Mr. Tom Crist

Dear Beneficiary/Winner,
I, Tom Crist, the Canadian man that won a $40 million Canadian dollar lottery prize is writing to inform you that Google in alliance with Facebook have submitted your Email-Address to receive $1,200,000.00 USD from me, as I have decided to give all my winnings away to charity, individuals and organisations.
For claims, send me your *Full-Names, *Age, *Phone-Number, *Address and *Country.
For confirmation see news feed on cnn and bbc

Best Regards,
Mr. Tom Crist -(Canadian Lottery winner)

2 thoughts on “Mr. Tom Crist

  1. Annine

    I am annine . And I am from china. I don’t know when my information is make known to others . I received this letter two days ago

    1. Wen Jiangtao

      Same as Annine. I’m from China too. I have the same question with her. I received this letter at Jan. 13. And I don’t know why and if I could believe this.


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