Rose Willams


My name is Rose willams I am an American Nurse and a member of the Red Cross Organization in Afghanistan. I am presently serving in the Organization as a casualty nurse of the 1st infantry military Division, I am responsible for casualty internship in the camp.
I am seeking for your assistance and cooperation to help me secure and invest $15Million United States Dollars. The funds originated here in Afghanistan.

I will give you further details when I hear from you but you must assure me that you will not betray me. This money is currently in the custody of finance firm where it is deposited for safe-keeping. I need a sincere person whom I shall nominate as my agent/confidant who would also assist me through the safe delivery of this fund and to further my plans in property investment.

However, due to my present staff age commitment and code of conduct in the Organization which makes it impossible for me to transfer the money into my account. This is the reason i ask for your hand in partnership, I shall let you have an appreciable percentage of 40% of the total money.

Hope i can trust you with this information, and please indicate your interest and i will give your more details concerning this transaction, and i will be very happy if you can reply back to me through my email address. (

Rose willams

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