Willy Eze

My dear friend,

I know this will come to you as a surprise because you do not know me I am Mr.Willy Eze I work in the Eco-bank Cotonou Benin republic of west Africa, auditing and accounting department I got your contact in my search for a honest person through one of my colleagues here in the Eco-bank who said that I can confidence in you I want you to help me clear this safe box that is already in overseas which I shipped through our Eco-bank accredited security company agent but the contents of the box is ( $22.8 Million united state dollars ) all in $100.00 bills, belonging to our Bank late customer who died earlier this year in a tanker fire clash along with his wife and four children they were involved in Benin petrol tanker explosion incident as people were siphoning petrol the explosion result lost of life killing at least 54 people and many injured including my client and his entire family as they where driving home for weekend stopping on visiting their site where people were siphoning petrol the tanker caught fire

After these several unsuccessful attempts I decided to locate any member of his family and I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the money and property left behind by the deceased before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the security company in Amsterdam Netherlands these huge deposits were lodged particularly with an affiliate security company in Amsterdam Netherlands where the deceased deposited the ( $22.8 Million united state dollars ) as African Treasury so the company did not know the content of the Safe Box because our Bank late client deposited the box as African Treasury so right now the security company in Amsterdam Netherlands has issued a notice to provide the next of kin or have the Safe Box confiscated and since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives for Months now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since you have the same last name so that the security company in Amsterdam Netherlands will proceeds the delivery of the Safe

Your full name?
Your home address?
Your country?
Your direct telephone number?

Please email me at ( mr.willyeze@yahoo.fr ) for security reasons other moralities will be discussed as soon as you get back to me including sending you our secret code of conduct so that our communication will be strictly confidential through e-mail or phone for security reasons.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Willy Eze.
E-mail; ( mr.willyeze@yahoo.fr )

Tunde Joseph


I am Mr. Tunde Joseph the Public Relations Officer of ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIMES COMMISSION (EFCC) in alliance with the Economic Community of West African states (ECOWAS) with head Office here in Nigeria. We have been working towards the eradication exercise of fraudsters and scam Artists in Western part of Africa. With the help of United States Government and the United Nations we have been able to track down so many of this scam artist in various parts of England and West African countries which includes (NIGERIA, REPUBLIC OF BENIN, TOGO,GHANA CAMEROON AND SENEGAL) and they are all in our custody here in Lagos Nigeria.
We have also been able to recover so much money from these scam artists. The United Nations Anti-crime commission and the United States Government have ordered that the money recovered from these Scammers should be shared among scam victims. This message is being sent to you because your email address and your personal information was found in one of the scam Artists computer hard disk in our custody here in Nigeria. You are therefore to be compensated with $1,700,000,00) One Million Seven Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only consequent to the record we have here, this Scam Artists has defrauded a lot of people of their hard earned currencies, as they claim to be Barristers/Bank officials, Lottery Agents who have money for transfer or want you to be the next of kin of such funds which do not really exist.
Since your name appeared among the beneficiaries who will receive this compensation offer of One Million Seven Hundred Thousand United State Dollars only, we have arranged your check which is our only approved mode of payment. Your check is read for collection and to avoid any hassles, you are required to personally come down to Nigeria to collect the check. We would not allow any proxies or Lawyers. You are to come down yourself with your international passport, sign for the check and collect it yourself. Please let me know your anticipated date of arrival to Nigeria so we would make proper arrangements to receive you from the airport.
We arrested culprits with hundreds of alias names  but a few are mentioned below
1. Susan Lampard
2. James Dike
3. Mike Obi
4. Elizabeth Storbo
5. Georgia Cole
Thanks and we appreciate your kind response.
Best Regard,
Tunde Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Abuja, Nigeria

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Engr. John Mark William

From the Desk of: Engr. John Mark William

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra)

Nobel House, 17 Smith Square,

London SW1P 3JR


Good day,

Please do not be skeptical regarding my letter to you as it’s for good intention. It’s after my official enquiry from the foreign trade office

of the chambers of commerce & industry at the Nobel house, that I decided to contact you but I did not disclose the intention to anyone

else because of the delicate nature of the project. I found your profile very interesting and decided to reach you directly to solicit for your

assistance and guidelines in making a business investment and transferGBP£12,000,000.00(Twelve Million British Pounds Sterling) to

your country within the next few days.

Please I must plead for your confidence in this transaction. I am a high placed official working with Department for Environment,

Food & Rural Affairs (Defra). I and two other colleagues are currently in need of a silent foreign partner whose identity we can

use to transfer this sum of money.

But at this moment, I am constrained to issue more details about this profitable business investment until I get your response by email,

please if you can take out a moment of your very busy schedule today to respond back to my private email below for more details and

include your private telephone number in your response which I and my colleagues will highly appreciate.

This fund accrued legitimately to us as commission from foreign contracts, through our private connections.

The fund is presently waiting to be remitted from the HSBC Bank UK to any overseas beneficiary confirmed by us as associate/

receiver. By virtue of our positions as civil servants in my country, we cannot acquire this money in our names.

Because as high placed civil servants, we are not allowed by the civil service code of conduct to own or operate bank accounts outside

of our shores. On the other hand, it is not safe for us to keep the money here due to unstable political environment. I have been

mandated as a matter of trust by my colleagues, to look for an overseas silent partner who could work with us to facilitate transfer of

this fund for our mutual benefit, Hence the reason for this email.

My proposal is that after you receive the funds, it would be shared as follows: (1) 30% to you as commission for your co-operation and

assistance in facilitating the transfer, 10% has been map out for any taxation fee that might occur during the course of this transfer

while the remaining 60% belongs to me and two colleagues. You will be free to take out your commission immediately after the money

hits your account in your country. Since our objective is to invest the money in a foreign country, it would be appreciated if you could

also help us with advices and direction on investing into profitable ventures in your country.

However, this is optional, and if it is not convenient for you to further to assist us with investing the money, we can end our cooperation

after you make available to me our part of the money. The transaction, although discreet, is legitimate and the money will be transferred

successfully with all necessary back-up official documents showing the legitimate source/origin of fund.

The transfer will be affected within a period not longer than two weeks as soon as we reach an agreement and you furnish me with a

suitable response indicating your interest for processing the transfer. I plead with you on one issue, whether you are interested or not,

kindly do not expose this information to any one else. I confirm that the transaction is legitimate and without any risks either to yourself

or us.

With Regards

Engr. John Mark William

Email: engr.johnmarkconsultant@outlook.com

Kingsley Belly

We have registered your ATM CARD of $7.5 USD, with UPS Courier Company with registration code of(Shipment Code awb 33xzs)please Contact UPS manager Mr.Michael Karl, with your delivery information such as,Full Name, Your Address, Your Telephone Number, and Attach Copy of your ID: Shipping company Office:

Best Regards,
Kingsley Belly

Carolyn Cimarusti

        Greetings in his name and I hope all is well with you.Don’t run ahead of God, Let Him direct your steps. He has plans and He has time, God’s clock is never early nor late. It always strikes on time.Don’t let yesterday’s failures ruin the beauty of today.My name is Mrs. Carolyn   Cimarusti,a private patient at Royal Marsden Hospital located at Fulham Road London SW3 6JJ due Non-Hodgkin lymphoma according to the doctors, it is a terminating cancer desease.I seek your consent to present you as my next of kin so that my Wealth can be yours for the lord’s purpose.I have no kids, my husband is dead and I do not have any relations but been directed by the LORD to inform you of his will to have you as his servant.

Blessings of God are new every morning. Today has its own promise of love, forgiveness, joy and success.May the love of God always shine in your life, as you become a light for others.God bless.

In His Service

Mrs. Carolyn Cimarusti

Abdo Hussameddin

There is atrocities and mass murder going on in Syria right now and I need your help to end this.

I am Abdo Hussameddin former deputy oil and mineral wealth minister in Syria. after my defection from the regime, resignation from my position and withdrawal from the Baath Party of the Syrian Government. I have joined the revolution of the people who reject injustice and the brutal campaign of the regime. I am currently in Egypt and under severe restrictions.

I have a savings of 13 million Pounds in a bank, I need you to assist me get this funds out so I can continue my support for the free Syrian people, This transfer process will be done strictly via online electronic process which does not require your appearance at the bank and will be concluded in less than 2 weeks.

For your assistance and support you will have a share of 20% of the total funds, This is also negotiable.

Best Regards,
Abdo Hussameddin.

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