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Lim Seng Keong

Dear Sir,

I humbly ask that you take due consideration of its importance and immense benefit. Moreover, this is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor it against your will.I am Barrister Lim Seng Keong, an attorney at law, I am contacting you to seek your assistance in distributing money left behind by my deceased client, whom happens to have the same last name as
yours before the money valued at Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$5.5 Million) is confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank.
I have received a notice from the banking institution concerned to make contact with the next of kin of my deceased client as soon as possible or the account will be closed.
For more information, kindly get back to me ASAP via my personal email

Best regards,

Lim Seng Keong.
Attorney at Law

Peter Dolunt

Become our Research Analyst. You will earn $200.00 per venture. You will
be paid for shopping and dining out. Your job will be to evaluate and
comment on customer service, undetected, in a wide variety of shops,
stores, restaurants and services in your area. Research Analysts are
needed throughout America. You’ll be paid to shop and dine out, getting
free meals, free merchandise, free services, free entertainment, free
travel, fun work, flexible schedule and no training required and great

Research Analyst reports provide businesses with unbiased reviews from a
customer standpoint. This allows business to identify problems which might
result in unhappy customers and loss of sales. Research Analyst have a
great responsibility and are paid accordingly. As a Research Analyst, you
can earn up to $200 per assignment, have a flexible schedule and hours,
and choose the assignments you want. You can even bring your kids with
you. We shall send you checks for your assignments. You cash each check
and use our money to carry out your assignment. You do not use any of your
money. To complete your application, please provide the following

Full Name:
Full Address(not P.O BOX):
Phone number(s):

Peter Dolunt
HR Manager
Lamont Shop LLC

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Personal, Consolidation, Car, Investment, etc) @ 3% annual rate. Do you
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Nuran Abdul Halim Hassan

م عليالسلاكم
كما خبرتك اسمى نوران عبد الحليم حسن من سوريا (حلب) ام لطفلين من زوجى الراحل ياللى كان بيشتغل رجل اعمال بمجال النفط تحت رعايه الحكومه , لكن حين ما الثوره اندلعت كان هو بصف المتمردين و كان بيضامنهم مشان ها السبب الحكومه و هم كانو بدهم قتلى انا و اطفالى لكن حمدا لله اننا نجونا من غدر الظالمين و تم انقاذنا من قبل الامم المتحده و تم نقلنا للمكان اللى انا فيه هلا بالولايات المتحده انا و اطفالى .
و المال اللى زوجى جمعه خلال حياته 16.5 مليون دولار ياللى اودعتهم بقسم التأمينات الخاضع للامم المتحده حتى عائلتى قد غادرت سوريا قبل ان اغادر و هلا انا بعيش بمخيم للاجئين هون بالولايات المتحده مع اطفالى الاثنين و بسعى الى الجوء السياسى و كل ياللى بدى اياه هلا انى مو احصل رجل اعمال فقط انا احتاج الى رجل صادق امين يخاف الله مشان يساعدنى بمحنتى و استلام ها المصارى ببلده و مساعدتى فى استثمارها و شراء بيت لى لاضمن مكان اقامه آمن لى و لاطفالى مشان  ننتقل لبلده و نبدأ حياه جديده و ننسى الماضى و اللى شفناه فيه
ارجوك انا راح اكون بأنتظار ردك
مع تحياتى
نوران عبد الحليم حسن


Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’Enfance ”UNICEF”- FRANCE
7 rue Saint-Lazare 75009 PARIS.
Fax :
Dans le cadre de son programme de travail pour 2015, le Corps commun d’
inspection (CCI) de l’UNICEF a effectué un examen du recrutement du personnel
dans les organismes du système des Nations Unies. Ce thème avait été proposé
par le Secrétariat de l’ONU et approuvé par plusieurs autres organisations
participantes. Ainsi pour la promotion de l’emploi et l’insertion
professionnelle des jeunes diplômés pour atteindre les objectifs du PNUD,
l’UNICEF lance un programme d’avis de recrutement de personnels de toutes
catégories confondus de part le monde entier sans distinction de race, de
nationalité et ni de sexe.
1-Avoir entre 25 et 65 ans au plus.
2-Être de bonne moralité.
3-Être disponible à voyager immédiatement.
4-Savoir bien parler le français si possible l’Anglais
5-Être titulaire du BACCALAURÉAT ou autre diplôme professionnel
6-Avoir acquis d’expérience professionnelle serait un atout
Pour postuler à ce programme de recrutement, il vous suffira d’envoyer par
mail les pièces citées ci dessous au Bureau Régional de l’UNICEF en Afrique à si vous résidez en Afrique et au
bureau régional de l’UNICEF en France si vous résidez hors de l’Afrique à pour une demande d’inscription à cet
programme de recrutement.
Pièces à fournir:
– Une Lettre de motivation
– Une Photo d’identité
– les copies des diplômes
– les attestations de travail ou les certificats des services rendus
A signé
Directeur général
Anthony Lake
Nous travaillons dans plus de 190 pays et territoires par l’intermédiaire de
nos programmes de pays et de nos Comités nationaux. Nous sommes UNICEF, Le
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’enfance

Ian Reed

From the Desk Of  Mr. Ian Reed.
8th floor ellerman house,12-20 camomile street,
ec3a 7jp,  United kingdom.
Tel: +44-7024010618
Fax: +44-8447747771


Be inform that it has come to our notice that a huge sum of money has
been credited in your name for transfer and is currently floating in
the international banking community.

