Patrick Wallace

One Ropemaker Street
London EC2Y 9SS
United Kingdom

Dear Beneficiary

Your information has been found on the inheritance file of a late client, with Bank Of Montreal London and you are entitled to some funds .

The said funds where deposited by( Name Witheld) before his death, he was a Medical consultant to the united nations children funds UNICEF.he passed away in Dubai on the 23rd may 2008 according to the information’s issued by the British Home Office

Be informed that you have been confirmed as the authentic beneficiary by the board of the holding bank of your inheritance(BANK OF MONTREAL LONDON) we will reveal further information’s to you when we have received your information’s and cross checked and confirm with what has been certified by the holding bank.

Find below the requested informations

Name: ?
Address: ?
Copy Of Identification:?

Patrick Wallace
Partner Simmons & Simmons
legal consultant to Bank Of Montreal London

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