Jeanneau LTD


I am a District Finance Director with Jeanneau . I had asked our corporate recruiter to search for candidates that have attributes that are consistent with some of our top performers, and they recommended that I contact you.

We are now interviewing people for a position that just got vacant. We are looking for motivated candidates who are interested in the financial business.

Experience – Entry-Level

Job Requirements:

High school graduate.

Attention to detail.

Is educated and is an active learner.

Understand and carry out oral instructions.

Has the initiative to solve problems and to get things done correctly and on time.

Type correspondence, reports and other documents.

Prepare documents and reports on the computer

Decision making skills

Managing files

Strong work ethic



Vision/Eye Care Insurance


Flexible Spending Accounts

Life Insurance



8 Paid Holidays

Direct Deposit of Paycheck.

Sick/Personal Days

Employee Assistance Programs

Overtime/Travel Premiums/Comp Time

Vacation Time

Health Insurance

Dental Insurance


Once I receive your email expressing your interest I will send you an online introduction of our company and the exact job description.


Kind Regards

Sourcing Manager

Jeanneau LTD

Jeanneau Varvs AB: 556707-2334

EU VAT ID number Jeanneau  : SE556707233401

FAX  +1 212 999 8888

FAX  +1 212 999 2315

Robert McCalman

My name is Mr.Robert McCalman, I work with the Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited,as a group head treasury department. There is a domiciliary account that has remained dormant for five years now with Ten million Eight hundred thousand United States dollars ($10.8m) in it and I have monitored the account carefully.
Having monitored and investigated this account, I discovered that the account holder is dead and left no next of kin to the amount.I have made efforts to return this money to his country but there is no significant evidence at hand.
I am writing you so that we can work together to remit this amount of money into your account as an Investment partner to the depositor (Deceased).I have contacted an Attorney for this purpose though he is not aware of the entire position. It is simple process which will take a short while to process.
Outside this, the bank management will confiscate this amount of money as uncleared effects and send back to The British deposit insurance corporation account.I will definitely intimate you on what you need to know about the project and the operational method we can use to effect the remittance into your account for our mutual benefit.I will send to you my direct phone number when I hear from you.
Be sure that you confirm receipt of this important mail.
Best regards,
Mr. Robert McCalman.

Andrew Tweedie

Milbank Tower, 12th Floor 21-24;
Milbank London SW1P 4QP ENGLAND
Tel: +447053826803

Attn: Beneficiary,

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world.

Each autumn, the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF) hold their Annual Meetings to discuss a range of issues related to poverty reduction, international economic development and finance. The Annual Meetings provide a forum for international cooperation and enable the Bank and Fund to better serve their member countries. As one of the outcomes of the 2015 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group held in Washington D.C. April 17-19, 2015, it was decided that IMF will monitor the payment of funds currently floating in the international financial database.

Consequently, we write to notify you that you are among those that have a huge sum of money accredited in their names for transfer and is currently floating in the international banking community. These funds originated from unpaid contractor sum, inheritance/next of kin and lottery beneficiaries that originated from  Europe, Asia,Plus the Middle east, American and Africa. You are among the list of individuals and companies whose unpaid funds have been approved for payment under the supervision of United Kingdom representative office of the International Monetary Fund.

Under the stipulated guidelines of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other member countries of the United Nations, any amount of money that has been found in the international financial database awaiting to be transferred without claims after the submission of every payment report shall be confiscated and forfeited to the United Nations account.

We do hereby ask you to contact this office within 14 days of receiving this notification to enable us advice you on how to make your claim or consider your fund confiscated. Remember to send your current direct phone number for easy communication.

Contact us via E-mail:

NAME IN FULL………………….

Andrew Tweedie.
Finance Department Director, International Debt Settlement Unit.
IMF – United Kingdom Representative Office.

Don Chisco


This message is from Federal ministry of finance Benin Republic, we are to let you know that we have finally concluded with Diamond Bank Benin to release your full compensation payment of $2.5,000.000 US Dollars to you through Western Union and you will be receiving the sum of $6000.00 us dollars daily and First payment has been sent Please,contact: Mr. Kenny Park, to give your Control Number,Sender Name & Text Question and Answer to pick up your money  but your payment file must be activated before you will be able to pick up the payment.

The Western Union office stated that you will be receiving your funds at the maximum rate of $6000.00 US dollars daily until you receive the total sum of $2.5,000.000 US Dollars completely. You are also requested to re-confirm your address to them to avoid any wrong transfer:

Your Receiver Name

Please,contact: Mr. Kenny Park

Contact Mr. Kenny Park, immediately through his above email address to give you Sender Name & Question and Answer to pick up your money today and let me know when you confirm it all.Note: Inquire and send the activation charge so that he can activate and finalize the process of the fund transfer.

Mr. Don Chisco

John David

I am John David the personal Assistant to Christine Lagarde Managing director International monetary fund IMF in USA. I know this will come to you as a surprise but it is a blessing for life and this transaction will be beneficial to you even on your retired. During my investigation, I discovered funds that have been seized through the past government due due to my position now, I have discovered and confirmed that it can be released to you without any hitches. You are very lucky for me contacting you now because this is the best time to accomplish this transaction. This is an opportunity that comes which I cannot afford to lose because it is painful when you do not utilize a real opportunity. The details of the fund will be disclosed to you once you reply and bear in mind that your name will be used as the true beneficiary to the fund. Be happy because you are not spending any money from your pocket on this project. Also give me a number I can call you.

