Mr. Linus Adams

Dear Beneficiary,
Follow-up to our meeting two days ago with the Federal Ministry of
Finance (FMF) and the senate committee on finance over your funds
payment, it was finally resolved that your total funds will be paid to
you through our offshore corresponding bank, Saudi British Bank
(SABB)in London Uk.
However, considering the period mandated to complete this payment
exercise, you are therefore without any delay, advised to contact: Mr.
Linus Adams (Director Foreign Payment Department) Saudi British Bank,
London Uk via As soon as you establish a contact with him, he will process and
effect the release and transfer of your fund into your bank account.
So you’re advised to contact (Mr. Linus Adams) immediately and provide
him the following information as stated below:
1. Your Full Names:
2. Physical Address
3. Your Age:
4. Occupation:
5. Telephone Numbers:
6. Country:
7. Bank information
NOTE: The amount to be paid to you is (16,600,000.00 GBP) Sixteen Million
Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds. We expect your urgent response to
this email to enable us monitor this payment effectively.
Best Regard
Mr. Linus Adams

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