Mr. Amyas Morse

Internal Audit ||Monitoring || Consulting and Investigations Division.
3 Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, City of Westminster,
London, United Kingdom.
Tel/Fax: 44 792 459 9055 Ext: 107.
Date: 05 – 09– 2013.

From The Desk of:
Mr. Amyas Morse.

Your Very Urgent Attention,

Re: Immediate Release of your Accumulated Fund Interest Payment

My name is Mr. Amyas Morse, a Consultant with the United Nations and Chairman of United Nations Board of Auditors and Comptroller, we management of United Nation through International Collaboration/Networking Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), wishes to inform you about your re-approval of your fund with its accumulated interest sum of US$1, 870,000.00 that was accrued from your capital sum which all amounted to 11, 870,000.00 and is lying free in the state of fund origin, we have been notified by the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) of World Bank about the release of this approved fund to you through our accredited paying bank in USA.

We want to use this medium to inform you that the above fund with its accumulated interest has been re-approved for payment to you through any of this following options International Certified ATM Card, Bank Draft, Wire Transfer and Diplomatic Cash Delivery to your address, based on your choice and be informed that we have concluded every legal arrangement pending your acknowledgement of this official notice while you provide to us with your reconfirm full information and current contact address together with your direct telephone number if different from what we have.

Meanwhile, be informed that the IMF secretary general has directed that we work in collaborations with the World Bank Financial Crime Commission and have decided to waive away all clearance fees/Charges and authorize us to effect payments without prejudice to the approved beneficiary with immediate effect, so do reconfirm as follows.

Your full name:
Direct phone number:
Mobile Number:
Scan Copy of Identity:

The only thing you need to receive your fund is the UN Notarization of UN Bill of Right after which the “UN Bill of Right” Certificate will be issued to you which will supersede any injunction whatsoever and by then your fund must have been 100% guaranteed. In view of that, the above offices will not be held responsible for your inability to respond to this official letter within 3 banking days, because the World bank has given us a 72 bank working hours as mandate to conclude with this transaction and for your own good interest you should keep this very confidential till you have access to this fund or you confirm your readiness to proceed to our Switzerland Diplomatic Office for face to face Cash Payment with all legal documentation or we will immediately conclude with our paying Bank for the release of your fund, the choice is yours.

In case if you need any further clarification, do not hesitate to ask, we are always there to meet your needs and as a matter of facts and urgency you urgently need to get back to us soonest after reading this mail for better explanations and understandings of yours. Attached is a scan copy of my identity for your own verification in order to ascertain who you are dealing with, so that you will be rest assured.

Have a nice day and God bless you while urgently waiting to hear from you.

Yours in service,

Mr. Amyas Morse
Chairman of United Nations Board of Auditors,
Comptroller and Auditor General, United Kingdom of Great Britain.


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