Harah Kiku

We are pleased to inform you of the email award program for internet users.
Your email address was the star pick from the automated ballot system. You
are entitled to receive the lump sum amount of Five Million Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars.

This is an award program for the usage of the internet and all email
addresses entered for the promotional draws were randomly selected from an
internet resource database of registered software and domain users.
This promotional draw was conducted in Asia and Europe, but email entries were
drawn on a global basis.

*Draw Number: 1794
*Winning Amount : $5,500,000.00USD

You are required to establish contact with your
claims agent via e-mail with the particulars presented
Contact: Mr. peter wood

Email contact: mrpeterwood2013@hotmail.com
Email contact: mrpeterwood2013@hotmail.com

In line with the governing rules of claim, You are required
to contact your claims agent via e-mail with your Draw Number: 1794.


Harah Kiku
Online Coordinator
N.B. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the
Winners will result to disqualification.

NOTE: You are to contact your claims officer
immediately. In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications,
please remember to quote your draw number in every one
of your correspondence.


The Bedford Lotto International Program ©
The Bedford Lotto Inc. All rights reserved ©

3 thoughts on “Harah Kiku


    Por alguien me puede decir que significa esto? no tengo tiempo para jugar y tampoco tengo dinero para que me estafen.

    Gracias. de eso tan bueno no dan tanto.


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