Richard Martin


Western Union department of investigation New York USA uncovered the source of certain anonymous deposits in Nigeria,Ghana and accross West Africa made by unscrupulous officials,a total of forty-five million united states dollars was discovered withheld and saved by these criminals.The funds as intelligence proves were illegally extorted from foreign beneficiary’s like you.

You are receiving this notice because, our Investigation department found your email ID associated with a list of foreigners who made payments to secure monetary transactions online while investigating datas on a computer owned by a reputable personnel.Investigations also proofs he has strong links with international allies in America,Europe,Africa,Australia and Asia.

He and his international allies illegally acquired millions from beneficiaries by demanding fees such as,fees required to ship packages, fees required to obtain documents, fees requested to obtain regulatory clearance certificates,fees required to change certain documentations and fees requested as payment for different Bank transfers.

These fees were intended to finalize the transaction but for selfish reasons the officials you paid manipulated your signature on files to retain your fund and as a result of their hoax.

A number of unending demands were placed as regulatory demands required to execute the finalization of your funds transfer,be happy an order of confiscation has been on the discovered funds and will be paying these other two people including you if you have any proof indicating your dealings on failed monetary transactions via internet,reply with your name,age,phone number and address for more details.


Richard Martin.
Department of Investigation

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