Under the stipulated Law of the Government of Great Britain and other
member countries of the United Nations, any huge amount of money that
has been found in the international computer data system waiting to be
transferred without claims for a period of 6 months or less, shall be
confiscated and forfeited to the United Nations account.

We do hereby ask you to contact this office immediately for
ratification within the 3 days of this notice by forwarding to us all
your current information including your direct telephone number and
postal address where your original payment release documents will be
send to you in order for us to confirm your personal receipt of this
fund or consider your fund confiscated.

Be informed that as soon as we receive your current data then we will
endorse with the legal preparation of your payment release documents
and immediately instruct our authorized Bank of International
Settlement (BIS) to release your funds by forwarding your file to them
for immediate payment consideration.

FIRST NAME:—— —————————————

LAST NAME:————————-———————




FULL ADDRESS:———————-——————–


TEL / MOBILE:———————–———————

I————————- hereby declare that the above DATA are
true, and in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

We appreciate your urgent co-operation.


Verified by: —————————-Confirmed by:

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Ian Reed.
The Director
British Finance Monitoring Unit.

Michael McDeree


(Your Financial Problem Is Our Target)



Ref: US-ASL/651OYI/02/LN-USA

Address: 3603 Chicago Ave Riverside,

92507 California, USA.

SSGLL: 10/101/0021

Alpharetta, CA 3603-3623

Registration Code: (RG2312PXSIG).

Postal/Zip Code: 5098

Motto: Always at your Service.

Branch: United States, Europe & Asia.




Dear ,

Thanks for your email inquiry. I ensure that you receive your requested loan amount ($10,000,000.00 USD) and for us to fully proceed with the loan processing, stated below is the loan terms/repayment plan. I want to have an adequate view on it and get back to me if you are in agreement with these terms, so we can continue with the loan processing for approval by the board of management of this company.


Loan Amount Needed: $10,000,000.00

Loan Interest Rate:  3%

Loan Term:  30 years

Monthly Loan Payment: $42,160.40

Number of Payments:  361

Cumulative Payments:  $15,177,745.97

Total Interest Paid:  $5,177,745.97





1) The Borrower must be at least 18 years of age

2) Even with bad credit, yet the Borrower Loan Guarantee

3) The loan may be granted, even with low credit score.

Loan Repayment:

1) The borrower will start to be paying the monthly payment at least 36 months time after the loan have been granted-and transferred to the Borrower.

2) Borrower must be willing to pay back at the appointed time

3) The loan will be transferred to you exactly 5 hours after the transaction is completed.

Loan Approval/Processed

In regards to the approval of the loan, your loan will be Approved and insured by the Nicom Insurance Company, So you have to get back to us so that we can forward you the necessary Information’s on to contact the Nicom Insurance company for details about Insuring Your Loan.

Loan refund:

The loan must refunded back to the lender at the end of the tenure to the loan seeker which is seeking the loan without any delay. For this reason, will agree to the duration of 5 Years as stated by the loan seeker, to the loan seeker so that he/she will be able to repay the loan with in that period. Considering the above condition: If the LOAN TERMS AND CONDITIONS/REPAYMENT PLAN are acceptable by you, you will have to give me a fast response so that we can proceed further getting the Loan Approved.

Note: if you are in agreement to the terms we urgent you to get back to us Asap. Integrity,

Response needed ASAP.

Sincerely yours,


Mr. Michael McDeree

Chief Executive Officer

The Hartford Financial Services Group, © Inc.

Bessel Harris

Attention: Dear User Of The Internet
How are you today? We hope this mail meets you in a perfect condition. This is a total cash prize of US {$12,500,000.00} Twelve Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars, given to the first Five (5) people compensated in this world internet programs.
All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web site through computer draw system and extracted from over 700,000 companies. We are using this opportunity to thank you for using the internet daily.
Due to your effort, using internet daily, We want to compensate you and show our gratitude to you with the sum of {$2,500,000.00} Two Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars, We have arranged your payment through our swift card centers, which is the latest instruction from International Monetary Fund Reconciliation Office {IMF}.
The card center will send you an Atm master card which you will use to withdraw your money in any Atm machine, Banks and Union Pay Credit outlets in the world, you are hereby selected as an honor for this payment approval, which you are to acknowledge the receipt of this mail to the Logistic Department by email listed below.
Contact Agent. Scott Williams with below e-mail;
Compensation Office and Logistics Vaults
Contact Agent: Scott Williams
Thanks and God bless you and your family.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Bessel Harris
International Online Lottery Co-ordinator.
©2015 World Internet Programs
NOTE: Kindly be informed that recipients shall be liable for the cost of delivery of the Atm master card.

Quik Loan

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Ahmed Jalil


I represent a group of company based in the Gulf Region. We are seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest abroad in the following sectors: Oil/Gas, Construction, Real Estate, Stock Speculation and Mining, Transportation, Health Sector and Tobacco, Communication Services, Agriculture Forestry & Fishing, thus any sector.

If you have a solid background and idea of making good profit in any of the mentioned business sectors or any other VIABLE business in your country. Please write me for possible business co-operation. More so, we are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating 10% annual return on investment (AROI) Joint Venture partnership and Hard loan funding can also be considered.

I am confident that you will give your consideration to this proposal and respond positively within a short period of time. I am available to discuss this proposal with you and to answer any questions you may have in regard to this investment. As soon as you give your positive response to this proposal, I will not hesitate in sending you the details information of this great investment partnership opportunity.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity further with you.

Mr. Ahmed Jalil.
My E-mail: