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Somoto Chidimma

26, V-Island Road,

Dear Friend,

How are you doing, Hope you have not forgotten me, I am Dr.Somoto Chidimma the
man from West Africa who contacted you some time ago to assist me secure the
release of some money accrued from the over invoicing of a  contract inheritance
and Next Of Kin that was awarded by my government some time ago during the time
of the formal president General olusogun obasanj.

Though you were not able to assist me conclude the transaction, I’m happy to
inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the
assistance and cooperation of a new partner from South Korea.

Presently I am in South Korea for investment projects with my own share of the
total sum. meanwhile,i didn’t forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me
in transferring those funds, I made sure you are not left out of the benefit of
the transaction hence I kept aside for you the sum of $1.5 Milliom  United
States Dollars bank draft check, I and my new partner agreed to compensate you
with that amount for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this matter.

I appreciated your efforts at that time very much,so feel free and get in touch
with my accountant officer Mrs. Mrs.Grace Obodo and instruct her on how to send
the bank draft check to you.Please do make sure you reconfirm your full details
to her.

Your Full Name:
Home Address:
Telephone Phone numbers:
fax numbers

lately you receive the bank draft check  so that we share the joy together after
all the sufferance at that time. In the moment,She will send the bank draft
check to you, So call her immediately and let her Know you are from me okay, get
in touch with my accountant officer now and re-confirm your Information to her
to avoid any mistakes in the delivery Below is the contact of my accountant
officer:if there is any problem kindly contact me with my private Email address

Name:Mrs.Grace Obodo
Contact Number:+2348115854200

Best Regard.

Dr. Somoto Chidimma

Hon. Barr Paul Williams

Attn: Sir/Madam

I am  Hon. Barr Paul Williams, the personal resident Attorney here in
Burkina Faso to Late Hero Muammar Gaddafi from Libya .Who died along
with his son who supposes to be his next of kin during Libya political

My client was having the sum of thirty million four hundred thousand
united state dollars ($30.4m USD) with African Development Bank
Burkina Faso. I want us to transfer this money into your account as a
deal if interested I advice you reply as soon as possible.

I am waiting for your return mail through my private email address below.E-mail: )

Hon. Barr Paul Williams.

Issac Orjibuego

Attention:My Dear,

How are you doing today,I write to inform you that we already issued those documents to accompany your $5,000 payment each day. But the only problem we are having right here is your personal signature which the Federal Administrator of Fund Benin Republic requested that you must sign those documents before we can transfer funds to you. However, I told the officer in charge that it will not be necessary for you to come down here due to your occupation or some other things that may not allow you to come down here to sign those documents by yourself. The Minister Administrator of Fund said that you should get an attorney to sign on your behalf if you are unable to come down here in person.

I think this way is the best and the only way forward for you to receive the funds. I have negotiated with an attorney who will sign on your behalf. According to him you are to pay for the accredited attorney. He is charging $200.00 to be paid before he gets those documents signed in your favor. I told him to consider signing those documents on your behalf today with a promise that you will pay him back from the $5,000 payment you suppose to receive this evening if he gets those documents signed this morning.

And his response is that you have to pay the accredited attorney fee of $200.00 before signing those documents. Well, I asked him for the very last time if he could allow you pay half of his fee today with a promise that you will pay him the remain balance tomorrow from your $5,000 payment at the western union office once you pick up the $5,000 payment. Well, he said that you should go ahead and pay the half of the fee $100.00 through Western Union Or Money Gram today. He needs me to ask you if you will be so kind to pay him back the remain $100.00 balance at the western union office once you picked up the $5,000 pay out each day. I am here by to writing this message to ask you to let me know if you will pay his balance immediately you pick up the $5,000 payment?

He wants you to pay half of $100.00 today if you are so kind to pay the balance at the western union office once you picked up the $5,000 payment in the evening. But if you are not kind enough to pay his balance after picking the first transfer just do not bother yourself not to reply because I won’t see another attorney here to do this.when you get back to me i will give you information to make the half payment of $100.

You have to hurry up to enable me proceed for the transferring of your total inheritance wining funds of $6,7m.Send The half of the fee $50.00 today via Western Union or Money-Gram; Supply back to us the Western Union or Money-Gram payment update to direct to our official email address:( )

The attorney will get those documents signed as soon as he confirms the half of his fee from you. I will advice you to pay him the half of $100.00 and let him sign the documents and you will then pay the other balance of  form your $5,000 payment remember that your total funds to receive is $3,5m.

Mr. Issac Orjibuego
Treat as Urgent

Janet Yellen

Federal Reserve Bank New York
Date: July 22nd 2014.
Ref.: Payment Release Update.
Amount Valued: US$12,800,000.00.

                    Foreign payment allocation security code (US/A84PRFGN2014)

So I want you to go ahead and send the listed information and forget about the swift code because we can easily get it from your bank if necessary once I received your banking account information ok.
Attention: The Beneficiary,

By means of this message, we wish to inform you that your hour of compensation and actualization has come after our meeting with the United Nations, Bank of America, Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Reserve Bank officials, it has been agreed that your real approved funds valued US$10,500,000.00 and the compensation of US$2,300,000.00 (Total US$12,800,000.00) will now be processed and released to your Bank Account through Wire Transfer Department of the Federal Reserve Bank New York.

