Sir Albert Jose

Defense Finance and Accounting Services,
8899 East 56th Street, Cotonou-Benin.
Tel +2299633636

Our Ref: DFAS/UT28/357-6TY Your Ref:……………………………..


After our recent extensive close door meeting between the boards of
directors and the Federal Reserve Systems on your outstanding overseas
payment, it was resolved and agreed upon that Barr. OJA James is to be
your representative and will work extensively to ensure that your
outstanding funds will be paid to you without any hitch or delay through
the World Bank and IMF insurance body. The total sum of $5,000.000.00;
Five Million US Dollars has been endorsed and approved for payment to you.

To safe-guard our beneficiaries from further extortion of unnecessary
payments, we advice that you establish contacts with our attorney, a human
rights lawyer who will render free legal services to all listed. In other
words, he requires no consultation, legal or service fee to ensure that
you are on the right track to receive your funds without being misled. He
is very much conversant with the delivery/banking law and will guide you

As soon as you establish contacts with him, he will guide you how the
paying bank will open a non-residential account in your name where you can
personally access and effect transfer of funds to any bank of your choice
or from which the paying bank can issue an ATM Card with which you can
withdraw your funds gradually from any ATM Center.

You can email our attorney: Name: Barr. OJA James

Mobile: +2299633636

Remember to reconfirm the following details of yours to the Barrister so
as to enable Him verify your details;

Full Names:
Private Cell Phone No:
Home Cell No:
A Scan Copy of your Identification card.

Please do keep the attorney updated in the course of your communication
with the bank.


Sir. Albert Jose
Director of Information,

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