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Faakhira Ghenem

Hello friend,
I contacted you to help me claim and invest this money (USD$27.3Million dollars) deposited by my late father before his sudden death.I am 24 years old from Libya and the only surviving child of Late Dr Shukri Ghanem,Libya’s former prime minister and oil minister during Late colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s government who was killed in Austria by unknown assassins.I want you to understand that my condition is very bad here which is why I need your urgent help to leave here alive and safe.
I want you to understand the following.
1.      I want you to contact the security company where my father deposited the trunks to arrange your trip to Accra,Ghana for the claim of the trunks which on your arrival I will need you to open a bank account in any of the international bank of your choice there where you will have the money lodged after the claim of the trunks for onward transfer into your bank account abroad.
2.      Alternatively,the company informed me that they can have the trunks delivered anywhere through a diplomatic delivery arrangement if you are unable to travel to Accra,Ghana for the claim of the trunks which on your receipt of the trunks you can open it with the security code that I will send to you to enable you take out some money from the trunks to send to me to arrange for my exit from here.
I have attached copies of the deposit documents for your view and I will appreciate if you follow this up immediately.
I thank you so much and I am waiting to hear from you.
Faakhira Ghenem.

Paul Howard

    We are writing to you now in respect of your SUM OF $ 5,000 TO YOU.
from (MONEY GRAM) that is still with us. Right now we need to hear from you so that we
can know how serious you are in getting your Fund as
soon as possible kindly contact
NOTE: I write to inform you that we have already sent you $5,000.00 through Money Gram as we have been given the mandate to transfer your full compensation payment total sum of $250,000 USD via Money Gram by the United Nations; They will be expecting your mail once you pick up $5,000 USD
Yours In Service,
Mr. Paul Howard

Brice Agossa

Dear Friend
My greetings to you and your family,
With regards to my search for foreign investment, I wish to bring to your notice my interest to partner with you on a great business opportunity. I am Mr. Brice Agossa  a Senegalese diplomat who served in the government of Senegal now base in Canada; I just retire from Active serve.

I want to go into investment in a very good lucrative sector of any country economy that is doing well, and from my wide consultation, I was encouraged to focus on your country because the economy is growing at a stable rate. My preference is of any good profit yielding businesses and I would appreciate any viable ideas you could come up with.

I am interested in exploring ways to establish business relationship with you. Kindly furnish me with full investment strategy and business proposal for my study.

Mr. Brice Agossa

Carlson Lisa

After much attempts to reach you on phone, I deemed it necessary and
urgent to contact you via your e-mail and to notify you finally about your
outstanding compensation payment.

During our last annual calculation of your banking activities we have
realized that you are eligible to receive a compensation payment of
$2,759,389 USD.

This compensation is being made to all of you who have suffered loss as a
result of fraud, accident or illness.

What you have to do now is to contact the NETLINK COURIER COMPANY as soon
as possible to know when they will deliver your package to you because of

expiring date. For your information, I have paid for the delivery Charge,
Insurance Premium and Clearance Certificate Fee. The only money you will
send to

the NETLINK COURIER COMPANY to deliver your Draft direct to your postal
Address in your country is ($95.00 USD) Dollars only being Security
Keeping Fee of

the Courier Company so far.

Again, don’t be deceived by anybody to pay any other money except $95.00
USD Dollars. I would have paid that but they said no because they don’t
know when

you will Contact them and in case of dumurrage.

You have to contact the NETLINK COURIER COMPANY now for the delivery of
your Draft with the following information.

(1)Your Full Names:……….
(2)Residential Address: …………
Zip Code:………….
(7)Direct Phone Number#:……….
(8)Office Number#:……………..

And ask them for there payment information so that you can send them there
$95.00 USD for the delivery do not forget the Company do not deliver on
COD mode

so have that in mind.

Contact information bellow:

Contact Person: Mr. Ogbeide David
Email Address:
Tel: +234-803-689-6296

Finally, make sure that you reconfirm your delivery address and Direct
Telephone numbers to them again to avoid any mistake on the Delivery and
ask them to

give you the tracking number to enable you track your package over there
and know when it will get to your address.

Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail
to avoid any further delay and remember to pay them their Security Keeping
fee of

$95.00 USD Dollars for their immediate action.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Carlson Lisa
Programme Manager

Mary Barnes

1A Broughton Street
Battersea London
SW8 3QJ London UK


I am Mrs. Mary Barnes of the newly inaugurated Fund Management Bureau (FMB) by the United Nation and International Monetry Fund (IMF). My agency has the mandate to recover unpaid debts associated with NNPC contracts, Lottery fund, inheritance fund, loans and grants etc and to ensure that the approved beneficiaries receive the fund as approved in thier favours within an interval of 1- 2 weeks.

In the course of our assignment, we discovered that the total sum of Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars ($10.5M) was approved in your favour as a grant/lottery with Ref Number: UK/9420X2/68 and Batch Number: 074/05/ZY369 by the UN/IMF. The said fund from our investigation is yet to be communicated/payed to you as the beneficiary hence it has remained unclaimed since its approval.

