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Do you have access to a computer and can spare an hours/two daily to get paid? No
selling is involved, No ads neither experience is Needed. Benefits accrue weekly through
wage (five to eight hundred dollars). Note: I am one of the Kings Gallery online
assistant and just resign to focus on my own business. If interested, feel free to
inquire for the position by contacting Ms. Laurie Kearney. ( ) Thanks

For US and Canada Only.

Ms. Maite E Nkoana-Mashabane





Good Day,

Firstly, let me start by introducing myself as Ms Maite E Nkoana-Mashabane ,

I have held as Deputy Secretary-General of the ANC in Limpopo South Africa from 2004 to

2008 and now elected as the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation from May

11 2009, during Thabo Mbeki Administration till date of Jacob Zuma administration.


I got your contact curtsey in our foreign information exchange in South Africa on a personal

request in search of a reliable and trustworthy foreign individual who will assist me invest the

fund overseas , though we have not melt before, After due deliberation I decided to contact

you for your assistance in standing as a beneficiary to the sum of US$30.5M ( Thirty Million,

Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only) You can view my profile at

My( ) Ms. Maite E Nkoana-


My husband Mr. David Mashabane died while he was on a trip to Trinidad and Tobago in

2006. After his death, I discovered that he had some funds in a dollar account which mounted

to the sum of US$30.5 Million with SECURITY COMPANY, This fund emanated as a result

of an over-invoiced contract which he executed with the Government of South Africa.


I am offering you 35% of the principal sum which amounts to US$10,675,000.00 (Ten

million Six Hundred and Seventy five Thousand United States Dollars Only) And 5% will go

for Motherless babes home and 60% will be for my investment in your country .


However, you have to assure me and also be ready to go into agreement with me that you will

not elope with my fund. If you agree with my terms, kindly as a matter of urgency send me

email only: and my direct line+27-74-290-3189, so that

we can talk more about the transfer, Please I do not need to remind you of the need for

absolute Confidentiality of this transaction.


My regards to your family.

Ms. Maite E Nkoana-Mashabane

the Minister of International Relations

South Africa .

Mrs. Nora Pasca

                             OUR REF: UKLO/BT/621830
We happily announce to you the results of UK LOTTERY ORGANIZATION’S FREE
TICKET ONLINE DRAWS of Febuary 2014. We wish to congratulate you on the
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Your e-mail address attached to ticket number UKLP-66-73-203-13 with
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which subsequently won the Lottery and qualified you as an international
Winner. You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of
US$4.600,000m (Four Million, Six Hundred Thousand USA dollars) through any
of our available payment methods.
Your email address was Reference Numbered to: 56475600545188 and your
winnings and payment Batch Number is 074/05/ZY369. For your US$4,600,000
payment process to begin, you will be expected to REPLY with the below
listed winnings and personal claims information:
* Your complete official names
* Full address & country name
* Telephone & mobile numbers
* Free ticket and Lucky numbers
* Reference, Serial and Batch numbers
* Date and venue of draw
After you have replied with the above winnings and personal claims
information, our APPOINTED CLAIMS AGENT Mr. kovic green will get back to
you with further details on how you will be paid your won prize of
US$4,600,000.00 and you will proceed with him from there on to the end.
Congratulations on your winnings.
Please contact Mr. kovic green,
Good luck from me and all staff members of the UK LOTTERY ORGANIZATION.

Miss Mayara Rodrigo

Congratulations! This is to inform you that your email address emerged as a winner of an

amount of Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds (₤500,000.00) which is equivalent to Eight

Hundred and Ten Thousand United State Dollars ($810,000.00) in the FIFA BRAZIL 2014

SOCCER WORLD CUP PROMOTION Draw held in Johannesburg, South Africa (THE PAST

SUCCESSFUL HOST THIS FIFA EVENT) through an Open Computer Ballot JAVA System


All participants’ email ID was automatically entered in the draw as Microsoft Collected all the

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Your email ID attached to Reference Number: WCD80010011 was luckily drawn to win you the

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Stated below are your winning identification numbers to facilitate your payment

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To file a claim, kindly send an email to the appointed claim agent in London United Kingdom

send your details in accordance as stated below and your winning number to the email address


FIFA Prize claim processing agent: Mr. Paulo Mixwell


Tell: + 447031746585

1. Full Name

2. Address:

3. Age:

4. Occupation:

5. Mobile/Fax Number:

6. Country:

Your Wining Identification Number: Batch Number: BR/14/FIFA43658

Reference: number: WCD80010011

Pin code: 00357721

Send the above information to submit your claims

Please note that this letter and the email were sent for notification only. You should only

contact the above mentioned agent (Paul Whitehead ) whom shall by duty direct you on how

you will receive your prize money. Please keep your winning information confidential to avoid

double claim. Congratulations once again.

