George Uche

Mamman Kontagora House
23A, Marina Street.
P. M. B. 12881, Lagos.
+234 708 892 8475.


I am Mr. George Uche, the Director of inheritance / contract claims investigation at the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). We have currently been investigating your claim under the auspices of the Joint Regulatory Commission of the Presidency and NDIC. Incidentally, we have discovered during the course of the investigation that the agencies that were responsible for your claim settlement have lost credibility. This is because the credit facility extended to them for the said payment has since expired, and as a result of that, they are unable to offset your fund. They have resorted to charging you all forms of fees and advance payments to no avail.

NDIC, being the agency responsible for underwriting the guarantee for your claim has therefore, called for the retransmittal of your funds from offshore credit. Under the Joint Regulatory Commission, we have appointed a sole fiduciary agent that will handle the transfer of your funds through a direct wire transferoption to your bank account as you may nominate.
By this arrangement, you are not required to travel to anywhere outside your country before your funds reach your account.

Your funds originated from a legitimate claim here. It is not possible for you to be paid from anywhere else outside here. You must therefore, stop your contact with those people claiming to have access to your funds with immediate effect.

We are working under the auspices of the Joint Regulatory Commission, and we intend to speed up the process of your claim settlement.

Call me immediately on my direct telephone: +234 708 892 8475, so that we can discuss the details of thedirect wire transfer arrangement.

Yours faithfully,
George Uche

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