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Barrister Roman San Calvo

Dear Sir/ Madam
Good day , My name is Barrister Roman San Calvo

Please contact me for a mutually financial business project for more
details.Contact me via email: Thank you I
await your

Your Name:
Contact Address:


Barrister Roman San Calvo

Eduardo Saverin
Herzlichen Glückwunsch,

Wir feiern unser 10 Jahre der Internet-Reise-und Global Communication freuen wir uns, Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass Ihre Facebook-Account haben, nach dem Zufallsprinzip als Begünstigter von $ 1,000,000.00usd in das Jahr 2013 Facebook-Konto des Jahres {Grand-Rewards-Sieger} ausgewählt.

Mailen Sie uns, die unten Details:

1) Facebook-Benutzername:
2) Vorlage Land:
3) Menge Gewonnen: $ 1.000.000,00 USD

Eduardo Saverin
Facebook Rewards-Programm,
+ 1-209-300-9000
Alle Rechte vorbehalten 2014.

Richard Montage


My name is Mr.Richard montage a special adviser to the Governor in one of
the big Oil producing State herein Nigeria. I don’t want to disclose the
State here in the Internet for Security reasons. My master mandated me to
contact who ever is capable to handle this project, he really wants to
invest outside Nigeria for security reason and for the future of his
family. He is facing a big problem here in Nigeria with Economic and
Financial Crime Commission(EFCC),they are only waiting for him to step
down so that they can probe him. If he can be able to invest outside the
country as soon as possible, this will give chances of winning case with
Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). We need urgent attention
if you are interested to do this business with us. And i really want to
know where we can meet any Country of your choice for us to have a
concrete agreement of this Investment.

I await your urgent reply.

Mr. Richard montage
Special Adviser to the Governor

Godwin Emefiele

International Clearance & Certification Department
Committee on Foreign Contract & Inheritance Fund
The Executive Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way
Central Business District,
Cadastral Zone, Abuja,
Federal Capital Territory,
Nigeria, P.M.B. 0187, Garki Abuja

Attention Honourable Beneficiary,

I hope this email meets you in a perfect health condition.

This is to urgently inform you that an Irrevocable Payment Guarantee on your inheritance contract payment from the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon and the World Bank has been obtained on your behalf by our bank. Notwithstanding, i received a payment credit instruction from the federal Government of Nigeria with authorization and approval from the US Secretary of State John Kerry to pay you and credit a Master ATM card with your complete inheritance compensation contract funds Totalled the sum of USD$450,000 (Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars Only)

The project was completed a month ago due to loss of your phone and fax number, i was unable to reach you except through email. Following the instructions applied by the presidency, Federal Republic of Nigeria to release your compensation without delay, i already processed and produced an ATM master card loaded with your compensation funds. Upon receipt of your custom ATM card you will be allowed to withdraw $10,000 daily by default and you are given the option to transfer funds from your ATM card to your bank account while in access. Your Master card can be used and accessed in any ATM machine centre worldwide. The pin code to access your Master card is (0011). Please keep confidential!!!

I shall be flying to Switzerland at early hours of tomorrow exactly 7.45 am local time via Emirates Airline for an all-important conference meeting to be attended by all executives and governors of registered central banks under the IMF in conjunction with World Bank.

With due respect, I have little or no idea of your current location. All documents and papers to back up your ATM master card delivery for clearance has been provided in hard copies and attached to the parcel therefore, all you have to do is to cover the delivery charges because without postage charges, i forwarded a medium envelope containing your Master card attached with instructive Manual on how to activate and operate your card and shall be delivered to your office/home address as a parcel via FedEx courier.

It is mandatory you contact FedEx Customer Service office here In Nigeria immediately after reading this email via the details below and send your delivery address

Name: Alex Morgan
Customer Relation officer
Tel: +2348126069928

Please note: When contacting the Customer Service for the shipping of your master card, kindly reveal and send your full name, residential address and active phone number. Thus; due to the security insured on the parcel, you should include this Reference/security code# (01721457) as the subject of your email, if you wish to call FedEx on phone via the numbers above, always remember to say the code word in bracket above as without that, attention will not be paid to you that is the instruction from me in order to enhance the security of your Master card till it reaches your destination. I will not be attending to emails and phone calls after now till i am back to office, it is crucial you follow up with FedEx every instructions and procedures of delivery scheduled in order to speed up with the delivery of your Master card within 48 hours.

