Anthony Kather

Clientscape MANAGEMENT®
Positions available- Personal Assistant, customer service evaluator/M.evaluator, SALES /CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, Administrative Assistant,

We at Clientscape MANAGEMENT understand the importance of customer service, not only with regard to customer loyalty, but also to revenue and increased sales. We realize that employees provided excellent customer service while they were present, and wondered if the same service levels were provided when they weren’t there. To answer this question, we implemented a basic evaluation program and other services (Personnel, admin asst, analyst,) to visit their business and evaluate the service provided. The information they gained was invaluable. Realizing that this service would benefit companies in every industry, Clientscape MANAGEMENT ®was conceptualized. The company started its operations in 1988 serving companies throughout the Midwest.

Customer service evaluation is a tool used externally by market research companies or watchdog organizations or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service or compliance to regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The Evaluator specific identity is generally not known by the establishment being evaluated. Evaluators perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.


I will notify you and provide you with funds for your first assignment which I will also provide you with details of what you need to do.


Your payment would be sent weekly, Also the company is in charge of providing you with all expense money for the shopping and other expenses incurred during the course of your assignment.


1} when an assignment is given to you, you would be provided with details to execute the assignment.

2} You would be asked to visit stores in your area as a Customer service evaluator and shop with them to know more about their sales and stock , cost sales and more details as provided by the company then report back to us with details of whatever transpired at the store. But anything you buy at the shop belongs to you, all we want is an effective/quick job and reports.


Before any assignment we would provide you with the resources needed {cash}Mostly our company would send you a Money Orders/check which you can cash and use for the assignment. But you follow every single information given to you as a Customer service evaluator.

You can earn more which involves nothing more than shopping at a number of selected retailers and assessing their customer service and reporting back.

With this i believe you have an idea on your first assignment which i will be giving you instructions for in my next mail

Please acknowledge receipt of this email

Please complete contact information below





Zip/Postal Code:

Alternate E-mail:

Primary Phone:

Your Total commitment is however needed

I will await your prompt response.

Best Wishes and Regards

Anthony kather

Evaluation Coordinator

Clientscape MANAGEMENT
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11 thoughts on “Anthony Kather

  1. Scott A McQuarrie

    I have now received this e-mail offer of employment three times, each one has had a new name associated with it. The money orders you get are so phoney it appears it was done on a copy machine. Not even
    a good copy. Don’t fall for it!!! this is the new person to get in touch with.
    .Franklin Allen

    Evaluation Coordinator

    Clientscape MANAGEMENT
    ©2006-2013Clientscape MANAGEMENT LLC

  2. Sonia

    Richard Powell is the signatory on the email I have received.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Think I will give it a wide berth.

  3. Jay

    I was sent the same email an it is a scam
    I tried to contact Richard Powell an haven’t
    Got a response it’s to good to b true

  4. Aura Brens

    I knew it was to good to true. Has any body looked them up in the BBB, I will and I get a chance!

  5. leila lightfoot

    Guys been helping the internal fraud unit of a certain agency.
    There is a group of specific indiciduals using this scam.
    The normal things they ask for are simple:name,number,address,email.
    These scams always involve receiving checks/money orders delivered to your house or in some cases picking up money and packages from USPS, going to YOUR bank , depositing checks/wd all funds immediately or cashing the money orders…..some require you to have a yahoo IM account (because only yahoo lets you register with faulty info)…either always wind up cashing the checks /mo’s asap/transffering funds via WESTERN UNION as quickly as possibly…..becuse in a few days those checks will bounce…and whatever bank you scammed with that fake money order…very angry…and pressing charges on you .

    so ANTHONY, franklin scott,billy,justin….and the rest of you just trying to help us guys out….guess what?
    things just changed.

  6. Cindy Toothman

    I received two (2) USPS money orders for $950.00 a piece. I was told to keep $250.00 for my commission, $50.00 to “mystery shop” with and the Western Union fees for sending the “leftover money”! I called the USPS hotline to check money orders and guess what??? They were fakes!!! Filed a formal complaint, took the money orders and the Priority Mail envelope to my local post office and have sent the information to my local TV station that has a special reporter that looks into these cases and reports them to the public! I also sent an email back to Anthony Kather tell him to go f*(& himself and hoping he has a nice day!!!

  7. Tasia williams

    I received the check in the mail. I figured it was a scam after i was almost scammed by another company. I immediately tried to look up this company. When I couldn’t find a legitimate website, I knew it was a scam. I will be returning to sender that check.

  8. AJ



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