Barrister Hollis Grey Chambers

Barristers’ Chambers:
Queen Elizabeth Building,
Temple, London EC4Y 9BS

  Tel: +44 879 159 984
FAX: +44-870-974-8264


This chamber has just received a fax from the probate court stating that all probate application and release of the court probate order document need to be Submitted to the court without waste much time or if all relevant information including the court endorsement fee is yet to be received by the court from your end on before the end of court sittings by Monday 26th 2012 there will be aREVOCATION/NULLIFICATION of your bequest application. Thereby have the bequest REVOKE.

Subject to this notice, this chamber do hereby advise to promptly get back to the court or keep this chamber informed of whatever arrangement you are making on ground as to enable us file immediate appeal to the court or should made it know to the court on before Monday sitting as to enable them grant you few more time if necessary in meeting with the endorsement process.

Henceforth,  This chamber will be waiting to receive a prompt response from your end and the level you have done with the application process with the court 
Note: it will be advisable to promptly response to this mail in getting back to this chamber or contact the court immediately time any necessary action is pronounce on your bequest.

Congratulations and have a nice day ahead of you.

Call me upon the receipt of this mail Tel: +44 871 915 9984

Endeavor to get back to this chamber
Yours in Service,

PRINCIPAL PARTNERS: Barrister Linda Strudwick.Esq Peter Finnigan, Tom
Kark Esq, Mr. Heather Norton Esq

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