However, it may interest you to know that after the meeting, with the Bank of America, Central Bank of Nigeria and Office of the Director On-line Account Department have entered into full partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank and your funds Total valued US$12,800,000.00 will now be credited to your Bank Account by the Wire Transfer Department of the Federal Reserve Bank as soon as you make contact with me.

To this effect, you are to contact us with the details below for the immediate release of your funds.

Full Name:……………

Bank Name:————————--
Account No.:————————
Routing No.:————————
Swift Code:————————-
Account Name:———————–

Thanks for banking with Federal Reserve Bank New York while we looking forward to serving you with the best of our service.

Thanks and Congratulations in Advance.
Best Regards,

Manager Director

We are company that conducts surveys and evaluates other organizations. We are hired to go to other companies and act like customers in order to rate their service in relation to their customers. Once we have the contract, you will be directed to the company or outlet, and you would be given funds to either purchase items or services, after which you would write comments on the staff’s activities and give a detailed record of your experience.

Examples of comments:

1. How long did it take to get your service
2. Knowledgability of product or service
3. Professionalism
4. Sometimes you might be required to aggravate the attendant and
record their responses.

We in turn give the information to the company executives so they improve their customer service. Most organizations employ us when they experience a high volume of customer dissatisfaction.
Your identity will be kept confidential. You will be paid $150 for every survey you complete and receive a bonus that can be used for transportation costs. No commitment is required or this job, your hours will be flexible.

If you are interested please send the below information to

Full name:
Address No P O Box:
Zip Code:
Telephone Number:
Cellular Number:

Manager Director

Deborah Calvert Herman

 Name: Deborah Calvert Herman
Country of birth: Australia.

Attn: Beloved,
Good morning,

Greetings in the name of humanity, I am Mrs. Deborah Calvert Herman a citizen of Australia but presently in the Malaysia working for the federal government, I am 50 years old, I am now a new Christian but from all indication, my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite convert, suffering from long time cancer of the heart, from obvious that I wont live more than 1 year, according to my doctors, this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad stage.

My late husband died last five years ago, and during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth.

The doctors has advised me that I may not live for more than 1 year, so I now decided to divide the part of this wealth to contribute to the development of the church in Africa, America Asia, and Europe.

I selected you after visiting the website and I prayed over it. I am willing to donate the sum of $25,000.000.00u.usd (twenty five million United States dollars) to the less privileged.

Please I want you to note that this fund is lying in a security company in Malaysia. Once i hear from you, I will forward to you all the information you will use to get fund released from the security company and to be transferred to your account.

I honestly pray that this money when transferred to your account will be used for the said purpose, because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without humility, all is vanity.

Please provide me with the following information so I can forward it to a church attorney who used to work at times for my late husband’s lawyer.

He is diligent and a Christian so I am confident he is going to handle the transaction with you and lead, advice you on how to secure the funds in your favor.

Information needed:
Full name……………………..………
Full address…………………..……………
Company and address:………………….…..
Marital status:…………………..……..
Fax no……………………….………………
Phone no:……………………………………..

May the grace of our lord Jesus the love of god and the fellowship of god be with you and your family.

I await your urgent reply. (
Your sister in Christ.
Mrs. Deborah Calvert Herman

Ms. Mercy Udema

Good Day,

I am Ms Mercy Udema a computer scientist with central bank of Nigeria. I am 26 years old, just started work with Central.Bank Of .Nigeria. I came across your file which was marked X and your released disk painted RED, I took time to study it and found out that you have paid VIRTUALLY all fees and certificate but the fund has not been release to you.

The most annoying thing is that they cannot tell you the truths that on no account will they ever release the fund to you; instead they let you spend money unnecessarily. I do not intend to work here all the days of my life, I can release this fund to you if you can certify me of my security, and how I can run away from this Nigeria if I do this, because if I don’t run away from this country after i made the transfer, I will be seriously in trouble and my life will be in danger.

Please this is like a Mafia setting in Nigeria; you may not understand it because you are not a Nigerian. The only thing I will need to release this fund is a special HARD DISK we call it HD120 GIG.

NOTE: You will buy two of it, recopy your information, destroy the previous one, and punch the computer to reflect in your bank within 24 banking hours. I will clean up the tracer and destroy your file, after which I will run away from Nigeria to meet with you. If you are interested, do get in touch with me immediately ,Personal Telephone: +234-803-2254602 you should send to me your convenient tell/fax numbers for easy communications and also re confirm your banking details, so that there won’t be any mistake.


Ms Mercy Udema.
Computer Scientist.

