Mr. Vijay Ragunathan

Western Union Foundation Malaysia Grants 2013
Tel: +601-490-68192
(Your Reference Number is: WUF/MY97715/400BQMY)

Dear Western Union Customer,

The Western Union Foundation was created to help individuals, families and communities worldwide. The Foundation supports charitable giving programs, education and human services programs and humanitarian projects and relief efforts. So far we have granted $47 million to 1,500 organizations in 70 countries, supported 500 non-traditional students with scholarships, partnered with 150 Western Union Agents in charitable programs, and supported over 50 disaster relief operations and Last Year (2012) Over 5 Million US Dollars was also Granted to Individuals and Organizations: 
 In this Year 2013 Grant, E-mail Addresses of Western Union Customers were used and your Email Address and Two (2) Others were chosen from over 40,000 Selected Western Union Users worldwide to the Western Union Foundation Grants Program, Below are the 3 Selected E-mails Granted $400,000.00 USD Each: 

First Selected E-mail:-
Second Selected E-mail:-
Third selected E-mail:-
This message serves as an Official Winning Notification and If you have received this message, then WESTERN UNION FOUNDATION MALAYSIAwishes to Congratulate you over your email Selection Success which has emerged you the Grant Winner of $400,000.00 USD (Four HundredThousand U.S Dollars) along side with Three (2) Others. Be informed that your Funds will be sent to you via the Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card to your Home Address and it can be used to Withdraw Funds with a Daily Limit of $10,000 USD Per Day until the Full amount is Fully withdrawned.Below is the SAMPLE of the Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card that will be SENT to you: 
NOTE: The Delivery of your Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card to you is FREE, But the Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card must be Activated before it can be Delivered to you and be able to be used to WithdrawMoney in any ATM MACHINE worldwide, Remember that the withdrawalLimit is $10,000 USD Per Day
Meanwhile the Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card ACTIVATION Fee is $290 USD and Once the Activation fee Of $290 USD is SENT by you, it will take just 48 Hours for your Western Union MoneyWise Card to get to you and it will be delivered to you via DHL.

Kindly Re-Confirm and Provide your Delivery Information, Where your Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card should be sent to you after Activation
:1. RECEIVER’S NAME:……………….
2. FULL ADDRESS:………………….
4. PHONE NUMBER:………………….

Filling the Delivery Information above means that you are Ready to Activate your Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card and Once More Be Informed that without the payment of $290 USD we cannot proceed with the Delivery of your Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card

We await a confirmation email from you filling the FORM above AND also informing us when you wish to remit the Payment of $290 USD for theActivation of your Western Union MoneyWise Visa Card 

Thanks for Your Understanding!

Mr.Vijay Ragunathan
Foreign Operation Manager
Office Line: +601-490-68192

   ©2013 Western Union Foundation, Malaysia Inc.

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