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Lizzy Monaco

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to official inform you that we have been having meetings for the past Three(3) weeks which ended two days ago with Mr. Jim Yong Kim the World Bank

president and other seven continent presidents on the Congress we treated on solution to Scam victim problems.

Note: we have decided to contact you following the reports we received from Anti-Fraud International Monitoring Group your name/email has been submitted to

us therefore the United Nations have agreed to compensate you with the sum of(USD$ 1,980,000.00) this compensation is also including international business

that failed due to Government problems etc.

We have arranged your payment through our ATM Master Card which is the latest instruction from the World Bank president Mr. Jim Yong Kim therefore be advice

to contact our Representative Agent, Mr. David Peter who is in position to release your ATM MasterCard contact him with the bellow email & phone number and

make sure you forwards your full details as listed bellow.

Contact Person: mr.davidpeter20144@gmail.com
Telephone +229-6644-4112

Beloz details is needed

1. Full Name:……
2. Country:……….
3. Delivery Address:………
4. Telephone……….:& Occupation…….
5. Your Age….. /Sex………………..
6: You’re Nearest Airport…………..

Once again for the collection of your ATM MasterCard contact our representative Mr. David Peter to enable you confirm your payment without further delay and

note that any other contact you made out side his office is at  your own risk.

Mrs. Lizzy Monaco

Donna Brown Kimberly


From: Mrs. Donna Brown Kimberly

Calvary greetings to you. My name is Mrs. Donna Brown Kimberly l am yet to get an email from you based on my proposed project of Five Million, Five hundred Thousand Pounds(£5,500.000.00) with you. My Doctor has just notified me that my days are numbered and l may die soon and l have to make sure that this fund get across to you in good health, please do get back to me. I took this decision because I know that there are a lot of poor people suffering from different kind of diseases and nobody to come to their aid, With God all things are possible. And also to Help the Motherless and less privilege and also for the Assistance of the widows according to (JAMES 1:27).At the Moment I cannot take any telephone calls right now due to the fact that my relatives are around me and my Health status. I have adjusted my WILL and my Executor is Aware I have changed my will, you and him will arrange the Transfer of the funds from the Private Finance Company to your humble self’s wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the funds well and Always extend the good work to others.

Contact my Executor(Barrister Levy Bishop)with your full names, Contact telephone/fax number and your full address and tell him that I have WILLED FiveMillion, Five hundred Thousand Pounds(£5,500.000.00) to you and I have also notified him that I am WILL-IN that amount to you for a specific and good work Thanks and God bless.

Name : Barrister Bishop Levy
Email: barrlevy21@yahoo.com.hk
Phone: +44702401895

NB: I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I don’t want anything that will jeopardize my last wish. And Also I will be contacting with you by email as I don’t want my relation or anybody to know because they are always around me. Yours in Christ,

Mrs. Donna brown Kimberly

Jessica Grant

United Nations House-Newyork.
Our Ref: YBNGWB/UN/2014.
Attention: Dear Beneficiary,
We have given irrevocable remittance instruction to Central Bank of Nigeria to transfer sum of $2.5 million to you as compensation award. Every fee you are expected to pay before receiving $2.5 million has been waived except processing and activation fee which is the only compulsory fee in the course of making payment to you. Therefore you are advised to contact the CBN Governor immediately with your name,Telephone number and your preferred option of payment (1) Online Transfer, (2) Swift Wire Transfer (3) Payment by Debit ATM Card.
Kindly request from CBN Governor how much is the processing fee and how you can send fee across to him in order to process payment to you before end of the year. Payment will be nullified if you exceed the deadline, So the earlier the better as we have a limited time for this.
Contact the CBN Governor immediately on email below or call him on phone directly:
Name: Mr Godwin Emefiele
Position: Executive Governor of CBN
Email Address: infooffice54@gmail.com
Cell Phone: +234-815-765-8593.
Yours In Service,
Mrs Jessica Grant, Mr Ban Ki-Moon
UN Compensation 2014 Coordinator/Secretary General.

