Rev. Lee Johnson

International Finance Corporation
IFC Accra Regional Office
Hse. No. 1 Central Link Street, South Legon,
P. O. Box CT 2638 Cantonments – Accra, Ghana=20

Attention: Beneficiary=20

This is to inform you that this office did received payment advice from =
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in conjunction with =
the Ministry of Finance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to pay to you =
the total amount of US$5.8 Million. Note that a final approval has been =
given to your claim and your funds have been transferred from the =
International Finance Corporation World Bank Group who has the final =
authority to transfer out of the shores such amount of Fund.=20
We have just received an email from one MR. KAMICHI YASHITA who =
introduced himself as your next of kin also that you have instructed him =
to receive the funds into his account on your behalf. MR. KAMICHI =
YASHITA informed us that you are dead also that the instruction was =
given to him before your death. We have asked him to forward the copy of =
the letter you gave him but have not yet heard from him.=20
We are writing you to confirm this message and if it is not true, you =
are required to forward with immediate effect the following information =
to enable us carry out this transfer to your account within the next 48 =
hours. Forward as a matter of urgency the following:=20

1) Your Full Names:—————————-
2) Your Full Address:————————–
3) Your Telephone Number:———————=20

You don’t have to pay any charges to receive your fund anymore as you =
have met up with the whole requirements, your representatives in Nigeria =
or United Kingdom will tell you to still go ahead with them but know =
that your on own risk. The only thing required from you is to obtain the =
transfer authorization code. Since that is what our correspondent bank =
in USA needs for the transfer of your fund to your designated bank =

And endeavor to give me a call if you know you did not send MR. KAMICHI =
YASHITA for Fund unfailingly anytime of the day, confirming receipt of =
this mail on my Direct Line: +233-243-599-825=20

Please respond to our office Email address:

We await your urgent response.

Rev. Lee Johnson
Direct Line: +233-243-599-825

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