You are advice to contact me back on my email so that I will forward it to your Bank for delivering of your card; all the legal documents are out and will be sending to you once
I hear from you.

With the following information;
Full Name: ——————
Phone Number: ————
Country: ———————-
Occupation: ——————
Sex: ————————–
Age: —————————

Bank will send your ATM CARD through DHL delivering company, so get back to me

with your full information’s before it will be late.

Frank Ekeh
Phone no: +2348153970529
email: centralbanknigeria94@yahoo.com


Hello Every One,

Do You Need A Loan? Apply For Further Procedure. We Offer All Kinds Of Loans At 2% Annual Interest Rate From The Ranges Of $5,000 To $80,000,000. Any Interested Person Should Reply Back To Us With The Following: Email: thomson.loanservice@gmail.com

Info needed

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