Ban Ki-Moon

UNITED NATIONS CYBER SECURITY DEPT. United Nations Branch Office UK, London Suit N7, NS1T2WK, UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION PAYMENT 2014. REF/PAYMENTS CODE: 02096/ (400.000.00 GBP): This good-news is brought to you by the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION UK Branch, in conjunction with THE FINANCIAL SERVICE AUTHORITY UNITED KINGDOM to pay 9,000 scam victims the sum of Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000,00 GBP) each. you are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims You have to contact the ATM Swift Card Center for the immediate payment of your Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000.00 GBP) compensations fund which has been titled on your name by the United Nation. On this faithful recommendations, we want you to know that during the first UN meeting of the year 2014, held at the U.N Headquarters New York, in the present with the United Nations Secretary-General. Mr. Ban Ki-moon on the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014 On the Global Financial and Economic Crisis. It was alarmed so much by him in the meeting on the lost of funds by various World to the scam artists operating in syndicate all over the world today and that its affecting the World economic growth and development such as international trade, international financial system and debt, in other to stop this, the United Nations is now paying 9,000 victims of this operation Four Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling (400,000,00 GBP) in section of financing for development, sustainable development, human settlements, poverty eradication, globalization and interdependence to the people of World, the payments are to be paid by UNITED NATIONS authorize ATM Swift Center. According to the number of applicants at hand, 78 beneficiaries have been paid, we still have more left to receive theirs. your E-mail i.d was mentioned by the security intelligent monitoring system as one of the victim of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to anyone or who so ever, for any reason what so ever, the secret service is already on trace of the criminals. Your total compensation fund 400,000.00 GBP will be programmed via ATM Master Card in which it will be delivered to your destination address through DHL, or FedEx. The board of trustees and management of UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION TEAM has finalized and has given an Immediate payment approval of ATM Electronic Card. YOU HAVE TO FILL AND SUBMIT THIS FORM BELOW TO THE UNITED NATIONS AUTHORIZE ATM MASTER CARD PAYMENT OFFICE WITH THIS BELOW FORM: FULL NAME……………………..…………….. DATE OF BIRTH…………………….………….. POSTAL/ADDRESS…………….……………….. SEX……………………………………………… NATIONALITY……………….…………………. OCCUPATION………………..…………………. MOBILE TELEPHONE…………………………… OFFICE NUMBER………………………………. PIN CODE NO……………………….…………. SCAN COPY OF YOUR IDENTITY………………. Yours Faithfully, Dr Roy Martins Foreign transfer unit United Nations Branch Office UK London Suit N7 REPLY Email: unitednationcompersationdepart@gmail.com APPROVED BY, Mr. Ban Ki-moon. U.N Secretary-General. In Co-ordination with British Prime Minister David Cameron His vision of a stronger U.N for a better World Mr.David Helb.K Publicity Secretary U.N Monitoring Team UK.

Sir Tony

ATM  Card Delivering Department.
(UBA-BANK International Plc) Benin Republic.
Office line:+229 68970142
Office line:+229 68970142

Urgent Attention, You Are Expected To Call Us +229 68970142.Once You Recieve These Email.
SIR TONY, from office of ATM Swift Card Department ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC )
We knew is very difficult for you to understand because you have  been long time waiting for
your ATM Card all the time yet things didn’t work out to your expectation but you have to
understand that your file has not gotten to this office, then Beside most CARDS are being
sent through African and after much investigation it was resulted that 95% of the ATM CARD
was not Good which is the reason the card could not being use.
To this effect,  the appropriate authorities (Economic Community of West African States of
African and American Government) has decided not to deliver CARD to foreign clients through
African anymore due to a lot of complains that beneficiaries are not receiving their payment
after  fees has been paid.
This office want you to understand that everything is in order, Economic Community of West
African States and American Government have agreed for you to receive your fund (ATM
Card) through our ( UBA-BANKI INTERNATIONAL PLC ) and you are to contact this office
immediately for the  release of your ATM Card with your full informations to enable
us covers the insurance coverage and please include copy of your identity for proper
reprogramming and activation of your CARD PIN Number to enable you have access of withdrawal
immediately you receive your CARD.
You are advised to include the followings below:

(1). Your Full Name,
(2). Your Country,
(3). Your Direct Telephone Numbers,
(4).Your Direct Office Phone Numbers,
(5).Mobile Phone Number,
(6). Your Correct Home Address,
(7). Your Office Address,
(8). Your Current Occupation,
(9).Your Weekly/Monthly Income,
(10). Your age ,
(11).Your Next Of Kin Name,
(12).Your Next  Email Address,
(13).Your Next TelePhone  Numbers,

This is to inform you that we have done and concluded all the necessary arrangement for your
have to be pay  to you through ( UBA-BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC ) with ATM  Card.
Finally, you are being legally contacted regarding the release of your long awaited fund.
After a detailed review of your file, the United Nation Monetary Unit, World Bank and the US
Homeland Security Department has been Authorized to release your ATM  CARD
immediately. The sum of $1.500.000.00 Million USD  has been approved in your favour via ( UBA-BANK

Quickly get back to me for more advice.
Thanks for Your Co-operation.

ATM  Card Delivering Department.
Office line:+229 68970142.
Office E_email:ubabanktony@gmail.com

Aristide Omeh

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you and your family, I am Mr Aristide Omeh, The Head Of File And Auditing Department in Banque Regional De Solidarity Burkina Faso (BOA,BANK).

For your kind attention, i will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate a sum of (US$12.8million) to your personal bank account for the benefit of both of us.

This is a genuine business transaction, Only that i can not operate it alone without using a Foreigner as required in my bank law, this money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim, therefore i am contacting you to stand before my bank as the beneficiary next of kin of this fund, That is my reason of contacting you in this manner to assist me actualise this better opportunity, also to share the benefit together with me Insha Allah.