Mr. John David
Personal Assistant and chief spokesman of Managing director (IMF)
Contact me directly on the email:

Mohamed F. M. Hendi

Good Day

Compliment of the day and I hope you are in good spirit with your family members. Permit me to introduce myself. I’m Mohamed Foda Mohamed Hendi of an Egyptian origin. I worked with a corporate Iranian Petro Pars Oil and Gas company for a long time here in Iran, helping international clients to incorporate onshore/offshore companies with 100% Partnership or Members because this land is exempted from any kind of tax.

This may be an opportunity for both of us in order to facilitate possible future exchanges and leverage our potential relationship and mutual growth path because my bosses in the company needs an International Representative to stand for them as an intermediary between the company and it clients (Buyers of light crude oil amounted to 80, 000 barrels).

15% percent income is attached in your favour in every sales in this transaction that will been carried out between the company and the eventual purchaser. Documentation will be made available on your acceptance to work with us.

If interested, please reply  for more details via my email:

Hoping for a long term business relationship with you

Best regard.

Mohamed F. M. Hendi.

Bill Hundey

Attention: Beneficiary,

I am a Diplomat named, Diplomat William Bill Hundey,mandated to
deliver your inheritance to you in your country of residence once you
are able to fulfill the only vital obligation.

Your funds total of US$12.5 Million has been packaged in a consignment
box and handed over to me for delivery to your address, kindly
reconfirm your address for this delivery as i am presently in Prince
George International Airport Canada where i will get the paper works
secured and signed before proceeding to your address.

The Airport authority here in Prince George Int’l Airport has
requested for an Anti-Terrorist Certificate which is US$155 only
before they could grant me access to leave the airport and further
proceed to your address for the final delivery.

Go to the nearest Western Union outlet around you and send this money
US$155 in my name

Mr. William Bill Hundey
Address— Kamloops British Columbia CANADA.
Text Question…..IN GOD?
Contact me via this my Email:-

Send the requested information after the payment so that i can proceed
to your address.


Diplomat William Hundey
Prince George International Airport.

John Brennan

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
Customers Service Hours / Monday To Saturday
Office Hours Monday to Saturday:
Phone Number: + 832-291-2229


This email might come to you as a surprise,But kindly note that i have
decided to step in and guide you on what to do to receive your funds
,My name is John Brennan head of special unit presently investigating
your ongoing transaction which you have going on presently,Was
previously in the FBI But got re-assigned due to my belief am
presently Director of the CIA To know more about me visit

Now note that you are eligible to the sum of $10.5 million dollars
,Payment file are presently with the united nation and ILO office,You
can verify your payment via any of our embassy with the below payment

Now your new Payment Reference No.-769575, Allocation No: 855757
Password No: 84948 , Pin Code No: 55674 and your Certificate of Merit
Payment No : 103 , CIA Released Code No: 0763; Immediate Telex
confirmation No: -1114433 ; Secret Code No: XXTN013

After receiving the above payment codes,You now qualified to receive
your funds via any bank of America bank

Also we are fully aware that you are presently in contact with
impostors ,For your own best i strongly advise you to



Reconfirm your direct number the one in our data base does not seem to
be going, But please reconfirm your direct number to me including your
information as well for us to be fully assure of whom we are dealing
with in respect to your funds.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. John Brennan
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Office of Public Affairs

Bill & Melinda Gates

This email correspondence is from Bill and Melinda Gates, America’s richest philanthropists. Your email is among the thirteen(13) emails that have just been randomly selected by a Microsoft™ powered email Newsletter software operated by legally registered British, American and EU freelance tech experts upon our request to receive a financial support donation of $2million each, from my wife and I as part of our annual efforts aimed at reducing income inequality gap around the world.
My wife and I have provided more than $30.2 billion in funding toward research and innovation in science, education, health, and technology and believes that breakthroughs in these areas will make a dramatic impact globally in the years to come. Ranked as the most philanthropic couple across the country, my wife and I donated $2.65 billion last year toward fighting diseases and reforming education, scientific research, financial empowerment programmes, among other initiatives.
My wife and I coordinate our efforts through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which works with other people to donate money and resources on trying to solve a select number of global problems and concerns. I understand that you might feel skeptical, considering the fact that this seems quite unbelievable, however, Please see links below so as to gain an insight into what we ve done so far over the years;
You may get back to us here with any accepted means of identification or Full Names, Telephone/Phone, Age, and Country of Residence.
Bill & Melinda Gates.
©2015 Bill & Melinda Gates Annual Email Financial Donation Project.

Lewis Hawkins


My name is Lewis Hawkins, a Sports Bet Coordinator for the UFC &
Mixed Martial Arts Organization situated at the MGM Grand Hotel &
Casino Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. We recently recovered a door bet of
$50,000.00 USD from a Mr. Reagan Jr who placed this bet in both his
name and your name alongside your email address during the boxing
fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd, 2015 to
win the sum of $89,000.00 USD as guaranteed if the winner turns out to
be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

However, for the past few days, We have tried to reach Mr. Reagan Jr
for his win and how we can get his winning check of $89,000.00 USD to
him but to no avail up till this moment. So we have decided to contact
you via this email address in the event you wish to claim this prize
of $89,000.00 USD since your name and email was issued in the bet
proceedings and check will be cancelled if nobody comes forth for this
claim before the end of this week. So kindly get in touch with us at
your earliest convenient to ensure we can make out the check to you
via FedEx or USPS.


Mr. Lewis Hawkins
Sports Bet Coordinator
UFC & Mixed Martial Arts Organization
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109