We apologize for the delay, Thanks for your patient in dealing with this case. Contact FedEx Customer Service NOW, My Regards to your family.

Mr Godwin Emefiele

Kelly Williams

Western Funding INC {LTD.} 
National Highway 10,New Delhi 110031,India
Phone:  (+91)-965 0738 520
Working Days: Monday to Saturday
Working Hours: 12hours

 MOTTO: In God We Trust


Dear Loan Applicant,


Compliments of the day for you. Thanks for replying to our e-mail and Kelly Loan Finance Ltd., and to help end its financial problems. We offer all kinds of packages of loans (personal loans, business loans,etc.) to our range of loan value (£10.000.00GBP) to ($ and a re-payment period of one year to 30 years duration. To begin the loan application, you can find some vital information about the loan we offer below. In obtaining a loan from our company, there is some information that you need to cross before we can proceed to the application process.

INTEREST:On loan we offer, we 2% annual rate for the loan. Note that the schedule of the loan re-payment begins four months after the loan has been transferred to candidates.

INFORMATION REQUIRED: As for the necessary information you need to complete a form containing their personal data and also the loan information, this will help us give you a complete documentation about the loan conditions and hiring. There is no penalty PREPAY for this loan program. Applicant reserve the right to repay the loan before the date established for repayment of the loan.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HAVE your loan approved?After receiving the application form, all documents will be sent to you by fax or e-mail attachment within 24 hours. Immediately we receive notification of acceptance of the applicant, approval document follows within 24 hours. So I’ll say it will take 48 hours to have your loan processed,approved and released for you.
APPLICATION FOR LOAN HOW TO APPLY? Fill out the form below:
* Full Name: ………………
* Telephone No :……………..
* Mobile No: ……………..
* Address: …………….
* City: …………
* Country: …………………..
* Fax: ……………….
* Monthly Income: ……………..
* Age: ……………..
* Have you applied before ?:…………..
* Loan Amount Needed: …………..
* Loan Duration: …………
* Purpose of loan: …………….

We believe we have been able to answer most questions that are frequently asked by applicants to obtain a loan before borrowing. According to the above rules / policies, you must fill out the form provided above. Thanks for your time and understanding, customer satisfaction is our pride,Sincerely,


Reply to acknowledge receipt of this mail.

Mr. Kelly Williams
Managing Director.


Paul Adams


Receive your mail and the content was well noted, I advice you to first of all, re-confirm the following information below for the Diplomat to avoid wrong delivery of your atm card,Your full delivery address And your nearest airport to land, and use this information below to send us only $88, to obtain Diplomat Clearance Certificate together with Yello Tag to avoid holding your Consignment at your Airport before he can dispatch tomorrow morning, Remember that he is the only person that can delivered your ATM CARD consignment $1.2 Million Dollars to your door step successfully.

USE THIS INFORMATION TO SEND HIM THE $88, TO OBTAIN THE DIPLOMAT ORIGIN CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMAT CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE TOGETHER WITH YELLO TAG on your behalf before dispatching tomorrow to avoid holding of your Consignment by your country Customs Airport, note that without sending the $88, to obtain those Certificates, your Consignment might be hold by Customs in your country Airport

Receiver Country:…..Benin Republic
Address:………Rue 452 abomku 70 Benin Republic
Text Question:….How Long
MTCN number……..

Will wait to hear from you that you have send the $88, to obtain those Certificate on your behalf today.

Mr. Paul Adams.

