Colin & Christine Weir

Dear Winner,

This is a confidential message addressed to your email. My name is Mr Colin Weir, and I am the richest British EuroMillions Lottery winner in the United Kingdom.

On 12.07.2011, My wife and I won the EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot of £161 Million GBP and we have voluntarily donated the sum of £1,500,000.00 GBP to You, this being part of our 2013 Millionaire Donation Project to financially support seven(7) unknown lucky individuals all over the world.

Your email address was luckily selected via a Google & Facebook sponsored email-draws, and we decided to put this on the internet for the world to see in other to relinquish any doubts. The News link below will give you an insight as regard our donations;

For immediate release of these donated funds, send your *Full Names:……,*Tel:….. *Age:…..& *Country:…..and we will instruct our payout Bank to transfer the sum of £1.5 Million GBP to you.

Colin & Christine Weir•
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