Jim McCullar

Dear Beloved

I am Mr Jim McCullar the mega winner of $190 Million Dollars Jackpot in Washington,
have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of TWO MILLION to you as part of our own free gift.

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Send me back the DONATION CODE by clicking REPLY from your email box now, I shall send you more mails
as soon as I get the donation code back from you.

Jim McCullar

2 thoughts on “Jim McCullar

  1. michael debatto

    Hello-I just got the $2,000,000. notice-’RBS’ Bank Account Statement and Transfer Slip(to my bank, after filling in routing/account info…
    THEY ASK FOR NO FEES-just fill in, email, and they transfer $……

    We are BANKRUPT(THIS week! Ch13!) and have NOTHING-no savings, NOTHING of Value-Bank account is a SAVINGS account w/$20. in it! NOTHING TO LOSE!
    My son in law is local(albuq.) FBI Agent. He’ll think me the Senile Old FOOL, huh? I’m 63…..

    IS THERE ANY CHANCE THIS IS REAL? What are legal RAMIFICATIONS of such a transfer, even IF it could happen?

    mike debatto, 505 782-4870

    1. The419guy Post author


      A scammer’s appeal usually appeals to the desperate and naive. If you take a moment to examine the paperwork (if they bother with paperwork in the first place), it isn’t usually up to the standards of what would be acceptable in business practice. They will always attempt to defraud. If you end up in a situation where you don’t have to pay fees, they may ask for your bank login details to complete the transaction then use the bill pay feature to clean out your account and mail a check to a contact in your country who cashes it and sends most of it back to Nigeria. My guess is that their plan was to get you excited about not having to pay fees and then charge a fee at a critical point during the process. There are plenty of legitimate companies who offer loans to people with challenged credit. I would recommend doing an internet search where you will find a responsible lender. You’ll know if they are legit if you ask to borrow an unreasonable amount of money and they still say yes. Scammers never pass the sniff test. It seems like they’re shady on purpose. I have yet to see a scam that looks genuine. I would stay away if I were you. They’re not going to give you a good show and you’ll see that what they charge doesn’t match what they’re able to produce leading up to it.


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