Ann Bost

Attn My Dear,

We have deposited the funds as we agreed with Western Union Payment , Now all you have to do is to contact them through there agent Email( ) +229 96509261, he will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily. My agreement with them is 5,000USD daily until the total $1.5USD is transferred.
Furthermore you are expected to reconfirm them your full receiving information such as your name, your address, your phone number and receiving ID CARD as they demanded.
So contact Western Union Office with above address the contact person is Benjamin Conner with all your information’s once again ,Thank you.
Regards Mrs. Ann Bost

Jane Bolten

$10,000,000.00 to you:{}

My name is Mrs. Jane Bolten, I have decided to donate what I have to you. I was diagnosed for cancer for about Few years ago, immediately after the death of my husband, who has left me everything he worked for. I have been touched by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late husband to the you for the good work of God, rather than allow my relatives to use my husband hard earned funds ungodly. I am suffering from a long time cancer of the Lungs which also affected my hearing ability and my brain, from all indication my conditions is really and it is quite obvious that, according to my doctors they have advised me that I may not live too long, this is because the cancer has gotten to a very bad stage. I sold all my inherited belongings and deposited all the sum of $10 million dollars and Two Trunk Box (Family valuables) with a Security & Finance Firm. I decided to WILL/donate the sum of $10,000,000.00 to you. At the moment I cannot take any telephone calls right .I have adjusted my WILL and my Personal Physician is aware I have changed my will. You and him will arrange the transfer of the funds from my account to you. I wish you all the best and may the good Lord bless you abundantly, and please use the funds well and always extend the good work to others. Contact Attorney  Taylor Davies with this specified email; ( ), and tell him that I have WILLED $10,000,000:00 my personal reference number law/chamber/solicitors/je/ws/WILL/9834520012. I have also notified him that I am WILLING that amount to you from my personal decision. I don’t know you but I have been directed to do this. Thanks and God bless. I will appreciate your uptmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished as I don’t want anything that will Jeopardize my last wish.
Regards, Mrs. J Bolten
Contact my Lawyer Mr. Taylor Davies with this specified email;

Marina Luda

   Attn: My Dear,

    I am Mrs Marina Luda, I am a US citizen, 51 years Old. I reside here in Silver Springs Florida. My residential address is as follows. 7008 E Hwy 326 Silver Springs FLorida 34488, United States, am thinking of relocating since I am now rich. I am one of those that took part in the Compensation in Nigeria many years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over US$40,000 while in the US, trying to get my payment all to no avail.

    So I decided to travel down to Nigeria with all my compensation documents, And I was directed to meet Barrister Tony Gani, who is the member of COMPENSATION AWARD COMMITTEE, and I contacted him and he explained everything to me. He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake.

    He took me to the paying bank for the claim of my Compensation payment. Right now I am the most happiest woman on earth because I have received my compensation funds of $2,500,000.00 Moreover, Barrister Tony Gani, showed me the full information of those that are yet to receive their payments and I saw your email address as one of the beneficiaries, that is why I decided to email you to stop dealing with those people, they are not with your fund, they are only making money out of you. I will advise you to contact Barrister Tony Gani.

    You have to contact him directly on this information below.

    Name : Barrister Tony Gani(Esq)

    You really have to stop dealing with those people that are contacting you and telling you that your fund is with them, it is not in anyway with them, they are only taking advantage of you and they will dry you up until you have nothing.

    The only money I paid after I met Barrister Tony Gani was just US$370 for the paper works, take note of that.

    As soon as you contact him he will send you the payment information which you are to use in sending the payment to him in order for him to obtain the document from the court of law there in Nigeria so that your fund can be transfer to you without any delay just the way mine was being transfer to me.

    Send him the following details if you know you are ready to have your FUNDS so that as soon as he receive your information he will send to you the payment details for sending him the $370USD that is needed for him to get the document that is needed to make the transfer a successful one, and that is the only payment i made to Barrister Tony Gani and he helped me in the transfering of my FUNDS and i must say that you have to contact him so that he will help you the way he helped me to Get my FUNDS without any further payment.

    Fill Out the information to him if you are ready to get your FUNDS

    Your Full Name:……………
    Direct Phone:………………..

    Once again stop contacting those people, I will advise you to contact Barrister Tony Gani so that he can help you to Deliver your fund instead of dealing with those liars that will be turning you around asking for different kind of money to complete your transaction.

    Thank You and Be Blessed.

    Mrs Marina Luda.
    7008 E Hwy 326 Silver Springs

    FLorida 34488, United States