Jenny Bishop have will/donated her inheritance fund to you for humanitarian work. For claim info, reach out to her attorney on email address:
Yours faithfully,
Alfie Perrin

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  1. mark baughman

    IS THIS REAL ,….Do you know what this is?
    Mark Baughman
    Dear Beneficiary,

    It is my great pleasure to receive your email. It might interest you to know that the first email you received was sent to you with the help of personal assistance to my client Mrs. Jenny Bishop who is willing you the sum of $12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million United State Dollars) for humanitarian purpose. I am using this medium to inform you that this Willed funds claim is 100% legitimate, please kindly decline if you wish not to claim the willed funds. We will not be in any way to appreciate receiving unwarranted proposition from you, so after you have read this email and you wish to claim the Willed funds do send below information for fund release. In respect of Mrs. Jenny Bishop, it might interest you to know that Late Mr. Lloyd Bishop and wife Mrs. Jenny Bishop are very honest and nice family you could ever think of. It’s so sad now to see Mrs. Jenny Bishop suffering from long time illness, well I still have the faith that nothing is too difficult for God to do in her case. As a matter of fact, she has told me that anybody that writes me either she is dead or alive, I should not hesitate to deal with him or her in respect of the deposited cash of $12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million United State Dollars) to carry out her good will.

    Right now, the cash in question is deposited at the bank. If am sure and pleased with your willingness and sincerity to carry out the responsibility in accordance to the donor’s good intention, am going to give you proceeding for funds release to you. Please you have to be highly confidential in this transaction till we finalize this project and you now have the funds in your hand/custody because I would not want anything to jeopardize the funds release to you. On your reply email you are to send the requested information below to this office.

    Your Name:


    Contact Address:


    Your Age:


    Tell/Cell Number:

    The requested information above is what i will use in making arrangement for the necessary paper work in your name that will enable the fund release to you. I know you will be wondering how your email was chosen, Mrs. Jenny Bishop did an online search by herself and she chooses you after she found your email address from the Human resources data base. You need not to worry because this transaction is problem free and 100% legitimate.


    – The total sum of $12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million United State Dollars) will be released/transferred to you confirm able in 3 working days.

    – All correspondence will be strictly by private email/telephone for security purposes.

    – There should be no third parties involve in this transaction as most problems associated with such payments are caused by their

    agents/representatives/advisers. If you AGREE with this directives and my condition, you are to send the requested information above for immediately fund transfer to you the beneficiary.

    I await your prompt positive reply.

    Your Sincerely,

    Attorney Gilbert Rogers

    Law Office of Gilbert Rogers

  2. jason

    got same one r any of u disabled or on disabilty soc sec ect that is my question im on soc sec maby thats where they got r emails like a puzzle how they get r emails or if u r disabled how


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