WUMT Payout

Please respond to this email URGENTLY.


Should you have questions or concerns about this notice, please contact Mr. Adams Carl, Payout Manager at+447045733501 or wumtreceiving@gmail.com

To the User,

We are delighted to re-notify you of the CASH (in US Currency) which was registered with your EMAIL as the receiver and has been available for Pickup for the past Three (3) Weeks. You are advised to expeditiously contact our email below with your Legitimate Name and Cell Phone Number, so we can provide you with your Money Transfer Control Numbers (MTCN).

Contact us on email Urgently!
Western Union Financial Service Inc.
Email us on: wumtreceiving@gmail.com
Call us on: 07045733501 (intl. +447045733501)

We have sent you two emails containing the information for pick up, since the last Two (2) weeks but we did not get any reply from you, hence we are sending you this FINAL NOTIFICATION with the UK Service Private email because we still cannot reach you with the Western Union Domain (From the Admin). Act fast as we now remind you that your payment has been approved. We await your prompt response.

Sincerely Yours,

From the Head of Publicity & Admin Controller,
WUMT UK Financial Service Inc.

CC: Adams, A. Carl Mr.
Payout Manager,
Western Union Financial Service Inc,
Registered Office: 20 Hammersmith Road, London, Greater London W6 7DL

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