Donald Lawson

Greetings.... I am Mr Donald Lawson, of Lapeer, MI 48446 USA. I won $337 million in the Powerball Millions Lottery as introduced on Friday August 17th 2012 by Michigan Lottery Officials.

Please share in my joy and verify this by visiting:

It is a thing of joy for us; Hence the need to disburse fraction of our winnings; to Good spirited individuals, Churches, Orphanages and Charities. 

Under Individual category; Your email address amongst other (4) Lucky ones was submitted to receive grant of $1,000,000 USD from us. This was certified after careful balloting by Microsoft Data Base Email And Google Management Team.

Please provide your data (Detailed information) below to enable us certify a Bank Draft in your name to your operational bank account.

Full Name:
Scan copy of identification:
For claims, forward above details via email to:

Donald Lawson,
Lapeer, MI 48446 USA.

One thought on “Donald Lawson

  1. Richard Parks

    I am the third party to receive this award, but was wondering how did you manage to pick my e-mail address? I was NOT addressed by name and as I said before there is little for me to lose. I started Chemo two weeks and do not have a lot ambition to play games nor be deceived. Truly Yours, Richard Parks 443-527-6127


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