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Dear western union customer,
For 150 years, WESTERN UNION has been connecting people. At WESTERN UNION, there’s so much more than acrimony you’re sending. Every sender and receiver is important to us. To celebrate our 150th Anniversary Switzerland , we’re rewarding our customers with prizes of USD500,000.00 Because you sent money on-line, from an agent location or received money through WESTERN UNION , you’ve been selected. However, you are required to forward the following information for immediate payment of your USD500,000.00
1) Receivers Name:………………..
2) Beneficiary Name:………..
3) Home Address:……………
4) Your Mobile Telephone Number:…. ………
5) YOUR) ID ……………….
6) YOUR AGE …………..
8) Test Question…………….
9) Test Answer………………..
We have informed the proper authority about the transfer and to ensure smooth transaction without any delay. With the support of the authority you have nothing to fear or worry about the transaction, it is legitimate confirmed and approved from the Minister of finance. For you to start receiving the MTCN of $5000 USD daily you have to contact Mr.Solomon Patric with below information then pay him $177 USD which is the transfer charges of each $5000 USD; Lotto board of director warned Western Union not to deduct any money from the total sum for you to receive the fund complete and to avoid shortage of any kind. Contact Mr.Solomon Ikeh and pay him $177 for the release of your first MTCN of $5000 immediately.
All that is required of you now before receiving your first installment payment is to proceed to the nearest Western Union Money Transfer outlet and then request to send $177 USD to us through the western union money transfer Foreign Operations Manager Mr.Solomon Patric with the below information’s:
1. Receivers Name: Jacob Ukase
2. Receivers Address: Lagos, Nigeria.
3. Amount: $177 USD
4. Question: In God?
5. Answer: We Trust.
Your first installment will be released after (2) hours and shall be made payable to you after we received the transfer charges for the $5,000.00 USD Five Thousand United State Dollars we have just sent to you. And for each $5,000.00 USD transferred to you, you will only have to pay the $177 USD before collection. Please not that we can not deduct the transfer
charges from your funds because we where not authorized by Lotto board of director to do so. Your complete $500,000.00 USD was deposited to us by the Anthony to the Lotto board of directors, and the funds must reach you in its fullest. Please proceed with the above payment instructions fill in the under listed details for confirmation:
Send us these details for confirmation of your payment.
1. Sender Names: ?
2. Sender Address: ?
3.Sender country:?
4. Amount Sent: ?
5. M.T.C.N: ?
We awaits your activation fee today, so you can start receiving your install mental payment as from today. And also send us a scan copy of the payment slip.
You will be contacted by a WESTERN UNION as soon as you forward your required information and you will receive the USD500,000.00 prizes immediately from us. Save time, send money, earn rewards! WESTERN UNION is a service people trust.
Mr.Solomon Patric
Thank you for using WESTERN UNION !
We endeavor to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard your Information. We also endeavor to restrict Information access to our employees, agents and representatives that need to know it. western union will never disclose your personal or billing information to a third party.western
union Money Transfer.
Note: Disregard any email you get from any impostors or offices claiming to be in possession of your FUND you are hereby advice only to be in contact with .Mr.Solomon Patric who is the rightful person to deal with in regards to your payment and forward any emails you get from impostors to this office so we could act upon it immediately. Help stop cyber crime.
Yours Faithfully,
Direct:Telephone Number:+2348130613483

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