Ambassador James Knight



Subject: Irrevocable Release/Transfer Atm Visa Card Notice for your due funds (US$5,500,000:00).

It is very important that the recipient of this letter should call this my office in other to confirm it to us that this very letter was received by the true beneficiary.

Be informed that it is only  noble US Embassy Anbassador  to Benin Republic  that has the right to pay you considering the instructions from President Barrack Obama and the President Yayi Boni of Benin. Sequel to your email correspondence you are advised to read this official letter very carefully because every paragraph explains what you need to know about the Release and Transfer Atm Visa Card of your due funds valued US$5,500,000:00. At this point, we wish to remind you to stop all further contact with any person or person(s) whom is not recommended by this US Embassay Benin. Our Intelligence Monitoring Unit (I.M.U) and our Legal Department are already prosecuting the apprehended suspects who attempted to delay and divert your funds.

It verified that your Atm Visa Card has been in this US Embassy  Anbassador over two Week now waiting for delivering after the Release Order as be sign by an credited Lawyers from EFCC,IMF,W.BANK ,ECOWAS,F.M.B &F.G.B and my humbly self has secure an senior advocate for you as directed by Federal Supreme Court .

We are glad to announce it to you once more that the Executive Board of Directors EFCC,IMF,W.BANK ,ECOWAS,F.M.B &F.G.B have collectively Approved and signed on your  half of the Atm Visa Card demanded by my office and my advocate Lawyer right here .The certified documentation authorizing this department is save and secure and your Atm Card is ready ,account will be send to you  if needed for verification A copy should  forwarded to you from our Legal Department for official references.

In other words, we are to put end  to this with you as this Embassy has signed your Atm Visa Card on your half as  demanded EFCC,IMF,W.BANK ,ECOWAS,F.M.B &F.G.B  on your behalf.This Embassy  did not see any reason which holding you not to send the deliverying charges $250 as demended by save and secure deliverying companies here  to put this to end to have your Atm Visa Card.This Embassy  are very much ready to dispatch your Card if only you should abide with the authority of this my office US Embassy,EFCC,IMF,W.BANK ,ECOWAS,F.M.B &F.G.B.Be rest assured that you will receive your due Atm Card as soon as possible. Officially, under  48hrs after effect of receiving the payment of the dilevering.

Accordingly, so be,  this mode of payment is defined as one of the best and safest mode to remit huge funds internationally as it is absolutely different from the usual swift transfer which takes longer time. Most banks within the United States of America, Europe and other developed countries operate with this because it is a recent innovation in the banking industry.

Consequent to the fact that this office is responsible to pay you, it is still my duty to enlighten you on the accurate steps to take in other for you to gain full possession of your funds valued (US$5,500,000:00). In the combat against fraud, funds diversion and funds delay, we have re-lengthily ensured that several foreign beneficiaries have been paid accordingly in other to retain and rekindle our country’s reputation on the global map because this recent government dispensation is focused and targeted to relieve all foreign debts as mandated by The Senate, The National House of Assembly, The Federal Executive Council (F.E.C), Code of Conduct Bureau and The Federal Ministry of Finance (F.M.F). Already, a lot of foreign beneficiaries have been paid by this office so yours will not be an exception considering the fact that your funds have been approved.

Enclosed  here.,In accordance to section (1) paragraph 9 of the Settlement Edict Law of The Federal Republic of Benin Republic of 1992, it is imperative that you fill the Cash your Atm Visa CARD”A” .

To this effect, kindly call this bank immediately. TEL: +229-988-660-46

Thanks ,Waiting for your urgent reply and call me immediately .
Contact me through this email address( )

Ambassador James Knight
American Embassy Benin Republic
01BP 2012 Cotonou Benin

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  2. Shuanne Pitman

    Hi i am from New Zealand and i have been sent an email from a James knight saying if i want to claim my sum of $2.5 Million i have to sent a fee of $75 usd in order to get this money as this is really not funny as i am struggling to feed my family and to get this email was a shook so please i want to know is this for real or is this a scam please call me or email me back please +6402108208641-+64092962263 or email


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