Gloria C. Mackenzie

Dear Email Owner,

My name is Gloria C. Mackenzie, the 84 years old Florida woman that won the Powerball jackpot of $590,500,000.00 USD, the largest Powerball jackpot in United States history.

I do apologise for sending you this unsolicited email, but your email was selected and submitted to my foundaton, – The Gloria Mackenzie Foundation, after a successful Google,Facebook,& YouTube email-draws/email-promo.

After much consultations with my attorneys, I voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $2,500,000.00 USD to your email ID, this being part of our 2013 Millionaire Donation Project to financially support seven(7) lucky people and ten(10) charity organisations from different parts of the world.

The web-link below will definitely tell you more about me, my family and my late husband;

For claims, Please send your *Full Names:……,*Tel:……*Age:……& *Country:…….and I will instruct my paying Bank, which is (Bank of America, Zephyrhills, Florida) to transfer the sum of $2,500,000.00 USD to you.

Gloria C. Mackenzie•
Copyright ©2013• Gloria Mackenzie’s Donation Project• All Rights Reserved•

One thought on “Gloria C. Mackenzie

  1. Syed Kashif Shah

    Mrs. Gloria Mackenzie
    Sub: Request for giving response
    I received an email dated Sept. 22.2013. That email is:

    [Info] Sept. 22.2013 45B025F4A7-US
    FOR US Lottery TO YOU
    Show Details
    US Lottery
    On Gloria Mackenzie behalf, the US Lottery is glad to inform you that you have been chosen after a careful balloting by Microsoft Data Base Email and US Lottery.
    Your email was submitted to receive grant of $ 1.842,000,00 USD from her charity foundation.
    Please share share joy and verify this by visiting:
    In addition to it, there are more details but I don’t want to write everything.
    After reading this e-mail I showed very careful reaction and didn’t want to have good sense like pet dog. I sent an email to you and asked which email you were talking about. I said it because I had written few ones to media, for example, Afghan issue and its solution, The Zero Performance of Pakistan Army, and Don’t do it, please.
    You didn’t reply me and I ignored this email.
    A horrible problem appeared in front of me when someone followed me on internet and struggled to involve me in illegal activities and asked me for my details, but I neither cooperate with him nor provide anything. This man showed himself as “Barrister Moses Edwin” and his email address
    Due to Barrister Moses Edwin emails, I am writing to learn of this matter.
    I request that you tell me what is going on there, please, please, and please.
    Yours sincerely
    Syed Kashif Shah


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