Miss Mayara Rodrigo

Winning Notification officer signature ……………………………

Barrister Linda Murphy

Dear: Beneficiary,

Having reviewed all the obstacles and problems surrounding the
transfer of your (US$3,500,000.00) Three Million

Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars and your inability to meet
up with some charges levied against you due

to the past transfer options, We the Board of Directors, Bank Of
Africa (BOA) has ordered our Foreign Payment

Remittance Unit to issue you a VISA CARD where your payment will be
uploaded and today, we got notice that your

Payment has been uploaded into this CORPORATE VISA CARD and also have
registered it with DHL for delivery to you.

For your information, the delivery charge has been paid and they were
supposed to have shipped your packaged ATM

CARD but they insisted that you must re-confirm to them your current
delivery address to ensure accurate Delivery.

MOST IMPORTANT: Due to the content of the package, DHL mandated that
before your package will be shipped, A

Tax/Stamp Duty MUST be procured according to the New Customs Creed and
the importance of such Document is to ensure

a hitch-free delivery and the amount is $95USD only.

Therefore re-confirm your current delivery address as listed below:

(1) Full Name…….
(2) Country Name……..
(3) Delivery Address…….
(4) Occupation…….
(5) Sex…….
(6) Age……
(7) Telephone Number……

Mr.Williams Ibeh
Metro Plaza,Plot991/992 Zakari Maimalari
Street Cadastral Zone, COTONOU
E-mail: ( )

Please hurry now as your package might attract more charges if it
stays more than 3days with DHL.


Barrister Linda Murphy
For the Management of BOA.

The sum of 1.2million was approved in your name today 11th of march 2014for
compensation as a scam victim, from random section done by united nation to
Africans scam note you will be receiving the sum of $5000usd daily via western
union until the total amount is paid completely now contact DR PATRICK UNO +229
982 835 56 { } contact them with yourfullinformation,


We are currently seeking to employ individual’s world wide. How would
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It is very easy and simple , no application fees required contact
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Full Name:
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Telephone numbers:

We will contact you immediately we receive this information.

Kind Regards!

®Red Bull Energy Drink Advertisement. All rights reserved™.

Detective Jack A. Murphy

Address:6A Olumeni Street Old GRA,
Port Harcourt, Rivers State

Attention to you,

When your name appeared on the list of approved beneficiaries few years ago and was reported to us, we contacted you to refer you to the Federal Ministry for Finance to seek compensation fund which hundreds of scammed victims got, the email we sent you may have not been delivered or you ignored it, I am writing you now because you are needed to take a decision on the compensation fund you have here, you may have received emails hundreds of emails from impostors in the last 10 or 11years till date telling you about this and that millions and if you don’t come down to Nigeria in person to pursue the release of the ONLY true compensation fund you have here, it will be difficult for you to believe even what I write, the scam you suffered in the past and that experience may even be what will deny you your true fund because once you are scammed you suspect everyone is lying to you and not trustworthy and that is why you are needed here in person or if you do not wish claim the fund, you are needed to confirm you are forfeiting the fund so they can change the ownership of the fund and award to other scammed victims seeking compensation fund.

You need to contact the Foreign Affairs Commission to make inquiry about your true approved fund and the status of that fund, contact the Foreign Affairs Commission, contact Hon  Fabian Gilbert Obi on the following details bellow:

Foreign Affairs Commission
Hon Fabian Gilbert Obi E-mail:

For any email you have received telling you about any millions approved here is scammed has been scam perpetrated by impostors, I can go through the records over and over again and tell you there is no other compensation apart from the $500,000.00 approved in your name few years ago but HELD by the FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR FINANCE UNDER ORDERS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,you have the chance to claim the fund now and your attention is needed by the Federal Ministry for Finance or if you do not wish to pursue the release of the fund, your confirmation is needed and today.

Waiting for your response.

Detective Jack A. Murphy
Economical and Financial Crime

John Wright

I am re-sending this to you again thus; a deceased client of mine named Mr. Andreas Schranner, died without a NEXT OF KIN. I have to contact you to assist in distributing the money left behind by my client which is lodged in the bank.
You shall read more about him on visiting this website.
Please contact me for more information
Best Regards,
John Wright