Mr. D.Q. Philip, Esq.

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a Financial Advocate/Consultants based in the Republic of Ghana.West Africa. I brought a profit oriented Business Deal to your door-step for your consideration. I have a Client (Now Deceased) that served as the Group Managing Director of Ghana Petroleum Corporation for 12 years and under private arrangements,the sum of US$68million in cash was concealed on Two Trunk Boxes and deposited with an indigenous Finance Corporation known as MapSec Finance and Security Company for intelligent safekeeping without trace.This cash deposit as mentioned herein was made as at 4 years ago. My client passed away on the 28th of June,2013. I come to you to seek your collaboration to stand as the New Owner of the aforementioned deposit so as to perfect a Change of Beneficiary whereby you will be made the New Beneficiary in accordance to the law. Our sharing ratio will be 50/50 but bear in mind that you will be required to make a trip to Ghana where the two trunk boxes that contained the cash funds of the $68million will be
Best Regards,

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