Ms. Rubiah Maria Bashir


I have received your mail and I must first of all show my appreciation over the fact that you have given heed to the entreaty of a dying Family. Only God knows why He has chosen you for this Mission of reaching out to the poor and needy.

Beloved, in my resolve to actualize my dying wish, I have decided to let go of everything that I have especially now that my health has become a sorry tale. I now live at the mercy of various drugs and operations which certainly cannot remedy anything.

Beloved, before we will be able to proceed further, it would be required of you to send me the following information so that I will be able to send an official letter to the Bank to inform them that I have named you the Beneficiary of my Funds and that you will be contacting them for the claims.

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Telephone and Fax numbers:
Marital Status:

Due to my present predicament, my Attorney will help me process a Letter of Authority and a Power of Attorney naming you the Beneficiary of my Consignment. These Legal Documents that will be issued with your information will also help to facilitate your claims of my Funds from the Bank.

Beloved, I beg of you to deal with me honestly and render me your assistance to the fullest of your capacity. You would be helping a dying Family and most importantly you would be touching the lives of a huge number of people through this Mission.

I hope that I will be able to count on you while I wait patiently for the time to come as my bones are slowly cleaving into my skin.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

In God’s Arms,
Ms. Rubiah Maria Bashir

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