James F. Entwistle

U.S. Consulate General Lagos
2 Walter Carrington Crescent,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
After Hours Emergencies number: (+234)-1- 421-6900 or (+234)-1- 385-9351
Fax: (+234)-1-864-2890
E-mail: senaudgen@zoho.com



We have received an instruction from the Ministry of Finance of the Fifty four (54) African
union members state and their various senate committees on foreign payment (scfp) to contact
you regarding your long awaited contract/inheritance fund totaling ten million five hundred
thousand dollars (us$10,500,000.00), including the interest rate uptill date which has been
programmed for immediate release to you. However, it might please you to know that this fund
emanated from accrued interest of your long outstanding contract/inheritance fund in the
central clearing account with the African governments.

Meanwhile, we want to use this medium to clarify if you indeed approve a woman by the name
“kay Hann” to claim the fund on your behalf because the said Mrs. “kay Hann” came to the
embassy yesterday claiming that she is your representative instructed by you to receive the
fund on your behalf and she actually tendered some vital documents which serves as prove for
the collection of this fund.

Below are the lists of the documents which she tendered:
1. Letter of administration.
2. High court injunction.
3. Order to release.

Considering my experience been the U.S ambassador to Nigeria, my goals and obligations are
realistic to give adequate information’s to my citizens living back home and abroad about
the social security situation and also to ensure I give information’s to my home government
about important political, social, economical and other events happening in my host country.
For this fact I can not afford to make mistake in releasing your fund to anyone who can not
tender a signed note of authorization from you the recognized true beneficiary to this fund,
and that is more reason why I have to verify this fact from you first before I proceed with
this gesture.

Note: we have asked Mrs.” Kay Hann” to come back next week so we can get the real fact
from you before proceeding further with her and we also want you to take note that we await
your email shortly. Advise you acknowledge receipt of this important message by forwarding
your ID, International passport or Drivers license including Home/Direct mobile Telephone #
urgently for reference and identification purposes. Concrete arrangement has been made to
ensure your valuable (us$10,500,000.00) ten million five hundred thousand united states
dollars is successfully released to you.

In line with this consequential order, we wish to inform you that your total sum of $10,500,000.00
has scheduled to be released to you in any mode you may choose either by ATM debit card or,
International certified bank draft which will be delivered to you through registered mail (UPS,
FedEx or DHL) or any courier company of your choice.

Lastly, be informed that u.s Department of state in conjunction with the World Bank have been
approved and empowered by a memorandum signed by the 54 president’s in Africa. We are
solely authorized and accredited to co-ordinate all delayed contractor/inheritance fund at this
forth quarter of the year 2013/2014 payment schedule.

We are waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

In God We Trust, God Bless America!

Best Regards,

Ambassador James F. Entwistle
U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria


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