Dr. Godwin Jones

Attention Beneficiary.

United Nations Scam victim compensation. With Due respect to the present recession in the economy, we are glad to inform you that your compensation payment verification is confirmed okay.

Consequently, it is our pleasure to informed you that your ATM Card Number: 4929492817778003 has been approved and upgraded in your favor. Meanwhile, your secret pin number………. The ATM Card Value is US$950,000.00 each. for part payment so Be aware that a maximum withdrawal value of US$5,000 is permitted daily or any amount you wish to withdraw according to mode of your payment by the ATM machine in your area. We have also concluded delivery arrangement with our accredited courier service company to be fully insured by Insurance Corporation to oversea the delivery of the ATM Card to you without any further delay.

Affirmatively, delivery will be made to your address within 72 hours on confirmation of you house address.
Be aware that the delivery fee receipt will be attached to your payment delivery document to avoid delay at the customs,IMF or any other office.

Please advise the preferred time of visitation to deliver so that we can inform the courier service company. Your valid I.D card must be presented to the dispatcher before release will be done to you to avoid wrong delivery. Resend your valid identification card and direct telephone number if possible. Treat as very urgent, as we also remind you once again that your ATM Card is ready. An urgent response will be to your advantage.

Sincerely yours,
Dr.Godwin Jones
ATM card director
UBA Bank Plc Benin

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