Hussein Harmush

Dear Friend,
I am Hussein from Syria, presently now with the United Nations
on asylum. I got your contact from a web business directory on
investment.Please I seek your assistance in the following ways:
1.To assist me look for a profitable business in your country (where I can
invest to sustain my living until the political crisis in my country is
2.To assist me purchase a living home, .I have $21,000,000.00USD in
financial institution  .Should there be a need for an evidence, or a
prove of my seriousness and genuineness. I have a Certificate of Deposit as
a prove of fund.
Please assist me to come over to your country for resettlement and
investment.I will compensate you greatly for this help.I am also ready to
associate with a local partner, provided your Government will give me a
Residence Permit.
Could you please send me an email to enable me know you have received my email.
Hussein Harmush

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