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Rose Nelson

Very urgent!!

Your ATM Card. was returned to our office this morning by delivery Courier
Company FedEx to
Cancel it. They stated clearly that the ATM Card. has over
stayed with them and since you
Have refused to comply with the delivery fee as directed that we should cancel
ATM Card.  Worth of $6.200.m.Usd. So you are hereby advice to Contact Our
Director Sir. Elder Douglas.
Back through the email below for more info if you still want your ATM Card:
Email= (elderdouglas194@yahoo.com) or Call him on: +22968069777

Regards, Rose Nelson

Fabulous Harris

Hello dear,
There is an issue involving $1.7M USD which was called to Our Bank Societe Generale de Banque au Benin (SGBBE) from THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE,BENIN REPUBLIC concerning your compensation of $1.700,000.00 USD. The fund has been forwarded to Western Union Money Transfer payment head office and An instruction has come directly from Mr. Zeen Mofis of Ministry Of Finance.
He asked us to start sending your fund install mentally $5000 per day through western union money transfer. This type of transfer means that you will be receiving $5000 every day through western union until the total of $1.7MUSD is completely transferred to you.
Today, our bank has effected your first payment of $5000 through western union. Now you have to Contact,Dr.MAMADOU Amadou on his contact info below as he is the person in-charge of your payment.
The Western union Agent is:
Name: Dr.MAMADOU Amadou.
Email: allusers.group79@gmail.com
Phone: +229 688 62 641
Money sent Through Cornelis Zwaagstra, amount sent, $5,000.00 to you today. So contact Dr.MAMADOU Amadou on above email address and tell him to give you needed information for you to pick the $5,000.00 USD.
Reconfirm your address to him.
(1)Your Full name: …………….
(2)Your Phone number: ……………….
(3)Your Contact address: ………………
(4)Your Age: ………………………………
You will also have to send them the RE-ACTIVATION fee of $75usd [as per the instruction from the management ] Pls contact Dr.MAMADOU Amadou ASAP and send him the fee for him to send you the MTCN,QUEST/ANS and SENDER NAME for you to pick up your first payment of $5000 USD .
Get back to me on ( allusers.group79@gmail.com ) as soon as you receives your first payment.
Yours in Service.
Fabulous Harris.

Mrs. Joy P. Donella

Attn dear

I have registered your ATM CARD of 2.5 million with DHL Express Courier Company with registration code of ( BH5121). Please Contact DHL with your delivery information such as, Your Name, Your Address., ID card copy and Your Telephone Number:

E-mail: dhl.cc.unit@gmail.com
Tel : +229 9720 8522

You will be required to pay a fee of 79.00 only as their Security keeping fee .Please indicate the registration Number and ask Him how send the fee.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Joy P. Donella

Mrs. Mabel Onyensom

This is to inform you that we have agreed to release your fund worth of seven million, which will come via Global atm Smart Card, however, the below information is needed as to enable the profiling of your card and it delivery to you and this will cost you 79dollar.

Age…..Occupation…….Phone Number…..Address……

Contact Nelson Mbongo
Email info.bankuba@gmail.com
Tel +229 9767 7113

Mrs. Mabel Onyensom

Dr. James More


This is to inform you that your long awaiting fund
worth $7.5million has been approved to be delivered to
you in Good faith.
We are very sorry for our late response, we have been
working very hard to come up with proper modalities of
making the delivery
to you through DHL and we have come to a final
conclusion from our last
meeting that you are going to receive your FUND
through ATM CARD.
DHL courier company will start their delivery as soon
as they hear from you

Reconfirm your current information to DHL Courier
Company for immediate procedure. Such as below

YOUR NAME_______________
YOUR ID COPY____________
YOUR COUNTY___________
YOUR AGE/SEX_____________

DHL Contact person.

Mr.David Ikolo
Email:( dhlc.003@gmail.com )
Phone: +229-688-753-37

Thanks and God Bless You.

Dr James More

Barr. Mike Jji

Dear Friend,

I am very happy to inform you about my success in getting that fund
transferred. Now I want you to contact my secretary and ask him for a
cheque worth of USD$2.5Million which I kept for you as a compensation of
your past assistance to me. His contact details is below;

Name: Mr Mohamed Don
Email: mohameddon01@hotmail.com
Phone/ +229 98486934
Kindly reconfirm to him the following below information:

Your full name_________________________
Your address__________________________
Your country___________________________
Your age______________________________
Your occupation________________________
Your Phone number______________________
Note that if you did not send him the above information complete,

he will not release the cheque to you because he has to be sure that it
is you. Note also that I will not be reached by email or phone at this
moment because I am currently in London for investment trip with my

Yours Faithfully

Barr Mike Jji

Mr. Jenni Okwuss

This is very very urgent *MONEY GRAM* has confirm that you will start receiving your funds and Operation manager has sent you your first payment of $6000 usd but the money is on hold so forward them the information required to complete the transfer {your name}{your address}{your phone number} and Noted That Only Fee Request from You Is for Reactivate of your Transfer Files Sum Of $77 Only, No More Fee again after that and You are to send the requested fee with {Receiver Name::VALENTINE OBIEKWE}{Country::Benin Republic}{Question::when{Answer::today}{Amount::$77usd} proceed immediately to the money gram office and send them the fee so that you will start receiving your payment immediately. CONTACT PERSON: Mrs JENNI OKWUSS. EMAIL ADDRESS {*moneysgram@gmail.com*}. Call Him on::{+229-99212930}. Be in contact with him now for immediate attention over your first transfer because They are looking forward to hear from you with the MTCN number. Best Regards MESSAGES FROM IMF AGENT

Mr. Kenny Adele

Atten Beneficially,

Your 2 payment $5000/$5000 each was sent to you today out of your total US$1,7M through money gram and this is the information to pick it up,Test Question–In God?

answer-We Trust,Amount-$5,000,00,Mtcn-8250-1191 / Mtcn–6979-5732,contact Mr. Syed Usman,with sum of US$57,00,to use it retrieve your MTCN,before post the payment for you on his email ( mgram279@yahoo.fr ) Or call him immediately you pick up the 2 payment on this phone (+229-6886-4883) for him to send you another 2 payment,

Best Regards

Mr. Kenny Adele .

Dr. Pete Weel

This is to bring to your very notice that you were enlisted among the ECOWAS
Prize Winner in 2013. I have successfully arranged and deposited the funds
question ($5,000,000.00) with the Diamond Bank Plc for Telegraphic Transfer.

Please, contact the Diamond Bank Manager, Mr. Huck Goodman at:
headoffiice764@gmail.com or call on +229 6114 9929 for your prize
$5,000,000.00 USD.

Fill the following details:

Full name:———
Phone Number:————–
Country of origin:——–
Home address:——-

Your sincerely,
Dr. Pete Weel, Director-General,
Federal Ministry of Economy and Finance,
Benin Republic.
Prize Funds