Abraham Nwankwo

From: Dr. Abraham Nwankwo ( Director-General )
Debt Management Office – DMO
The Presidency -Nigeria.
NDIC Building (1st Floor),
Central Business District,
Garki Abuja, Nigeria.
Our Ref : UXB/FGN/DMO/298XX13
To: The Debt Beneficiary: File Approval  No: FGN/DMO/BATCH78/014.
Fund Release Code: CO2/GH88B3
Attn: Fund Beneficiary:
I am contacting you in my capacity as the Director General of Debt Management office (DMO). Consequently, I want to inform you that my office is sending this message to you, on the instructions of His Excellency,Dr. Good-luck Ebele Jonathan, The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Be informed that the Federal Government of Nigeria have approved and release your over-due inheritance payment valued $4.700.000.00 USD (Four Million, Seven Hundred Thousand US Dollars) which has been in the central bank of Nigeria for many years, unclaimed, because some senior officials of the central bank and other commercial banks are collaborating  with Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and have refused to release your overdue payment to you, this is because there have been using the interest accumulated from your fund every year to enrich themselves, without your knowledge.
The annual audit report from the auditor general of the federation shows that only 58% of the beneficiaries have been paid successfully, While other remaining 42% beneficiaries have not yet been paid, From further investigations, we discovered that the method of payment which was introduced to you before by the paying banks, is the Telegraphic Transfer (TT) for which confirmation was 48 or 72 hours, This method is not safe for you because the transfer is not done within the bank alone, as the beneficiary’s account information would be sent to the Central Control Unit (CCU) of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the International Fund Transfer Monitoring Intelligence (IFMI) And because of the time factor, petitions could come from various International Financial organizations stopping your payment/Transfer and asking you to pay huge fee for one clearance document or another.
Mr. President have ordered for immediate arrest and prosecution of those bank officials and government agencies involved in this criminal act and Mr. President have also instructed the accountant general of the federation to recall all the unclaimed funds back to the federal government reserve and treasury account.
Due to reported cases of inefficient banking system and corrupt practices of some Nigerian Banks, including the Central Bank of Nigeria, Now, the Federal Government of Nigeria have revoked/cancelled all powers vested on those banks and authorized The Debt Management office (DMO) Nigeria, to make all foreign payments.
In addition to that, The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Dr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) was also sacked by President Good Luck  E.  Jonathan, due to his corrupt practices, This decision was made by  Mr. President because of the petitions received from foreign beneficiaries, FBI / INTERPOL and other International Organizations, About the non payment of foreign debts.
In accordance with the Central Bank of Nigeria Decree No 24 of 1991, Which states that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have the powers to appoint or sack the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, If there is any misconduct from the governor.
This is to inform you that the Nigeria Debt Management office (DMO) have made adequate arrangements to release your over-due unclaimed Fund valued $4,700,000.00 USD, Via Cash delivery to your address in your country, Note: The money has been packaged in a Security Proof Consignment Box and will delivered to your address in your country.
The fund is wrapped and Sealed With Synthetic Nylon, Locked/Padded With Machine in a Consignment Box and will be delivered to your address, so the security of your funds is 100% guaranteed, The sealed consignment box contains your inheritance fund worth $4.7 Million USD, As it is the only system that will be easier for you and us.
The fund has been insured by Nicon insurance company for the safety of your fund and the custom clearance document has been procured in your name, to enable the delivery agent deliver the consignment box very smoothly to your address.  I will send you the (code number) you will use to open the consignment box to you, as soon as the delivery agent arrives your house, for safety purpose.
Now, you have to follow up my instructions and work with us, You are advised to keep this information very confidential Until the delivery agent arrives your address, This is part of our security advise to prevent fraudsters and impostors who go about presenting various claim information’s in order to claim/divert another beneficiary’s fund.
If you like to receive your fund through this payment option (Cash delivery), Kindly reconfirm your Claim information as follows, to enable me proceed further in this arrangement,
Full Names….
Mobile/Cell phone number……..
Contact me immediately to enable me advice you on how to make your claim Via Cash Delivery.
Your urgent response to this message will enable us give immediate attention to your payment.
Best Regards



Burdy Andrée Dominique

Que le salut de l’éternel soit sur vous Je me nomme Mme Burdy Andrée Dominique originaire de la France épouse de CHAUVET Carlos mort depuis 2008 nous n’avons pas eu d’enfant je suis seul en se moment après sa mort) j’envisage de faire don d’une somme de (1.000.000 Euro) que le tout puissant jésus christ m’a donné avant ma mort,car après ma mort je serais avec le tout puissant et mon docteur m’a dit que je ne survivrais pas au bout des prochaines mois à venir. Je suis actuellement je suis hospitalisé a :Saint Thomas’ Hôpital, de London (Angleterre) pour mes soins.Contactez-moi en me laissant vos coordonnées.

Richard Morgan

This is Engineer  RICHARD MORGAN a petrochemical/oil exploration
engineer with the Syrian Petroleum Company located in Damascus. I need
your mutual assistance to investing some reasonable sums of funds in
your country. Can you assist me and two other engineers to “REINVEST”
some funds raised from sale of crude oil in your country? Get back to me
for more details if you can. Following of the civil war situation in
Syria, we have successfully moved the funds to a peaceful location for
investments. We only need a dedicated, serious, committed and
transparent investor. if you have all the qualities as stated herein,
reach me immediately for comprehensive break down of the project.
Waiting for your response.