Mrs. Vivian Douglas

From the Desk Of: Mrs.
Vivian Douglas,
Director, Foreign
New Paymaster General,
Central Bank of Nigeria
Tinubu Square Lagos
Tel: 234-8082812619,
Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CBX/021/2013
Transfer Notice For Your Due Funds (US$10,700,000).
Attn: Beneficiary,
I am Mrs. Vivian Douglas, New Paymaster General, Central Bank of Nigeria. I saw a file in your name with all your information from our central computer stating that abandoned fund worth of US$10.7 Millions of Dollars belongs to you, Please; I want to know from you the reason why you abandoned such big fund up till this time without any claim.
We hereby officially notifying you about the present arrangement to pay you, your overdue contract/inheritance fund which you could not complete the process of the released of your transfer pin code through the Digitalized Payment System. We have decided to pay your funds to you through bank to bank wired transfer into your nominated bank account direct from posting bank CBN, This arrangement was initiated/constituted by the World Bank and IMF, due to fraudulent activities going on within the African Region. You are officially contacted today because your Inheritance/contract Funds was Re-deposited into the “Federal Suspense Account” of CBN last week, because you did not proceed with your Claim as the rightful beneficiary which is well known to the board and management team of Central Bank of Nigeria.
This is to let you know that i was told to contact as quickly as possible today, like i stated in my mail your name appear in our Central Computer here as a contractor who have not receive his contract payment.  Be informed that your funds US$10,700,000.00 (Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only.) has been approved by Mr. President Federal Republic of Nigeria for immediate payment through bank to bank wire transfer, and we  have made every arrangement regarding your payment.
I wish to officially notify you that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this letter. Be assured that this transaction is 100% hitch free and my promise is that you will receive your fund within (48) forty-eight hours without any delay. It is quite unfortunate that you have not receive your funds till now.
Please do not disclose this payment update to anybody because we are very much aware that you have been dealing with unscrupulous elements for a long time and we do not want them to have any idea of this payment to avoid them getting information and start contacting you again. Meanwhile, you are required to fill in the below form and send it back so that we can proceed on the transfer of US$10.7M only into your bank account you will provide below. Call me for more discussion on my direct telephone number: 234-8082812619. Do reconfirm your information to avoid any mistake.
A. personal information.
(1) Full name:
(2) Your Complete Address:
(3) Direct Telephone Number:
(4) Mobile Number:
(5) Fax Number:
(B) Banking information.
(1) Receiving bank name:
(2) Bank address:
(3) Bank tel:
(4) Bank fax:
(5) Swift code:
(6) Routing #:
(7) Account #:
(8) Account holder name:
(9) Beneficiary name:
(10) Attach copy of your drivers license/int’l passport for identification purposes.
Nothing to worry about all we need is your Prompt Response and Co-operation by Gods Grace we will have a successful transaction. Upon confirmation of the above information, your payment will be released through bank to bank wired transfer into your nominated bank account direct from posting bank, Central Bank of Nigeria. You are therefore advised to reply urgently as soon as you receive this letter.
Make sure you get back to me immediately before closing of office today. Thanks and have a great and wonderful day more ahead.
Best Regards,
Mrs. Vivian Douglas (Esq).
New New Paymaster General,
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
Tel: 234-8082812619

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