You will be entitled to have 40% of this fund as a foreign partner, since you will provide a bank account where this money will be transferred to,While 60% will be for me, by indicating your interest on assurance of trust, i will send you the full details and how this business will be executed. Please keep this proposal as a top secret between both of us, because the secret of this transaction is as well as the success of it, and if you are really sure of your integrity, trustworthy and confidentiality reply back to me immediately to prove your integrity, I will be looking forward for your urgent response.

The following is the data I need from you:

1. Your name in full (first,middle and last name)
2. Your House address & copy of your international passport or driver’s license
3. Your company’s name and address
4. Your Direct Telephone & Fax Numbers.
5. Your Marital status
6. Your Age
7. Your bank account information where the funds will be transferred.

Please kindly contact me through my private email after reading my proposal: (aristideomeh@yahoo.fr). You should also feel free to call me on my phone number. (+226 79 02 18 96).

Regards,and sincerity;
Mr Aristide Omeh

Amina Hamed

Dear Beloved can you save my life?

My Name is Miss Amina Hamed from Libya,I am 21 years old,I am in St. Christopher’s Parish for refugee in Benin republic under United Nations High commission for Refugee , I lost my parents in the. recent war in Libya, right now am in Republic of Benin, please save my life i am in danger need your help in transferring my inheritance my parent left behind for me in a BANK in Benin here,i have every document for the transfer, all i need is a foreigner who will stand as the foreign partner to my father and beneficiary of the fund. The money deposited in the BANK is US$32.000.000,(THIRTY TWO MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLAR) I just need this fund to be transfer to your account so that i will come over to your country and complete my education as you know that my country have been in deep crisis due to the war .and I cannot go back there again because I have nobody again all of my family were killed in the war. If you are interested to save me and help me receive
my inheritance fund Please get back to me on this email address below for more details about me and the inheritance funds.

My Personal email / amina_hamed21@outlook.fr

My regards to you
Miss Amina Hamed

Blessing Adams


We have deposited the check of your fund ($2.500`000`00USD) through Western Union department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact Western Union director Mr James Uka Ebube via E-mail:(westernunion111@fromru.com). He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as,

Receiver’s Name_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: _____________

Though, Mrs. Franklin Moore has sent $5000 in your name today so contact Mr James Uka Ebube or you call him +229-685-13046 as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the Mtcn, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000 Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund,

Best Regards.

Ploy Bunmark



If you are the correct owner of this email address,then be glad this day as the result of the UK lotto online e-mail winning draws andsweepstakes held in BANGKOK-THAILAND on the 19th of December 2014 has just been released and we are glad to announce to you that your e-mailaddress has won you the lottery in the first category and you are entitled to claim the sum of US$4,6M

Your email address was entered for the online draw on this Ticket Number: APP236566301307 and won on this Lucky Number: MX014926583.You are to
contact Mr. China Boyanchai. on the below email address for quick delivery of your US$4,6M certified cheque.

In order to ascertain you as the rightful receiver of the US$4,6M you are to include the below listed information in your reply mail.

Your country, complete official names, amount won, ticket and lucky  numbers, date/venue of draw, address ,contact telephone, mobile and fax numbers, sex, age,occupation and job title.


Email-Address: mrchinaukthailandlotteryzz@yahoo.com.hk

Contact Agent: Mr. China Boyanchai.

Yours Truly,

Miss. Ploy Bunmark



Patrick Widen

BATCH NUMBER: 2551236002/244
SERIAL NUMBER. 55643451907
TICKET NUMBER: 5647600545189


We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual Final draws held on the (27th of October 2014) by Face book group in cash Promotion to encourage the usage of Face book world wide, your name was among the 20 Lucky winners who won $600.000.00USD (six hundred thousand united state dollars) each on the Face book ground promotion Award Attached to ticket number (5647600545189) and Ref No (2551256002/244) Serial Number (55643451907).

The online draws was Conducted by a random selection of email you where picked by an Advanced automated random computer search from the Face book in other To claim your $600.000.00USD the lottery program which is a new innovation by Face book, is aimed at saying A BIG THANK YOU to all our users for making Face book their number one means to connect, communicate,relate and hook up with their families and friends over the years.

This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some participants and Scam artists All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from over 20,000 companies’ and 30,000,000 individuals’ email addresses and names from all over the world. This promotional program takes place every three years.You have to be Rest assured that this is Real and Legal..and there are Some Scam artists around…Thanks to the FBI…216 of them have been arrested… The software corporation to encourage some few individuals with web site and email addresses promoted this lottery.

Your name was selected in a raffle that was made on (27th of October 2014) so we need your fast response so that we can proceed with the delivery of your fund.

You are required to get back to us with this required information below to enable you claim your winnings :


All winnings must be claimed not later than (23td of december 2014). After this date all unclaimed funds will be included in the next stake. To avoid unnecessary delays and complications please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences. Furthermore, if there is any change in email address please contact us on time.

To enable him issue you certificate of winning

Accept my heart congratulations once again,


Patrick Widen
Promo Coordinator.