Mrs. Franca Lee

Attention: Western Union Beneficiary,


This is to apprise you that $1,500,000.00USD was paid out to us by the United Nations in conjunction with Microsoft, with an attached Authorization Code as: (32b1M/58UN6).They have succeeded in depositing “your” total funds of $1,500,000.00 with us here at Western Union, Malaysia.You will be paid out on a daily installmental basis of $7,600.00USD daily.

Do E-mail Mrs. Franca Lee: ( ) with your; Full name, Address, Sex (male or female), Age, Tel/Fax & Country Or call +(601)-0389-9332 for any inquiries on the above message.

Yours truly,
Mrs. Franca Lee
For UN/Western Union Payment Service.

7 thoughts on “Mrs. Franca Lee

  1. JJ

    moving money for better
    Payment Order #: WUMT-8635/2013

    This is to confirm your application for the release of your grant award payment in the on-going United Nations Poverty Alleviation Program .
    Be advised that it has been designated that the sum of $7,600.00 USD (Seven Thousand Six Hundred United States Dollars) be paid to you daily through the Western Union
    Money Transfer service as approved by U.N, till the total amount of $1,500,000.00 USD (One Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) is paid to you.

    As a matter of urgency, in order not to waste more of your time before you start receiving your funds, Please be informed that an activation fee’s for your first
    transaction must be paid before the Western Union Payment Center initiates your transaction.
    And to this effect, the head of transfer department has not yet activated your first transfer of $7,600 USD.

    But not to worry much, you will start receiving your daily installment’s after we confirm your payment of $285.00 USD for your western union account activation,and
    after that your first installment of $7,600.00 USD will be released to you, and other installments will follow in 24 hours.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Without your payment of $285.00 USD for your Western Union Account Registration/Activation, your name can not be activated in the western union database as the receiver of the funds.

    You are advised to email or call this office to get details for the payment of your Registration/Activation when you are ready to start receiving your installment payments.
    Once the payment of $285.00 USD is made by you, your first installment will be released after 12 hours and shall be made payable to you in any western union location
    of your choice.

    Note: No deductions can be made from your funds because we where not authorized by U.N to do so. Your complete $1,500,000.00 USD (One Million Five Hundred Thousand
    United States Dollars) was deposited to Western Union by the Attorney of the United Nations Organization, and the funds must reach you in its fullest.
    We await a confirmation of your email informing us when you want to settle your activation fee so you can start receiving your installment payments.
    If you need to discuss this matter further, kindly provide us with your valid telephone number and a Western Union representative will call you as regards to your
    activation, You may also decide to call me personally to discuss the above issue @+601 0389 9332. (00601-0389–9332).

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Franca Lee.
    Telephone: +(601)-0389-9332
    Western Union Payment Service.

  2. Valerie Hunter

    I received almost exactly this email but was told to send $387, I wrote back & told them I give them permission to take the fee out of my first installment.

    It really is unfair that they do this to people. Especially to someone like me who could definitely use the money.

    I wish I could report and sue these people who run scams like this.

  3. evr

    is the UN aware of what she/he is doing?how about western Union? can’t they not trace her/his location? am just asking coz i also received exactly the same can he/she can exist without conscience? i hope and pray that he/she will realize that what he/she is doing is not good and people like him/her should vanish from this world.


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