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Dr. Johnson Goldberg


We are ready to finance your project. We offer flexible financial packages
for various projects by passing the usual and formal procedures. We are
willing to provide financing for up to 500 Million USD and above depending on the nature of business. We are currently providing funds. We would like you to provide us with a comprehensive business plan for our team of investment expert review. We take 3% founders fee if you get funded or receive the loan.

* Business Start-up
* Business Acquisition
* Business Expansion
* Commercial Real Estate purchase
* Contract Execution, etc

We also give out little amount of loan to individuals as well.

Do reply to us on this email, ( if you have need for our
investment facility for further discussion.

Best Regards,
Dr.Johnson Goldberg.

Mrs. Amjad Javed

Dear Sir/Madam,

Have you ever searched for fund, loans, financial assistant or needs an accredited lender to help you meet with your needs and demands, then you have no alternative than to get an instant and reliable service from our loaning Agency. We offer loans ranging from Ten thousand united states Dollars, to Twenty Five Million united states Dollars ($10, 000.00 -$25, 000,000.00). Our loan duration is from 1 to 25years (Maximum).

We offer loan at 3% interest rate per annum and with no credit check, we offer personal loan, debt consolidation loan, companies or business expansion. Loan for any reason!

If you are interested, kindly contact us immediately;


*First name:…
*Last name:……
*Business name(If Any):.
*Loan Amount needed:…..
*Purpose of loan:……….
*Loan Duration:………….
*Date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd):..
*Marital status:…………
*Next Of Kin:…………..
*Monthly Income:……….
* Fax:………………
*postal code:……….
*Internet at home…..

Gold Financial Services Loan Co,
Corporate NMLS #129122
2943 Mossrock Drive
Silmc Antonio, Tp 67230
Toll Free: (66) 800-833-6143
Phone: (66) 210-366-1070
Fax: (66) 210-348-9496
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Amjad Javed,
Our Mission is to assist the poor and needy financially!!!

Trust Us With Your Financing Needs

David Bellamy

Nuestras empresas ofrecen una amplia gama de servicios financieros, tales como préstamos, inversiones y activos management.Besides préstamos de crédito con garantía, hipotecas sin garantía y los efectos adversos de la oferta y remortgages, préstamos comerciales y préstamos hipotecarios comerciales, solutions.You deuda puede ponerse en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información acerca de nuestra propuesta.
David Bellamy
Consejero Delegado
Tel: 704-572-0904 #

Mrs. Polo Londrina

Dear Esteemed Customer.

Credit Financial Services France, specializes in arranging loan of any amounts,longer repayment terms. We offer Business loan, Home loan, Personal loan, Car loan, Student loan, Dept. Consolidation, Loan for Business start. Do you have a small or big project to finance? up and Business Expansion, Real Estate and Mortgages all at 2.5% interest rate for applicants of all credit types.

The service we offer is quick and stress free. Our Priority is your total Satisfaction! Our goal is that you enjoy the service we provide from start to conclusion. Interested new applicant for loan should contact Credit Financial Services France Administrative Director more information.

Name: Mr. Manfred Dominick.
Phone/SmS: +33-605 734 438
Fax: + 33 160 54177 42
Address: 88 Boulevard De l’Hôpital
75013 Paris – France

Yours Sincerely
Credit Financial Services Agent France .
Mrs. Polo Londrina.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a UAE based investments company, due to the urgent quest for maximizing our shareholders value in our company in this year 2014, we are interested in any viable investment projects outside UAE we can fund under our ongoing soft loan program at 2.3% interest rate per annum without colleteral, only for the applicant’s to procure a Surety Bond from any appointed reputable Insurance Company here in UAE and other GCC countries, this entire Surety Bond process would be overseen directly by our Bank here in UAE to make sure it complied with the principles of providing security and guarantee that any amount of loan borrowed including the incured interests would be completely paid by the borrower or the UAE/GCC Insurer at the duration of the loan.
If you have any viable projects that needs funding, kindly revert back to us with your business plan and the specific funds required for the project/projects, then you will sign an MOU agreement with our company and contact our Bank here in UAE to guide you for the Surety Bond procurement, then followed by the transfer of your loan into your specified accounts, please if you are interested kindly contact us via this email address:

Belinda Wilcox

P.O. Box 2013
Buffalo, NY 14240.
Tel: +447011149170
Fax: +44 871 50 365425
E-mail: OR ( )

Have you been turned down by banks? Is your credit so Bad that,your bank or any loan company won’t help you out with a loan?

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Thanks from Board of Loan thrusts