Mr. Fanjiang Meng


I am Mr. Fanjiang Meng, I write this brief email to call for your collaboration
in a partnership, i shall tell you all about this when i hear from you.
if interested reply me now via my email below for further discussion
about this transaction.

Personal Email:

One thought on “Mr. Fanjiang Meng

  1. Chauncey M Freeman

    I Was Lucky. He contacted me, and jusy when I was about to open a Banking Account in London, England a little light came on in my 69 year old head. I telephoned Scoland Yard and discovered that the Bank he had directed me to open an account in was not accepting any new accounts. I telephoned the Director of said bank, and found out that he has been receiving several like complaints every day. Then as I should have done from the Git-Go I looked up Fanjiang Mend an POP GO THE WEASEL, the WEASEL being one Mr. Fanjiang Meng. Money is the root of all evil. GOD’S WORD IS OUR BEST TEACHER.

    Chauncey M Freeman
    Senior Chief
    United States Navy Retired


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