With our mandate and the resolution reached, my agency have completed arrangement to have this fund paid to you by ATM card delivery or by cash at our nearest paying office in your region.

To ensure that the fund is paid to you as approved and attached to your email address, you are required to reconfirm your particulars. Make sure that you include your recieving address and the cell phone# to reach you with the payment modalities for the attention of the paying office assigned to handle the total fund release.

Get back to me on email address:  if you are ready to receive the fund as approved for processing and payment of the total $10.5M to you as approved without further delay.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Mary Barnes
Cordinator (FMB)
????    ???? ?

Beatrice Wilton

Good day Beneficiary; for the third phase of fiscal year 2014 you will become the 3rd beneficiary, under the individual category to receive a lump sum of One Million USD as initiated by Raymond Buxton, Powerball Lottery Winners in 2014 and benefactors of this Goodwill gesture!!!

For more details, visit (

If your email is active and eligible to claim grant, acknowledge by writing back to: (

Mrs Beatrice Wilton
Secretary, Raymond Buxton Foundation 2014

Adebayo Adelabu

Attn:Dear fund beneficiary,

This is to bring to your notice that, I, have paid the fee of your
delivery of your Funds in cash valued (US$8.5million) USD which should
have been transferred to you through CASHIER CHEQUE  but due to what
happen, we are now deposited it in cash sealed in a box as a
consignment to the UPS COURIER COMPANY for the delivering of the Whole
money to your door step, the money it has less a month to expire and
when it expires the money will go into Government reserve. With that I
decided to help you pay the money so that your inherited fund will not

Because I know when you get your money definitely you must compensate
me. Now, your FUND iN cashier cheque has been Converted into cash packed
into the strong iron box and has deposited as consignment with UPS
COURIER COMPANY for delivery direct to your doorstep.This is the
registration Number of your consignment UPS/188rp/cgmt/2014 Zip Code;
614358 .

Therefore, I want you to contact UPS COURIER COMPANY with your Full
Contact information, so that they can deliver your funds to your
designated address without any delay. Like I, stated earlier, the
delivery charges has been paid but did not pay their official keeping
fees which is US$175 since they refused. Because, the Reasons they
refusal is that they do not know when you will contact them because
the fees increase everyday.

Below is their Contact Information,
Contact Person: MR JOHN MICHEAL
Customerscare of UPS COURIER COMPANY
Email: ( )

1, YOUR NAME ========
3, YOUR COUNTRY =========
4, YOUR PHONE NO ========
5, YOUR AGE ========
6, YOUR COPY OF Identification=======

Note. The ups Courier Company don’t know the contents of the Box. I
registered it as a Box of an Christian books/materials. They don’t
know it contents is money. this is to avoid them delaying with the
Box. don’t let them know that is money that is in that Box.

I am waiting for your urgent response.You can even call the Director of ups
Courier company with this line +2348105823565

Best Regard
Mr. Adebayo Adelabu
(Board Member)
Deputy Governor,CBN.
Financial Systems Stability

Carman L. Lapointe

From the desk of Ms Carman L. Lapointe:
Dear Sir,
We write to you based on series of investigations and reports from the USA’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The London Metropolitan Police and other Security agencies across the world including Asia, Europe, Oceania, Antarctica against the Governments of The Great Britain and several Nations especially Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India etc on the alarming reports of unpaid contract remunerations and inherittance funds to contractors who had executed contracts with them We have actually discussed with the governments of the affected countries on the subject matter but they claimed to be doing their bests to ensure that the affected persons/beneficiaries receive their funds afterall in their accounts. As directed by our organisation, We are currently working in collaboration with the financial intelligence units of the respective countries which have been authorized to immediately process and effect ‘Compensation Paym! ents’ of an initial sum of Twenty

Interestingly, the alarming discovery is that some top Africans, Britons and Americans are really the brain behind the misfortunes of the affected beneficiaries including you and are working in collaboration with One Mr. Richard Graves from USA to frustrate you and other affected persons and thereafter divert the funds into their personal accounts.
(1)Full Names
(2)PhysicalL Address:
(3)Telephone Number:
(4)Mobile Number:
(6)Proof Of Identification:
(9)Country Of Fund Origin:
We have a very limited time to work out payments and so would need urgent responses to this message to enable us advise you appropriately.
Yours sincerely,
Ms. Carman L. Lapointe.

Chris Adam

Attention Beneficiary,
I am Dr. Chris Adam, General manager to Zenith Global Bank in Nigeria, this note was taken in my office where I was serving verification documents to the  two white men Mr. Albert Evans and Richard Williams who stormed my office with the black man, Mr. Anderson Odili who claimed to be your representative and they said that you were dead and before your death, you appointed them as the next of kin to your United Nations Compensation payment of US$2.2Million presently in our custody. These two white men and the black gentleman quickly applied that your inherited fund should be presented to them at the spot through our Bank Wire Transfer to their nominated receiving address in USA.
Please be informed that any silent to this massage means that you were dead, therefore we highly need your urgent response for more confirmation that you are not the one that appointed them to come and claim the fund on your behalf, but we will not hesitate to continue the payment transmission as re-commended through our Bank Wire Transfer to them if no response comes from you.

Contact Person: Daniel Musa
Foreign remittance department
Tell Phone:  +234 81 700 543 19

Also be informed to re-confirm your following information.

A. Your Full Name…..
B. Your Home Address…….
C. Telephone Number………
D. Your Occupation………..
E. Country…………………...
F. Your International Passport…….
G. Bank Account Details…
Waiting for your immediate response to avoid remittance of your fund US$2.2Million into their personal account, but your silence will be a clear indication that you are the one that authorized them to affect the above claims.

Dr. Chris Adam
Federal Ministry of External Affairs
United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC)

Prince Fayad H. Bolkiah


I need you to read this email message carefully because it is very imperative. I am contacting you for an Urgent Business Project and further explicit investment assistance in your country.

I am PRINCE FAYAD H. BOLKIAH, the eldest son of PRINCE JEFRI BOLKIAH who was the former Finance Minister of Brunei. Brunei Darussalam is a small country located in the northwest of the island of Borneo and governed by His Majesty SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH MU’IZZADDIN WADDAULAH.

I will save your time by not amplifying my extended Royal Family history which has already been disseminated by the international media during the controversial dispute that erupted between my father and his stepbrother, the sultan of Brunei SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH.

You can visit the websites below for a better understanding of the situation:-

As you may know from the international media, the Sultan had accused my father of financial mismanagement and impropriety of US$16 Billion. This was as a result of the Asian financial crisis which made my father company Amedeo development Corporation (ADC) and government owned Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) to be declared bankrupt during his tenure in office.

PRINCE JEFRI BOLKIAH was relieved of his post as Finance Minister of Brunei and was stripped of his chairmanship post as head of the nation’s international investment arm, the Brunei Investment Agency in . The Agency controls 13 companies & Brunei’s overseas assets. In 1998, SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH barred trading by Amedeo Development Corporation when the world’s biggest corporate debt of US$16 Billion came to light. In September the 1998, the Sultan ordered an investigation of the BIA by accountants KPMG after the Brunei government alleged that large sums of money” had been misappropriated to companies controlled by PRINCE JEFRI BOLKIAH. The Sultan then asked the Bank of England to help track down an alleged 28 Billion British Pounds of state and family funds said to be “missing”.

PRINCE JEFRI BOLKIAH flew into Brunei from London in a private jet and was going to settle matters directly with SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH. PRINCE JEFRI drove straight to his seaside palace at Jerudong, about 10 miles south of the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. He was due to meet with officials of the Amedeo Development Corporation and visit the sultan. After series of meetings relations between the Royals appeared to deteriorate quickly. However, my father was arrested, his Bank Accounts and private properties including a crude oil export refinery & three large oil wells which were later confiscated by the sultanate.

During this unfortunate period I was advised to evacuate my immediate family outside the sultanate to avoid further prosecution from the sultan and his security operatives. Before I could do that I was placed under house arrest by SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH. I and my children have being confined only to our country home and all our calls and movements are monitored, as a result, its absolutely impossible for me to do anything as regards retrieving the money.

Before my arrest, I went ahead to dispatch the sum of US$1 Billion in cash under special arrangement into the custody of different Offshore Banks and Private security and Trustee companies for safe keeping abroad. The amount accrued from the crude oil sales over this period of six years and these funds are fully free of any liens or encumbrances and are clean, clear and has no criminal origin. The funds have nothing to do with any form of illegality and all documentations needed to prove the source of the funds were submitted when the funds were being deposited and these documents would prove the source of the funds and authenticate the fact that the funds are clean and has no links whatsoever with either drugs or terrorism.

The money where Deposited with a safe Deposit Company in United Kingdom from where they where splitted and dispatched into various Secured Bonded Warehouses in the following countries in this proportion: – US$50 Million is in England, US$60 Million is in Belgium, US$100 Million is in Spain, US$40 Million is in Saudi Arabia, US$80 Million is in United Arab Emirate and the balance US$170 Millions in Malaysia while the balance of US$500 Million are in three(3) offshore Banks.

I am unable to reach my friends & associates whom would have provided all the much needed moral and financial assistance I require to release the funds because my private/personal diary was seized by my uncle SHEIK HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH who also happens to be the Sultan of Brunei. My only means of communication is via internet and you are being contacted because your assistance is needed in claiming the funds on my behalf.

I seek your good will & assistance to receive and invest these funds into profitable business investment in your country to facilitate future survival for me and my family abroad. I am counting on your absolute transparency, honesty and confidentiality which this transaction deserves while looking forward to your prompt reply.

You are requested to communicate your acceptance or otherwise of this proposal VIA EMAIL ADDRESS: after which we shall discuss in details the modalities for seeing this transaction through.

If however, you are not disposed to assist, kindly destroy this letter in view of the confidentiality of the proposed project and interest of my personality involved.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation.

I await your Urgent Reply.

Best Regards,

HRH Prince Fayad H. Bolkiah
Brunei Darussalam

Prince Fayad H. Bolkiah